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3. 1 . The weaknesses figuring out in Inkwell Ltd happen to be that one person operates the payroll program. Payroll and Personnel Databases Clerk does not have enough encounter and had just one day training to operate Sage.

Employee is in charge of running two payrolls, monthly payroll for management and salaries personnel, and a weekly payroll for on an hourly basis paid personnel. Recommendations in order to avoid errors and potential scams are to appoint another person to overview and check the function. Another option is always to employ second trained person or educate one of the current employees to aid Payroll and Personnel Database Clerk in duties, along with replace in the event of illness or holidays or to train one of many current personnel from one other department. 3. 2 . Company’s employees tend not to comply with the policy.

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Account details are not retained secret together not been changed given that they were set-up. Every laptop uses similar password. Unauthorised people have usage of the computers, which may bring about fraud. Change the password to each computer and remind everybody to on a regular basis change it, as an example, every half a year. In addition , organise a meeting with all the staff and explain the policy with examples what may happen, in the event the staff does not comply with the policy.

Explain that, if the rules remain broken, disciplinary actions will be taken. three or more. 3. Shops, warehouse and administration staff does not have system to sign in and out when arriving and leaving operate. All wages paid count on managers’ credibility to provide correct and genuine information. Suggestion is to buy software, for instance BePunctual Biometric Time and Presence Tracking Application for Employee’.

As well as build a Network where all computers may be connected and data is available to various other departments. a few. 4. Most computers inside the company act as stand-alone. There is not any network set-up to allow transfer of data, and access shared files in case there is absence of the member of staff.

Very helpful would be to installation a network connected by one machine, when pcs would incorporate. This would preserve time upon writing e-mails and duplicating data.