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“On Weekend (March 1), a small number of armed people killed a Serbian wedding ceremony guest and wounded the priest. ” The war broke out between Sarajevo and Soft after the strike of informed civilians from Pale in Sarajevo. Contrasting to Zlata’s Diary while using book The Freedom Writers, both books has wars in various issues yet has related consequences. Zlata’s Diary has a conflict among two countries which came up with the war.

The liberty Writers Record has gang wars as a result of discrimination between races. Even though these two ebooks have battles on different issues, they both have identical consequences. In Freedom Writers Diary various students of Wilson High School has to lose their particular friends, people and neighbour in bunch wars.

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A lot of them were not actually involved in bunch fight nevertheless accidently these people were killed. Gang fights has not been only away from school yet inside the institution too. Various students were involved in bande based on all their races.

The fight generally broke out between two different gangs during institution. This undeclared war has affected a residential area as well as Wilson High School learning environment. Identical to The Freedom Authors Diary, the war in Zlata’s Diary has great effect on individuals of Sarajevo. Many persons died through the war between Sarajevo and Pale. Many houses of the ignorant were damaged by bombs. “People did and cried ‘Bosnia, Bosnia’, ‘Sarajevo’, ‘Sarajevo’, ‘We will probably be together’ and ‘come outside’.

This implies that people didn’t war to stay knowing it is going to ruins their very own lives. The wars in Zlata’s Journal and The Flexibility Writers Record have identical consequence and tell us just how ordinary people had been affected by the wars.