The Hobbit Chapter 11 Essay

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DEFINITIONS 1 ) Ominous: Offering the impression that some thing bad or perhaps unpleasant is likely to happen. installment payments on your Promontory: A place of high property that juts out in a large human body of normal water. 3. Vagabond: A person who wanders from place to place with out a home or job.

4. Enmity: The state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something. a few. Disembarked: Keep a dispatch, aircraft, or other car. 6. Waning: (Of the moon) include a steadily smaller a part of its obvious surface lighted, so that it seems to decrease in size. 7. Lintel: A lateral support of timber, stone, concrete, or perhaps steel through the top of any door or window. installment payments on your The men from the lake-town declined to stay overnight where the dwarves disembarked because it was in the Lonely Mountain’s shadow. a few.

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The surroundings which the company trekked through (also known as the Desolation of the Dragon) had tiny grass, neither bush neither tree, and broken and blackened stumps. 5. Bilbo and his friends discovered some things on their searching expedition including: 6. Bilbo finally starts to take a leadership role inside the company because he begins to generate important decisions that replace the quest significantly and he could be reliable and uses the Ring to his edge that helps him tremendously. 7. Bilbo finally unlocks the key to the door by recalling what Elrond said in Rivendell: Stand by the greyish stone when the thrush knocks and bumps, and the setting sun with the last night of Durin’s Day will sparkle upon the key-hole.

Bilbo then has got the key and slips it into the extending crack inside the door plus the door clears.