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New laptop based info system will be taking into consideration pertaining to improving purchase efficiency, although only after process improvement has accomplished to the preferred level. Yet there are some competitive advantages that Blozis offers in order to make the mandatory changes to increase its functions in general: 1) Blozis’ sales are 18 million largely of devices designed to client specifications. 2) The Company makes its own items to be distributed off-the-shelf.

Portion 6: Alternatives An alternative to the business is to seek the services of a talking to firm to make a diagnosis with the Supply Chain as a whole with the purpose of reorganizing the supply chain activities and also the human resources which it seems is totally out of control. If perhaps this study is conducted will be reducing some of the procedures such as the president likes to run “informally” which is seen as a regular practice to the employees. As well, certain suppliers issue goods to Blozis without a invoice of a PO. This organization practice is because “good faith” but ends in mismanagement of product creating loses for the company and poor customer service.

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Part 7: Recommendations In order to set up the correct procedures in the Supply Chain, Blozis will have to take the very first step on buying an ERP/EDI and encourage its suppliers to do the same in order to accurate the crash when placing and receiving instructions. The main goal is to enhance the whole Supply Chain operations as well as Human Resources and Consideration Payable. New computer system – System unable to support new changes, then simply try to change the original design. 3. Struggling to implement new procedures – continue the talks with key division teams and management clubs in order to reach new contracts. 4. Not able to test the system – continue working with the various areas to be able to gather all the information and assets necessary.

Portion 10: Bottom line and Management Plan To conclude, Blozis is usually facing a challenging situation due to lack of types of procedures leading to an entire disorganization among departments. The case is not really different from various other organizations yet others had been able to find the perfect solution by developing clear procedures and investing in new systems. Blozis makes $16 , 000, 000 on revenue, amount large enough to develop a 5-Yr decide to incorporate new software to its systems.

The outcomes should be a more efficient Supply String that it will allow the Company to attain its targets, improve external and internal customer service, and generate personal savings throughout the firm.