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Learning Objectives and Outcomes -This assignment details the learning target “Explain THE BIOS, POST, and derived processes. ” The expected learning outcome that will result from doing the project is you should be able to describe the operation of BIOS and POST. In video 1 . 01 it talks about THE BIOS and CMOS and how they are different.

The between BIOS and CMOS is that THE BIOS stored in RANGE OF MOTION, they’re everlasting and cannot be edited. On the other hand CMOS stored in RAM, they’re non-volatile may erase when ever power goes off and can be edited. BIOS or perhaps Basic Insight Output Method is software kept on a small memory computer chip on the motherboard. It teaches the computer approach perform a range of basic features such as booting and keyboard control. THE BIOS are also used to spot and set up the equipment in a laptop such as the hard drive, floppy drive, optical travel, CPU, and memory.

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BIOS contain a volume of hardware settings options that could be changed throughout the setup utility. Saving these kinds of changes and restarting the pc applies the changes to the BIOS and shifts the way BIOS instructs the hardware to operate. CMOS- or complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor is a term usually used to describe the tiny amount of memory over a computer mainboard that shops the THE BIOS settings. Most commonly it is powered with a cell electric battery which are believed to last a lifetime on a hauptplatine, but will at times need to be changed. Some indications of dead or dying CMOS battery are incorrect or perhaps slow program date and time and decrease of BIOS placing.

Video 1 . 02 talks about system methods, and talk about how CONTENT work plus the various types of system assets. When electrical power is started up POST or Power-on-self-test may be the diagnostic assessment sequence that the computer’s fundamental input/output system runs to ascertain if the computer keyboard, RAM, disk drives, and also other hardware work correctly. In case the necessary components is discovered and found being operating properly, the computer begins to boot, although if the hardware is not detected or is found not to always be operation effectively; the BIOS issues a mistake message which can be text around the display screen and a series of coded beeps.

There are four system resources. IRQ, I/O Details, Memory Talk about, and DMA- direct memory space access. •An IRQ is usually an designated location in which the computer can anticipate a particular unit to interrupt it when the device transmits the computer alerts about their operation. It communicates coming from hardware device to PROCESSOR. •An I/O addresses or Input/output is known as a number utilized to identify a peripheral device such as a hard disk drive, sound greeting card or serial port and it communicates from CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT to system. •A Memory space Addresses- is a total amount of memory space that can be addressed by the computer.

They’re instructions and operate is stored there. •DMA – which in turn stand for Direct Memory Gain access to, is a way of transferring info from the computer’s RAM to a new part of the pc without finalizing it making use of the CPU, and it speak from unit to recollection. •MBR- stand for Master Shoe Record the kind of boot sector stored over a hard disk drive or perhaps other storage device. •EEPROM- symbolize Electronically Erasable Programmable ROM is programmable read simply memory that could be erased and re-used.