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I agree with this perspective because crucial ideas are a crucial part of a film to make that more interesting to get the audience. Inside the film Blood Diamond aimed by Edward Zwick some of the key way of doing something is: What is beneficial and crucial, the damage of conflict and exploitation of people and resources. These key suggestions in the film help visitors to understand the film better.

The key thought of what is beneficial is an important one out of the film. The three key characters Maddy, Danny and Solomon all have something different that is beneficial to these people. Maddy can be described as journalist who also travels all over the world in search of a good story. The lady ends up in Serrania Leone to acquire a story with what is going upon with the city war in the diamonds but when she gets there the girl finds it hard to get any information about the gemstone smuggling therefore she is targeted on the well being of the region and the people. In the film Maddy is definitely shown to value the welfare of the Sierra Leone people.

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This is proven when Maddy is producing a story on her behalf laptop then Danny strolls in. Maddy lets Danny know how important the welfare of the nation is to her when states, “Its not going to be enough to make it quit. People at home wouldn’t acquire rings in the event that they understood it expense someone else their very own hands. ” Writing her stories does not have a big impact on the people in the western world they are too selfish to assist the country in their moments of civil warfare.

Another textual content I go through is A Long Way Gone authored by Ishmael Beah in that text message the main persona of the nonfiction text is Ishmael that is in the municipal war in Sierra Leone at the same time as Maddy. He’s a compelled child soldier and this individual values his freedom. An additional key idea in Blood vessels Diamond is definitely the devastation of war. The film displays how conflict is devastating because a large number of lives are dropped and most with the lives dropped are people who aren’t involved in the warfare at all. One of the damage of conflict is when the rebels broken into Solomon’s village and kill most people while on all their violent taking pictures rampage.

The rebels don’t care whom they blast or just how many they will shoot which can be devastating. One more example may be the way the rebels push children to be soldiers. They will steal the kids away from their families and make sure they are shoot persons. They make these people say the chant “shed their particular blood” which can be forcing the youngsters to get rid of.

There is damage when the rebels burst into the city and and start throwing out it up and catching it on fire and shooting persons in the street who may have no protection against the rampage. The military services try to fight back but they are outnumbered and have no chance against the Rebels. Many people are scared of the rebels and the survivors enter into hiding. A camera shot is used showing how worried the civilians are and how powerful the Rebels happen to be is when Danny appears through a the opening in the wall and the camera shows the actual scene is definitely outside the wall through the opening from Danny’s point of view.

The scene on the other side of the wall is of some army men getting shot at simply by Rebels. “People back home wouldn’t buy bands if that they knew this cost somebody else their hands. ” Maddy This shows the damage of conflict. My final key idea is the fermage of people and resources. The film shows us that children had been exploited to be soldiers by the rebels.

You will find scenes inside the film showing the Rebels bursting into villages and snatching children from their families and taken to the digital rebel camps. Inside the text Quite a distance Gone children are also expiated to be soldiers for the Rebels. Ishmael was located by the Rebels and delivered to a camp and forced to become soldier or he would lose his own life. These are examples of how people were used in text messaging during the civil war in Sierra Leone in the 1990’s. Also during this war several resources had been exploited one of these was gemstones.

Diamonds will be mined by unpaid staff who are forced to work with simply no benefits chances are they are intend to taken through the border to tother countries who then sell the exploited gemstones, one region they do this in is Liberia. Danny is an excellent example of taking diamonds over the border if he stashes several under a goats skin besides making up a tale to tell the authorities but it doesn’t work. With all the corruption going on in the area Solomon says, “perhaps we were better off when the white man was ruling us. This kind of shows that since they have become republic the country is becoming corrupt and Solomon believes that in the event that they were ruled by the commonwealth they would be better off but not have battle.

Blood Diamonds explores the important thing ideas of: What is valuable and essential which is the welfare in the Sierra Leone people, damage of war which is if the RUF kill innocent individuals. And the fermage of people and resources which can be when the PRESTIGE force kids to become soldiers. Exploration of these issues certainly leads to making this among the finest films.