Cultural Awareness and Competence Essay

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Ethnical awareness and competence refers to the ability associated with an individual to postpone wisdom and bias toward other people based on their very own religious qualifications, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation or perhaps gender, age, and such, and in addition one’s capacity of understanding, taking, and even adapting to unfamiliar culture, points of view, values, ideologies, practices, etc . Raising one’s ethnic awareness and competence requires allocating time and exerting effort in learning and understanding the concepts of multiculturalism or ethnical diversity. For example, developing certain learning desired goals and a strategy of action is an excellent commence to promoting ethnic awareness.

My own desire to raise my ethnical awareness of two specific teams, particularly homosexuals and individuals belonging to the black population, require that I arranged personal learning goals and a plan of action that will guide the way i am going to start the process of learning and understanding culture depending on race, ethnicity, and sex orientation. In this particular case, I believe that two of my learning desired goals should include researching the history from the African-American people, particularly the main reasons why they are getting discriminated upon, as well as the new cultural procedures and practices and the that means and value that deepens or heighten their traditions, and learning the personal emotions and emotions of homosexuals in order for myself to recognize wherever they are caused by and be able to accord with these people in the process relating to their unfortunate situation especially when it comes to being judged or perhaps discriminated because of their sexual orientation.

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In order for myself to realize these learning desired goals, I intend to conduct analysis by studying books, publications, newspaper articles, journal magazines, research studies, on-line articles, and so on, about black people and homosexuality. In addition, I feel that there is also a need for myself to interact socially with people belonging to the African-American culture and homosexuals in order for me to have first-hand information regarding their sentiments, experiences, knowledge, and such. In my opinion that through my readiness and dedication to dip myself into the African-American traditions and the world of homosexuality, I am able to promote cultural understanding simply by becoming conscious of the issues that they burden themselves with.

EXODUS Worldwide is a web based website that discriminates against homosexuals. It is just a religion-based business that provides assistance for individuals who want to “leave homosexuality. ” The organization quietly reiterates that homosexuality is definitely against the will certainly and the word of Our god and that “leaving homosexuality” is actually a way for individuals to live a better life in respect to what Goodness wants to get His kids.

Moreover, in the lines of EXODUS International’s mission and objectives, the organization clearly says that homosexuals will not be capable of live a satisfying and holy life. (EXODUS International, 2005) The blog “Stuff White Persons Like” is definitely an online website that discriminates against African-Americans simply because this website is dedicated to discuss problems that generalize for the likes and dislikes of white people. The website data more than one hundred or so things that white persons like.

I really believe generalizing and labeling things or situations as something that is true or amenable just for a certain contest is near prejudice and bias since one is limiting these things and situations into a particular race only despite the fact that other people from varied racial skills may share the likes and dislikes of white persons. (Stuff Light People Like, 2009) I can honestly admit I was nonjudgmental or perhaps prejudice in any respect against virtually any group of people in society based on their competition, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, lovemaking orientation, gender, and such. I actually am also proud to talk about that my parents raised myself well.

Though my family can be American and adheres to Christianity as a religion, we do not judge other people from different racial backgrounds and beliefs. Because of my parents and relatives, I was able to understand that individuals are different from one another, and though we are distinct, I do not need the right to evaluate other people because of it. Moreover, I understand that people have different structures of brain or worldviews and we observe things and situations in different ways. Handling the matter only requires respect and acceptance as well as the understanding of cultural diversity or multiculturalism.

Judging from my personal self-assessment of my ethnic awareness and competency, I think I will be capable of uphold ethical and moral principles within my profession, particularly with issues that matter multiculturalism. Perhaps the only challenge that I would have to face is how I will develop and increase my cultural consciousness to cope with multicultural trends and new details. References EXODUS International. (2005). Thinking of Leaving Homosexuality? Gathered January 7, 2009, by Exodus Worldwide.

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