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Jolly’s Java and Food handling business Jolly’s Java and Bakery For the SWOT research, I chose measure the business plan to get Jolly’s Java and Bakery. JJB can be described as bakery and coffee shop managed by two partners, Austin tx Patterson and David Domains. The company offers a broad selection of coffee and espresso goods at competitive prices, all from top quality Columbian cultivated imported espresso beans.

In addition , the bakery provides freshly well prepared bakery and pastry products at all times during business businesses. Catering to any or all of it is customers by giving each consumer coffee and espresso items made to address the customer is known as a top priority. Through the SWOT analysis, I discovered the strengths, disadvantages, opportunities, and threats intended for the company. The background experience of the owners fortifies many areas in the business strategy. Austin Patterson has intensive experience in sales, promoting, and supervision, and was vice president of promoting with both Jansonne & Jansonne and Burper Foods.

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David Fields provides experience in the area of finance and administration, together with a stint while chief monetary officer with Flaxfield Charcoal grill and the nationwide coffee shop chain, BuzzCups. With this kind of experience, the owners may address a simple start-up program. The problem with hiring a most of part- period workers is definitely stability.

The majority of responsible and dependable people are not able to stability their daily expenses with only a part-time work. They would demand a second job which can impact the work environment. The retail coffee industry in america has experienced recently fast growth. The cool ocean climate in southwest Buenos aires stimulates intake of warm beverages all year round.

With little levels of competition inside the immediate location, JJB is definitely presented with a chance to take over the industry.