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1 . Whom are the protagonists of this circumstance? For what could they be trying to solve / what decision could they be trying to make? The protagonists of this case are At the Preis and Dickon Addis.

Together they will started a London-based mail-order business referred to as Beautiful Legs by POST. They are aiming to raise £110, 000 within the next month in order to mail away 20, 000 catalogs every single in January and Feb .. In order to fix this, Gewinn and Dickon must get investors to fund the next phase of growth for company. They must know what the response charge would be, the actual average size per buy would be, and what percent of primary customers would reorder. Will they be able to rise the financing that they needed in order to stay on track? How could they drive more free publicity? (Page2 of case) Answering these queries could help determine whether Beautiful Thighs by CONTENT could be a possible business.

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2 . Use the People-Opportunity-Context framework to judge this option. People like Elizabeth Preis, Director of promoting, and Dicken Addis, Director of Financial and Functions are really worth being used. They both have experience The prospect involved in Beautiful Legs by POST is a advantage of locating a gap in the marketplace for mail order in Europe.

After market research they will found that the gap was specifically in the U. E. Starting their very own business through this location provides them a competitive benefit of being one of the initial companies in mail order. Another option involved with leggings is that they can be a replenishment item that requires standard purchases. The analysis by Market research shows clearly that there is a customer portion who wants to purchase through mail-order, so income opportunity exists.

People like Dicken Addis, Overseer of Finance and At the Preis, Overseer of Marketing happen to be worth enough to be put in. They have useful experience within their respective areas and also business plan shows that they understood the merchandise. Competitive edge being the very first one in mail-order Break-even examination and funds flows happen to be convincing