Critical Book Review of “Fast Food Nation” Essay

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Published: 08.10.2019 | Words: 923 | Views: 542
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Through this essay, an effort is made to vitally review the book, “Fast Food Nation” which relates to the process of beginning of junk food culture in the usa leading to significant social alterations. Analysis The meticulously explored book “Fast Food Nation” is authored by the journalist Eric Schlosser.

The author devotes much focus on unhealthy fast food, labor violations, and many cases of food poisoning. The author gives info regarding the means of emergence of fast food culture in America; the issues associated with fast food culture, and the govt regulations about the fast food. In this book, the writer demonstrates the ugly part of American food culture.

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In line with the author with this book Americans spend even more on fast food than about books, movies, etc . In 2001, Americans have spent $110 billion on junk food. There are 43000 meatpacking employees. Fast food market spends $3 billion to attract the the younger generation to the junk food centers. Mcdougal states that many American utilizes three hamburgers and four orders of Chocolate bars every week. He admits that that the social price of fast food has neglected the conventional American ideals.

The strive of the author is to argue against the usage of take out by the Us citizens. He obtained information through fieldwork and by interviewing several categories of employees involved in fast food production. The writer argues that the main reason to get opening so many fast food centers was to catch the attention of large number of visitors to the junk food culture.

This is a part of the capitalist plan since the take out centers include increased the capital of the owners of these centers. Due to this, couple of corporations have dominated the fast food business in America. The author does not hide his mistrust regarding the important principles in the capitalist system. He has given info regarding the economic strategies of the capitalists in popularizing the consumption of fast food among the American youth and other sections of American culture.

The publication also gives information about the problems confronted by the teen-aged workers who were paid low wages. Mcdougal mentions that one out of every 8-10 worker in America is employed in McDonald. McDonald’s hire almost million people a year.

However , they operate under harmful working conditions. It is mentioned that 3 companies learn 80 percent of US demand for frosty fries. The author visited the slaughterhouses and comprehended the actual health hazards both equally to the personnel and the buyers. He mentions that each yr one in three workers head to doctor because of problem with their stomach. The writer gives the info that two thirds of junk food workers are under twenty and most of them work half of the day shift.

To show his argument the author is using the examples, logos through the companies including MacDonald’s. The fast food culture has handful of negative influences on the health insurance and society of America. For instance, this has improved the problem of obesity.

These types of restaurants employ items such as potatoes and cattle to produce the popular foodstuff. The use of products such as oil and way of production of meat has increased the problem of obesity in America. Obesity inside the recent years has emerged as the one of the most severe sociable and medical problems among the American youth. Hence, fast food tradition can be considered jointly factor resulting in this problem of obesity in the usa. However , the writer has neglected the part of buyer while speaking about the growth of fast food tradition.

The author highlights the need for government regulations to curb the liberty of multi national businesses in awe-inspiring their capitalist agenda within the people. The fast food mainly produced and consumed by the younger technology are not healthier. Regarding the health risks, the author identifies E. coli and salmonella infection. The writer blames the politicians to take money coming from agri organization capitalists, that has increased the quantity of fast food restaurants throughout America. The author offers urged readers that they should certainly run away through the fast food to be able to maintain their very own health.

The very fact that fast food culture is starting to become popular signifies the introduction of significant changes in the American society. The fast food centers have on the other hand created health conditions, and, on the other, they have resulted in changes in the social values among the American children. The author says that each day one-quarter of adult human population in America visit fast food centers. Although people are aware of the bad effects of the junk food, still junk food have not shed their reputation. Thus, the author does not provide clear reason regarding the factors behind the demand for these junk food centers.

However , the author, by using statistics, icons, and cases has prevailed in arguing against the monopoly of few companies in fast food organization. He has demonstrated the negative effect of take out on into the society of America. People who read this book would not send their children towards the fast food centers. Conclusion The book “Fast Food Nation” has convincingly proved that fast food traditions has led to issue of overweight and damaged the workers and health of shoppers of take out.

This also demonstrates which the nature of changes that could emerge in the future American culture.