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This chapter gives the review of related literature and studies actual the structure of the study. It includes the conceptual model of the study as well as the operational meaning of terms.

OVERVIEW OF RELATED LITERARY WORKS AND RESEARCH Introduction VOICE OVER IP is a digital telephone services that uses the public Net and private backbones for call transport. VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL applications are used mostly by call center company or perhaps an individual for any cost slicing and taking care of of telephone calls. Program electrical generator is a software program that enables a person to easily produce a program of their own with significantly less effort and programming expertise.

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Communication Subtopics of this significant topic discover what communication is all about. It also discusses what and how communications are dispatched and received. There are different types of communications discussed in this section. Figure 1: Conceptual Type of the recommended project VOICE OVER IP Program Electrical generator.

Knowledge Requirements. This includes the knowledge of the research workers to develop the proposed job. And also, it provides basic tips a user needs to know in able to understand easily the proposed job..

Software Requirements. These are the computer programs that are going to be used inside the system. The proposd task will be produced in the Apache operating system.

Trixbox will be used since the Trixbox is a great iso picture of a pre-configured Asterisk server which makes assembly and deployment easier. Trixbox contains a full version of Asterisk and other pre-configured applications considered addons. Hardware Requirements.

It includes the technical requirements of the suggested project. A network interface card and network program devices will be needed to to get the connection of numerous calls. And the computer device, with at least 512 mb RAM, Pentium 4 processor chip and 10Gb space for the hard disk, in which the users software with info, through a databases, is actually seen. This part presents the sequence of project advancement.

It also involves the discussion of methods and actions in developing the project. In addition, it includes some related info, development techniques and the meaning of a number of opinions on how the applying was assessed by the users and Technology specialists. PROJECT DESIGN Figure 2 reveals the Context-level Data Circulation Diagram of the proposed project. The process is usually initiated by user simply by entering the configured specifics. The system after that processes the generated program to the customer.

Figure 2 . 0 Context Diagram from the proposed project. Figure three or more. 0 Reveals the low level Diagram of VOIP Software Generator The figure over shows the process of Voice over Internet Protocol Program Generator.

Fresh user needs to create an account before deciding on a program. Upon selecting a software whether college or workplace selected programs may be configured depending on the requirements of the consumer. Every Plan configured will be checked boost for verifications and clarification.

All programs that are configured and current may be seen by the user. PROJECT ADVANCEMENT In expanding the project, the analysts undergone different activities demonstrated in determine 5 which identifies the analysis, solutions and in building the task. The activities included are illustrated below: OPERATION AND ASSESSMENT PROCEDURE Procedure Procedure 1 ) The supporters will create evaluation cases for each component of the VOIP Software Generator efficiency and predicted output in various developments. installment payments on your The advocates will carry out input screening wherein the inputted pair of instructions manages and customizes calls properly.

Invalid inputs will also be analyzed to test the efficiency with the system. three or more. The proponents will execute module testing for the daily information to check if it produces correct data.