Creation Story Essay

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In the past, before the globe and all items in this, there was Goodness Spongebob…. Spongebob said within the first day time, “Let there be a ball of fire. To light all of us during daylight and burn those who desprovisto against the law”.

But then Barbie contested and suggested to modify it in a disco ball so that everybody could get together from night until dawn. On day time two, Mickey mouse Mouse conquered Lord Spongebob by drying out him to death having a blower. He made the skies by means of mozzarella cheese and nuts.

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On the third day, Mickey mouse Mouse single his wife Minney and lived separately. Mickey prefer to live underwater together with Aquaman while Minney stays in land with all the butterfly fairy godmothers as they take good care of the bouquets and trees. On working day four, the sun, moon, and stars had been created by the Justice Little league. On day five, thunderbirds, mermaids and fishes were created. About day half a dozen, Osama was God and he made political figures who views themselves while animals of this world.

They made persons like them by uttering words of lies, fighting during sessions in united states senate, rallying pertaining to higher payment and cheating during polls. Other pets who were made are the kidnappers, criminals and policemen. Osama rested for the seventh day. He by accident killed himself while screening one of his suicide planes.

Cyclops observed it all and he declared it was great for Osama to die. With the help of the X-men, they built a backyard home inside Noah’s ark on top of Mt. Everest. It absolutely was called your garden of Damage.

He advised them they will could eat each other and rest in peace. The Aliens and Predators came during among the NBA online games and conquer the world. The one thing left were seaweeds, algae and underwater stuffs.

Spongebob resurrected and decided to create a new world of his own. He named it the world of Autism.