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When all the required data has been collected and verified and also given the green light by the manager of the “Fun Drive Company”, the changes would be put into action. First of all, the data can be sorted in tables. I would create a Key Menu to get into forms, reports and concerns. The dining tables that would be developed in order to set up the data are as follows: – Dealers Desk: – The fields in this table would be Dealers Identification, Dealers Brand, Address, Contact Number and Email.

And the Primary Key is the Dealers Identification. FIELD NAME DATA TYPE Dealers Identification Number Identity Text Talk about Text Contact information Number Email Text The usage of validation would be necessary inside the Dealers Id and Contact Number. The Acceptance Rule for the Traders Id can be 0 as well as the Validation Text would be Entrance Must Be A non-zero Benefit. The Acceptance Rule for the Contact information would be 0 and the Acceptance Text would be Entry Must Be A non-zero Value.

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Suggestions Mask: Identity -Dealers Identity  999 Suppliers Table: – The areas in this stand would be Suppliers Id, Term, Address, Contact information, Item Name, Quantity and Email. The main Key in this table would be the Suppliers Id. FIELD BRAND DATA TYPE Suppliers Identity Number Name Text Addresses Text Contact Number Number Item Name Textual content Quantity Amount Email Text message The Validation Rule for Suppliers Id would be<>0 and the Validation text can be Entry Should be A Nonzero Value.

The Validation Secret for Contact Number would be  0 and the Approval Text can be Entry Has to be A Nonzero Value. Insight Mask: Brand. Suppliers Identification  999 Variety 999 Personnel Table: – The areas in the employee’s table happen to be Employees Identity, Name, Phone number, Wage Price, Hours Worked well, Basic Salary and Talk about.

The Primary Enter the stand would be the Employees Id. DISCIPLINE NAME DATA TYPE Employees Id Quantity Name Textual content Telephone Number Number Address Textual content Wage Price Currency Hours Worked Quantity Basic Salary Currency The Validation Guideline for the Employees Id would be 0 plus the Validation Textual content would be Admittance Must Be A non-zero Benefit. The Affirmation Rule to get Telephone Number would be<>0 and the Approval Text will be Entry Should be A Nonzero Value. Approval would become used for income rate, hours worked and basic earnings.

The affirmation Rule intended for Wage Level would be<>zero and the Validation Text would be Entry Has to be A non-zero Value. The Validation Rule for Hours Proved helpful would be< 52 and the Validation text would be Less than 52. The Validation Rule for Basic Salary would be >zero and the Validation Text can be Greater than zero.

Input Face mask: Employees I999. 99 Acquisitions Table: – This stand would consist of fields including Dealers Id, Name, Item required, Variety, Date Of Purchase, Selling price, Discount Allowed and Item Code. The main Key would be the Dealers Id. The Traders Id can be looked up from the Dealers Table.

FIELD NAME DATA TYPE Dealers Id Number Term Text Item Required Textual content Quantity Number Date Of Purchase Date/Time Price Money Discount Allowed Currency Item Code Number Validation would be used for Dealers Id, Date of Purchase and Value. The Validation Rule for Dealers Id would be zero and the Acceptance Text can be Entry Should be A Nonzero value. The Validation Rule for Cost would be<60 or >1000 and the Validation Textual content would be No less than 60 And Not Greater Than one thousand. TStock Table: – The Fields in this table is the Item Code, Quantity-in-hand, Item Name and Suppliers Brand. The Primary Essential would be the Item Code.

Plus the Suppliers Name would be researched from the Suppliers Table. FIELD NAME DATA TYPE Item Code Text message Quantity In Hand Text Item Name Quantity Suppliers Brand Number The Validation Rule for Item Code could be0 and the Validation text message would be Entrance Must Be A non-zero benefit. Input Face mask: Item Codtables. I would make a form from the Employees Stand. This form could store Workers Id, Name, Wage Rate, Hours Worked and Basic Salary.

