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1 ) Marissa’s car accelerates consistently at a rate of +2. sixty m/s2. How long does it take to get Marissa’s car to increase the speed of from a speed of 24. six m/s to a speed of 26.

8 m/s? installment payments on your A soccer ball ball with a negative preliminary velocity decelerates as it comes down the street toward the pins. Is a bowling ball’s acceleration great or negative as it proceeds toward the pins? a few. Nathan boosts his pleasure uniformly along a straight route from others to doze.

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5 m/s in installment payments on your 5 t. a. What is Nathan’s speeding? b. What is Nathan’s displacement during this time period? c. Precisely what is Nathan’s common velocity during this time interval? four. Critical Considering Two autos are moving in the same path in seite an seite lanes along a highway. At some immediate, the instant velocity of car A exceeds the instantaneous speed of car B. Performs this mean that car A’s speed is higher than car B’s? Explain, and use cases. 5. Interpretation Graphics The velocity-versus-time chart for a shuttle service bus going along a straight path can be shown in Figure 13. a. Recognize the time times during which the speed of the shuttle bus almost eight.

0 is definitely constant. 7. 0 n. Identify enough time intervals during 6. 0 5. 0 which the velocity of the shuttle 4. 0 3. 0 bus can be constant. 2 . 0 1 . 0 c. Find the value for the regular veloc0?

1 . 0 90 200 300 400 five-hundred 600 ity of the shuttle service bus during each? installment payments on your 0 period interval recognized in b.? 3. 0? 4. zero d. Find the speed of the shuttle service? 5. zero? 6. 0 bus during each time time period identi? several. 0? 8. 0 fied in m. Time (s) e. Identify the times at which the velocity of the shuttle bus is zero.

Figure 13 f. Recognize the times where the acceleration of the shuttle bus is zero. g. Explain the particular slope in the graph discloses about the acceleration in each time span. 6. Interpreting Graphics Is the shuttle bus in item 5 always moving in the same direction? Describe, and make reference to the time time periods shown for the graph. Speed (m/s) Section review answers Motion in One Dimension