The Causes of the War of 1812 Essay

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What is thought to be a main cause of a war? Place and religious beliefs are big causes of the wars today.

The conflict of 1812 was when war broke out once again between the Usa and Britain. There are three main triggers that resulted in the conflict of 1812, Impressment, the British Inducement with the Indians, and the warfare hawks. Although there may be elements that one may well say brought on the conflict, these topics are the major reasons, and are what impacted America.

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In this dissertation I will make clear the causes in depth and provide you with a higher understanding of the causes of the conflict of 1812. The issue of impressment and the disturbance of trade are both what caused the war of 1812. One of the main issues between the United States and Britain was because of blockades that were accustomed to seal up Britain’s ports and prevent ships via entering or perhaps leaving.

As a result of blockade The united kingdom seized more than 1, 000 American ships and confiscated their cargo. Also the embargo action affected the trade between the two countries, because it set a ban upon exporting products to other countries. America thought this act tends to make the British honor American neutrality, but it really actually backfired and harm the US more than it performed to Great britain. The prohibit was raised on international trade in 1809, besides with The uk and Portugal.

Impressment was your practice of seizing ALL OF US ships and drafting all of them into the United kingdom navy. America focused all their anger for the British as a result of impressment. The British looked at impressment being a gain for his or her navy, they needed even more man capacity to fight in war. America was furious the practice of impressment, and they feared if they lost they might lose independence.

The irony in the issue of impressment as being a cause for the war was, that 2 days before all of us went to Great britain, they elevated the English policy of impressment but it was no for a longer time an issue. An additional cause of the war of 1812 was your British incitement with the Indians. Tecumseh was the Shawnee chief who formed a confederacy and started out negotiations with Britain intended for assistance in defeating America, and carrying on to press Hamilton fantastic white settler to withdraw from the Local American property that Tecumseh wanted every to him self. The British were providing the Indians with guns because they had an cha?non and they both equally wanted to make a war with America because of the trade problems that went on ahead of time.

The Indians were taking the weapons through the British since they required an additional support in order to gain the area they wanted. Because the English were offering Indians with weapons the Americans sensed under strike. The last cause of the battle of 1812 was the group known as the warfare hawks. The war hawks were a grouping of young congress men through the south as well as the west states.

They needed war against Britain, since they learned that the Natives were being provided with weapons from the British. That they thought it was unfair because these were being forced to pull away from their area and to side it over towards the natives, however the natives had been allied with Britain together a larger armed service and more weapons, and it gave all of them a greater benefit. The US armed forces was unprepared before the war began; these were not as good and prepared as the British had been. In conclusion the main causes of the war of 1812 were impressment, the British inducement with the Indians, and the war hawks. The British insurance plan of impressment caused anger to happen in America, due to seizing of their ships.

Just as letter through the commander in the U. T. S. Chesapeake stated at 150 meters range that they fired their very own first broadside. It emerged without warning nor were we willing to fight, the British took advantage of the US because these were unprepared, as well as the British had been confident and well equipped. The British incitement of the Indians as well caused superb tension in America.

The Indians were being choose British pistols, and they employed them to harm the US and gain property. The battle hawks brought on the war of 1812 because these were infuriated which the native Americans were using guns from Great britain, and they were aided with help.