Various other form produced would be in the Purchases Table, Dealers Table and the Suppliers table. The proper execution created from the Purchases Table would shop Fields like the Dealers ID, Item Needed, item Code, price, Lower price Allowed, Date Of purchase, Quantity. The shape created from the Suppliers stand would contain fields just like Suppliers Identity, Name, Amount, Item Name, Address and Contact Number. The shape created from the Dealers Stand would shop information just like Dealers Identification, Name, Address, Contact Number and Email. A sub via would be developed so that the user can revise the Retailers Table as well as the Purchases Table simultaneously.

Switchboard Manager The Switchboard Manager is a user interface to access the various options available for example repots, concerns and forms. It is simpler to search for any kind of option. It is extremely convenient as you can view the questions, forms and reports quickly.

The purpose of a Switchboard Director is to make-work Funer and save time. The switchboard Manager might benefit my personal company, mainly because it would save a lot of time. Reports would be made from the Workers form, Retailers Table, Share table. Inside the Employees Statement the data will be classified, because the Employees Identity would be in ascending order and the Employees Name will be in Uncial order.

The info in the Sellers Form will be classified since the Sellers Id will be in ascending order plus the Dealers Term would be in Alphabetical Purchase. The data in the Stock Desk would be tabulated, as the Item Code would be in climbing order as well as the Suppliers Term and Item Name will be in Logogrammatic Order. Graphs and graphs can be made from the data provided in the table. Can make the data better. Graphs could possibly be implemented for much more clarity of information.

Queries can be originated from the Dealers Kind, Item Desk and Buys form. These kinds of queries could sort the information in minuscular order in an organized fashion. Queries are accustomed to display specific information on dining tables depending upon some criteria particular. Command Keys would also be implemented for each of the forms. The control Buttons will be: PRINT ADD NEW RECORD Head to NEXT FORM DELETE EXIT Some of this data will be screen-based including the employee information.

But additional data including the Dealers Contact form and the stock reports could be printed to convenience. An individual could do that by applying the ‘print’ feature in MS ACCESS. Snail mail Merge This feature will demand the need of Microsoft company Word. In Word we will 1st go to the Snail mail Merge Characteristic in the Tools Menu.

This is very simple, to handle Mail Merge by starting an existing Databases in Term. The only big difference is that if the Open dialogue appears Let me change the File Type to Microsoft Get Database. The Mail Merge Characteristic helps to print out a vast majority of words. For example the company if would like to print out realises to the traders if closed on a weekday etc . it might use the accompanied by a the Mail Mix Feature.

This data will need backup and security. The different possible copies would be saving data in floppies on weekly angles and regular monthly on Compact disks. Storing info on CD’s would be appropriate for sources.

Data would be stored about floppies because it’s a cheap medium. The Security Strategies would be password guarded files and a electric power on pass word. Security Tactics would also include Anti cracking programs, which will would be stop files via being hacked. The Anti Virus System would protect the data via any virus. Read-only account details could be placed on certain data files so that a person would be able to view the document but won’t be able to produce any becomes it.

Interview An Interview was conducted with John Ibrahim, the manager of “The Fun Travel Company”. Q. What is your work description? Ans. My job requires a lots of attention.

There exists a lot of conventional paper work to accomplish. I have to make certain there is enough staff to meet dealer’s requirements. I have to find whether my personal company stands out in terms of quality. Q. How is data Received? Ans.

I get information about every one of the dealers from the questionnaires passed to these people at the beginning of the transaction. I actually also get information by simply conducting a general survey just about every 2 weeks. Through these types of surveys we find out the status of the business in the market and the level of customer satisfaction and popularity. Queen. What accounts do you prepare?

Ans. A Trading And Profit And Loss Account is ready and also a Balance Sheet is well prepared. These Accounts are set up in order to find the actual profit from the company. Q. What results are generated and exactly where are they placed?

Ans. Information are generated from the data stored within the stock, traders and personnel files. These kinds of reports are then stored in cabinets.

The Dealers survey is made from the Dealers File and it contains the Dealers information that is personal. The Share Report is definitely originated from the Stock File and it has detailed information about the products in stock. The Employees Report is procreated from your Employees Record and it contains meticulous advice about the employees salary, wage charge, hours proved helpful etc . Queen. What are the issues encountered? Ans.

The data moved into might not be accurate. It’s frustrating and the studies generated may not be clear and professional.