Fighting the Long War Essay

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The technique outlined in “Fighting the Long War” is a good 1. There are, of course , other options. The first is to flee and do nothing more than we have currently done. But, as the presentation’s experts suggest, this may almost certainly lead to the damage of America. Stopping action now will not clear away centuries of hate and trend, nor will it erase the religious and political goals of a very long committed enemy.

Those who are less patient and fewer willing to shed men into a war, might suggested a shorter conflict, brought about by better use of push. The armed forces has been attached back and averted from executing its complete power at the center East. The us could, if this wished, employ its elemental weapons against the enemy.

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But it does not. This may be a good thing. Using nuclear weaponry would be definitely risky.

Additional countries which will boast nuclear technologies might be tempted to retaliate, which may lead to the eventual devastation of American towns. It could as well lead to mayhem with unstable outcomes. Consequently , the best approach seems to be to follow along with the lengthy war approach of the speakers.

Perhaps the most important point made in the demonstration, was that Us citizens need to be familiar with nature and necessity of a good war and they need to be capable to trust their particular leaders. The main objection to involvement in Iraq has not been that Sadam Hussein did not need to be stopped – it absolutely was that Director Bush gone in with the incorrect motives. Whether or not the president’s motives were benevolent or malicious, much of the American public distrusted him which hurt the war work substantially. Also of great importance is the section on advertising the good points of peaceful Islam.

Criticizing a person’s religious beliefs often triggers hostility. Those who have already been triggered by maltreatment by non-Muslims are much very likely to be converted violent extremism than those who may have lived peacefully among their colleagues for many years. Promoting Islam’s peaceful movements, in that case, is a good counter-measure. Likewise, promoting assistance in rebuilding and democratizing Iraq is an excellent thought. Japan offers certainly made a considerable improvement.

It would be nice if War could also.