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1 . Assess Joy’s present job to what you think her previous work as a sales rep might have been. Exactly how are they related? How are that they different? Joy’s position since regional revenue director is comparable to her previous job while salesperson for the reason that both are people-oriented.

In the work as sales rep, she would have got met with clientele, traveled, and dealt with many people face-to-face. As a salesman, however , the girl was in charge of her own time. Her present work involves doing work through others, and the girl must manage many concerns.

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The job is fragmented and involves conversing and discussing. Thus, the managerial location is much larger in range and contains much more day-to-day problems and disruptions. 2 . What managerial skills are represented in the case? Which skill is most important for Pleasure to possess? For what reason?

Human and conceptual abilities are most important in Joy’s present job–especially human skills. She works together with subordinates, peers, and superiors–all requiring very good human expertise. 3. For what reason do you truly feel Joy could possibly be disenchanted with her present job? The disenchantment may result from unrealistic expectations about the sales director’s task.

Many those who excellent specialized skills and succeed by a technological job be ready to continue carrying out the same jobs when they become managers. But as one goes up the administration hierarchy, the many management capabilities become more essential, and they need human and conceptual rather than technical expertise. People who succeed as managers enjoy the possibility to perform these types of functions and display learning these skills. For Pleasure, the greatest aggravation seems to be her inability to manage her personal time and the requirement to work through others, many of whom may argue with what she is trying to complete.

Thus, the key management problems become determination and regular negotiations.