Hope for the Flowers Essay

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”Hope intended for the flowers” is a book that I found at a friend’s place. This book was a part of a training course on entrepreneurship that he underwent for business university.

Hardbound with bright colored cover and inside webpages, the publication looks like one particular created for kindergarten kids. Something which prompted myself to give him a ludicrous look. His reply was very simple – ”Just browse it”.

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I was still sceptical, but considering the fact that the study course itself was taken by quite a successful businessman I offered it the advantage of doubt – after all it had been hardly a quarter-hour worth of reading and – aren’t we all just kids in adult make up? It is the tale of two caterpillars – the unpleasant looking, solid, ambitious, get getting, very male Stripe and the more beautiful, user-friendly, perceptive, lovely Yellow. How do I know that the girl with lovely? – its the illustrations absurd. Like almost all caterpillars perform, Stripe explodes out of his tiny egg to come out into a bright and sun-drenched world.

He’s hungry and wastes virtually no time to begin eating the leaf that he was born upon. And then one other and one other and one more until he feels ”that there must be more to life than eating and achieving bigger”. Red stripe then goes on a ”fascinating discovery of life” leading him as to the he is convinced is the approach to the LEADING. It is not an easy path, 1 must ”push, shove and trample to travel up” and it is in this route upwards that he meet Yellow. Yellowish is already in route up.

This lady has convinced very little that it is in order up, right up until she meets stripe. And destiny which brings these people together also takes these people apart. Yellowish strikes on her own, because she actually is sure there should be some other better way to get to the top.

The girl does not really know what that route is and goes on simple faith, creating a dark snuggie around himself in the impossible hope that she might be a butterfly. As her information says ”It’s what you are made to become. That flies with beautiful wings and ties the earth to heaven.

It drinks just nectar in the flowers and carries the seeds of affection from one floral to another. Without butterflies, the earth would have fewer flowers. ” As I see the story the single thing that struck me was the manner in which the writer almost properly recreated corporate life inside the metaphor of the caterpillar’s your life. As it turned out I was wrong. This book had not been written with corporate in mind.

It was the end result of someone ”sharing comfort which has a friend who had just experienced death of someone close”. However it had given itself thus beautifully for the purpose it absolutely was assigned (as course material within a business school) and to the imagination of its audience (myself). What is it that makes it thus? What is it which enables stripe and yellow ”fly around the world carrying hope for the flowers and millions of people” for more than 25 years now?

Is it the widespread message that it tries to acquire across? Is it the simple narrative that is and so very attainable? Is it the wonderfully illustrated copy? Is it that uncommon sometime the moment everything falls into its proper place?

I don’t know. What I do know is the fact you owe it to you to take 15 minutes of your time and read that. after all – it is inside your destiny that you spread your wings and fly, certainly not crawl, trample, push, conquer and climb.