The Marketing Mix “4 Ps” Essay

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Marketing is a very unique field of work. It is the activity for creating, conversing, delivering, and exchanging offerings that advantage the organization, their stakeholders and society at large.

The goal of marketing is to deliver genuine rewards in the offerings of goods, companies, and ideas marketed to buyers. The way to achieve this goal of satisfying buyer needs is by developing a program by using the marketing mix, or perhaps “the several Ps”. The marketing combine is a mix of four manageable factors that the marketing director can use to solve a problem: product, price, promo, and place.

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When a firm provides selected a target market, these types of four components are used to ensure customer satisfaction. The first component, the product, is of course very important. A product is a good, service, or idea to satisfy the customer’s needs.

The success or failure of the business depends largely upon whether the customer demands the merchandise or certainly not. We have to consider buying behaviors, geographic spots, purchasing electrical power, and other factors. Sometimes a company may want to come out with the best there may be, and sometimes similar business may well market a product that is for the budget customer.

For instance , the shoe designer Steve Madden contains a high-end boot collection that satisfies the needs of customers with a large amount of purchasing electric power. However , he also has a variety called “Madden Girl” that satisfies the needs of shoppers who want to maintain the latest tendencies, but who may be also a budget customer. The other element of the marketing combine is cost: what is sold for the merchandise. This component is a very important factor in satisfying consumer demands. The price has to be relevant to the product/service If a product is charged above the maximum amount people are willing to pay, they are going to simply acquire a substitute merchandise from one other company.

A firm’s charges decision is often aimed at attracting a particular marketplace segment. For example , if it desires to sell at the very top end with the market it charge a high price, at the end a low selling price, and so on.