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Matthews (2004) explains that reflection is an important tool for clinical expansion.

Rolfe (2011) provides the debate that reflection is just as essential and performs alongside data based practice. Schon (1991) cited in Howatson-Jones (2011) describes the link between specialists reflecting in and on action and how this leads to increased productivity in operating through problems. In order to stick to the targets governing nurses and midwives, through the NMC Code of Conduct (2008), the names and service providers mentioned within this dialogue have been changed by a ficticious name.

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This dialogue with utilise Gibbs’ model of reflection since it provides straightforward headings within just which thoughts and feelings can be collated effectively. Also Gibbs gives a section which is why to plan for further or perhaps future action which is a crucial part of reflecting. Gibbs’ version differs from all other simpler models such as Borton’s REFERENCE in that it offers that final stage on how to handle reflective concepts in order to come up with an action arrange for future situations. Description George Wilson, a great 80 yr old gentleman with Parkinson’s, was admitted in the early hours of the morning hours onto my personal placement place.

While my personal mentor observed I began to assess George using an ABCDE strategy, whilst the nurse transporting him give his notes and proper care plan. It has become apparent that his medication was not effectively prescribed. Parkinson’s medication is a critical aspect of treatment and should be given on time each day.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition which usually affects the availability of dopamine in the brain-stem causing motor unit and cognitive mpairments. (Mattox, et approach., 2001) Data suggests that the impacts of missed, completely wrong or postponed doses influences the Parkinson’s patient significantly. Leopold et al, (2004) state that it could result in decreased mobility which include swallowing and will put them vulnerable to falls. Another issue was that in the maneuver some of George’s medication was misplaced.

To be given his medication in the morning on time it would need to be prescribed correctly and retrieved by pharmacy.