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I . t (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to maintain, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, typically in the framework of a organization or different enterprise. The definition of is commonly employed as a suggestions for computers and computer system networks, but it also encompasses additional information distribution systems such as television set and telephones.

Several companies are linked to information technology, including computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, phone system equipment, web commerce and pc services. Technology (from Ancient greek??, techne, art, skill, crafty of hand; and -??, -logia) make reference to the collection of tools, which include machinery, alterations, arrangements and procedures employed by humans. Engineering is the willpower that seeks to study and design new technologies.

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Technology significantly impact human and also other animal species’ ability to control and adjust to their all-natural environments. The word can either be applied generally or specific areas: examples include structure technology, medical technology and information technology. The human species’ use of technology began with the transformation of natural resources in simple equipment.

The prehistoric discovery of how to control fire increased the available causes of food and the invention with the wheel helped humans in traveling in and handling their environment. Recent technological developments, including the printing press, the telephone, as well as the Internet, possess lessened physical barriers to communication and allowed humans to communicate freely over a global scale. However , only some technology has been used for tranquil purposes; the introduction of weapons of ever-increasing dangerous power features progressed through history, coming from clubs to nuclear weapons.

Technology features affected culture and its area in a number of ways. In many communities, technology features helped develop more advanced financial systems (including today’s global economy) and allows the go up of a enjoyment class. Various technological procedures produce undesirable by-products, generally known as pollution, and deplete natural resources, towards the detriment of Earth’s environment. Various implementations of technology influence the values of the society and new technology typically raises new ethical concerns.

Examples include the rise from the notion of efficiency with regards to human productivity, a term originally used only to equipment, and the problem of classic norms. Today, people are counting more upon technology. Technology refers to every one of the rays people use their creation and discoveries to make sure their needs and desires; therefore technology includes the use of equally primitive and highly advanced tools and method. The inventions and the development of new technology, people are making use of the most important and a lot interesting equipment that person has developed the computer. Researchers in addition have a responsibility to reflect on how their function and the understanding they are generating might be used in the broader society.

Experts assume different roles in public discussions from the potential uses of new know-how. They often provide expert judgment or tips to government agencies, educational institutions, personal companies, or other agencies. They can contribute to broad-based checks of the benefits or hazards of new understanding and new technologies. They frequently educate learners, policymakers, or members of the public regarding scientific or policy concerns.

They can lobby their elected representatives or perhaps participate in political rallies or perhaps protests. In some of these capabilities, researchers serve as experts, and the input deserves special thought in the policy-making process. In other capacities, they are acting because citizens using a standing corresponding to that of other folks in the open public arena. Research workers have a professional obligation to accomplish research and present the results of that research since objectively and as accurately as is feasible. When they turn into advocates by using an issue, they may be perceived by their colleagues and by members of the public while biased.

Although researchers have the right to share their convictions and improve social modify, and these activities will not need to undercut a rigorous commitment to objectivity in research. The beliefs on which research is basedincluding honesty, fairness, collegiality, and opennessserve because guides to action in everyday life along with research. These values have got helped develop a scientific venture of unparalleled usefulness, efficiency, and imagination.

So long as these types of values will be honored, scienceand the world it serveswill prosper. The Banjo Honra National Senior high school is a general public school in Banjo Western, Tanauan Metropolis, Batangas. This school Mandoline Laurel Countrywide High School was establish on June 2 1975.

The mission from the school can be committed to form and spiritual values, upgrade their educational performance and give pathways to success through the concerted work of the teachers, parents and also other stakeholders education. The eyesight of the school is by 2015, DepEd can be globally recognized for good governance and for developing functionally literate and God-loving Filipinos. Mrs. Elsa Versus.

Lladoc she’s the initial teacher in BLNHS and after this she is the Teacher in control in this institution. The school maintains a small personnel of instructors and workers as compared to its growing populace. There are tutor handling just as much as four different subject a side from being a category adviser and area coordinator. Majority of the teachers deal with three diverse year level.

Significant of the study The researchers believe developing the Computerized Grading System can make the level easier and faster to compute. Exclusively, the recommended system will be beneficial to the following: Banjo Lauro National High School With the help of this method, the school will improve when it comes in computing the grade. The Banjo Laurel National Senior high school will be the among the school employed the Electronic Grading System.

The Instructors With the help of this technique the instructors will not used the manual system. They are going to used our proposed system. And with he accompanied by a that they will be easier and faster in regards in computing the grade of the scholars.

The Students Designing a computerized grading system pertaining to BLNHS will make the task of recording and computing degrees easier pertaining to the instructors. This will not merely benefit for the teachers in the school but will also for the students because of he improvement in the accuracy and reliability of measurements and in the proficiency and productivity. To Future experts The study is deemed utilized to future analysts as it can provide information for additional research about the topic. Declaration of a Issue The study of was executed to provide a computerized grading system to Banjo Laurel Countrywide High School.

Upon the research of the researchers, they found the following complications: 1 . The current process of calculating the marks is manual and its more risky than the usual computerized system. 2 . The manual data are often misplaced. 3. Its about time consuming to calculate degrees of a pupils manually.

Targets of the Examine Specifically the study rough in order to meet the following goals: 1 . To create a system that automatically figures the degrees of the college students. 2 . To develop the processing grading function such as record keeping. 3. To establish accuracy and comfort in the computing grading procedure.

Scope and Limitation The scope of our study is made for the grading system of the said institution.