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Mrs. Heimes English 9D 25 January 2013 Odysseus: Zero or Hero?

Odysseus, saves people, saves shipmates, is a cool blooded monster and promiscuous man. When i want a Odysseus I believe of a felony or a no. Odysseus is known as a zero for three main reasons 1 ) He is a killer and protect his shipmates installment payments on your He is not a team player and he is not only a leader 3. He regularly shows he can not become trusted.

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There will be killing until the score is paid can be described as quote by Odysseus in book 22. Everybody knows that heroes usually do not kill and Odysseus is not a exception. In book 22 Odysseus slaughters bunches of men because they pursued his wife Penelope. On page 960 the blue textual content reads Odysseus and his males are in comparison to falcons who also show zero mercy towards the flocks of birds they will pursue and capture. These men were murdered terribly because they pursued Odysseus wife because Odysseus was eliminated for 20 years.

When Odysseus’ men were going to go straight to Scylla Odysseus did absolutely nothing. She ate them as they shrieked generally there, in her den, in the dire grapple reaching nonetheless for me. While Odysseus’ could have cautioned them of Scylla Odysseus decides that their life is not very important. Because of Odysseus’ actions most of his males died. Since the the daybreak of time it has been a general fact that to become hero you ought to be a team player.

When Odysseus gets his shipmates wiped out it is a perfect example of Odysseus not being a team player. Odysseus is the just person endure from his expedition so why because he would not properly guard his shipmates. Let me read this quote Driven by being hungry they ignore Odysseus’ alert and consume Helios’ cattle. Odysseus’ wasn’t able to properly give food to his males and this individual could not control them. As you look at the cyclops cave circumstance you realize that Odysseus can be not very ingenious or clever.

One of Odysseus’ men state Take the cheeses, have them stowed, keep coming back, thrown wide open all the pens, and help to make a manage for it? While undertaking that was clearly a better choice Odysseus’ denies and determines that this individual wants to satisfy the cyclops. This is simply not a good Idea for many reasons the foremost is what could or would the Cyclops do for them.

Just about every hero has to show that they can be trustworthy and counted on. While Odysseus did make it in return to his homeland this individual also got all his shipmates killed. The deaths of all of Odysseus’ shipmates originated in a wrong doing from Odysseus.

Odysseus by itself survives Page 937 green text. Odysseus constantly is definitely unfaithful to his partner but following 20 years when his better half Penelope is seeking a suitor Odysseus kills all of the suitors. In this second Odysseus reveals that he could be not only a hypocrite but a killer.?nternet site state through this paper Odysseus is a actually zero and obviously not a leading man.

Things like becoming a killer staying untrustworthy and being a negative leader will not add up to Odysseus being a Main character. Things like keeping lives staying trustworthy and a good leader will be things which experts claim add up to being a hero and Odysseus is definitely non-e of these.