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INTRODUCTION It was in January 1966 when one of the biggest intelligence coups of the war that time happened. While the military or the diggers were doing a sweep in the Iron Triangle that was an area near Saigon that they discovered a huge complex of tunnels.[1] This location was heavily guarded with armed protection and was limited by the Viet Cong (VC).

What they had been about to find out was 62 feet in to the ground of the perimeter would be the Viet Cong headquarters.[2] When they gone inside the forest line that led to the locations were they noticed some of the arguements, they did find a large trench filled with nothing without one. They were doing not understand where the VCs went. All those they found that were shooting at the additional soldiers merely disappeared in thin air.

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We were holding gone, every one of them. The battalion transferred forward to find large draws of grain and predicted the amount they saw were enough to feed a Regiment. Even after a couple of days later, that they saw foxholes, trenches and caves but there were zero VC adversaries to battle with.

However , it had been evident the us casualties had been still elevating because of sustained enemy sniper fire that basically came out of nowhere. VIETNAM WARFARE STATEGIES After they would notice that the VC’s strategy was to strike suddenly and then go away in to the tunnels to avoid retaliation. Their particular strategy was concealment and was powerful with their strike and operate tactics.[4] Tunneling was the necessary element in the VC technique. It was the greatest element in the VC stationed in the area of Cu Chi, located north the South Vietnamese capital, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon). That they used the tunnels for several functions.

They attack American installations that were conveniently built right above them.[5] They will took haven in the passageways when they felt threatened with annihilation. That they used the tunnels to escape from insecure villages. The also used them to shop war supplies and to function facilities as an underground clinic. The People in the usa never really discovered the full level of the Viet Cong tunnel systems, nevertheless they gradually tried their best to formulate tactics to counter strike the VCs and to utilize complexities in the tunnels for their advantage.[6] The passageways are now converted to something like a Disney enjoyment park where tourists usually takes an hour tour bus ride by Ho Chi Minh to see going into them.

These tunnels used to always be well invisible from American soldiers and reporters from the war nevertheless it has helped bring tourism to the country. Nevertheless along with the places and the interesting experience, the war strategies and guns the Viet Cong utilized were placed on display that serves as a reminded of their polished warfare strategies. The VC did not also bury some of their casualties.

The usa forces often buried all their dead enemy to keep track of the extent of the casualties pertaining to the adversary. Tactical circumstances from the Viet Congs could result to deceased VCs left the passageways for the tunnel rodents to discover. In some cases, they would actually pull the bodies of dead American soldiers inside the tunnels to get the troops to encounter. This was a strategy that they used to unnerve and demoralize the U. S. troops that would enter the passageways.[9] TUNNELS OF CU CHI The tunnels were reported to get 250 kilometers long and the most of the passageways were located in Cu Chihuahua. There were 3 levels for the VC tunnels. [12] Inside the first level, the starting was three meters deep.

As one moves deeper in to the tunnel, it could widen and be about half a dozen meters deep. The third standard of the passageways was 8 meters under the ground. In the tunnels, it was like a whole term underground. There have been kitchens, there was clearly a medical center, and the officers’ quarters were there as well as a getting together with room.[13] In that time the tunnels were almost hard to get at.

It was hidden in a jungle-like area. Throughout the war it had been ravaged by a skin-burning chemical Agent Fruit that was part of the American counterattack. Some tunnels were too narrow intended for an obese Westerner.[14] The canal system included different sizes of chambers, snooze areas, weaponry and ammunitions storage, the kitchen, workshops, barracks room and rooms that housed the communication equipments.[15] The the kitchen was designed perfectly the smoke cigars that could transmission the People in the usa of their location were spread and dissipated into quite a few pipes that will mislead anyone that would find it.[16] The tunnels of Cu Chi were the venue where the Viet Cong fighters plus the American Canal Rats, as they call individuals brave enough to penetrate the tunnels, would go in hand-to-hand combat inside dark and harmful subterranean and complex passageways.

These tunnels were wherever they fought against to fatality using cutlery and pistols.[17] The tunnels of Cu Chi were known as the Little IRT. They were exactly like the railway program in America with an adjoining tunnel program that is at the northern section of Hau Nghia Region and in the southwester part of Binh Duong Province. The tunnels difficulty connected hamlets, villages and provinces in the area. Originally it was dug up to provide to support the Viet Minh guerilla conflict against the The french language.

The American soldiers dubbed the tunnels the little IRT because of just how similar it was to the New York City Subway. The complex canal system allowed for different levels in different places that were interconnected by a number of trap doorways, channels, shafts, wells and communication tunnels. [18] Generally there connections through the tunnels to bunkers that was nearly bombproof as well as to ground level casemate. It was a mistaken system because there was very much voice bias and presently there needed to be a great deal of wire that had to be pulled behind the explorer. It had been a sluggish and erroneous system.

Because it was tested in the year 69, it was withdrawn.[20] The tunnel system proved into a sophisticated armed forces tactic through the Viet Cong that may have been underestimated by American soldiers. The wizard of their tactics overwhelmed U. S. Pushes until it arrived at the point that they decided to obvious the tunnels of the VC. TUNNEL CLEANING Following the time once Ben Suc, Vietnam was depopulated American troops continued to clear the actual tunnels of Cu Chi, looking for Viet Cong fighters.

The armed service made use of large tanks with bull dozer blades along with medium built soldiers that were known to be tunnel rats that went to uncover the subterranean city.[21] Inside the clearing procedure they discovered stoves, furniture, clothes for young or old, and essentially thousands of web pages of essential war documents. This major headquarters that the American order found brought them to explore further in the tunnels. However , in that time, a senior police officer that was in-charge of exploring the canal was killed by one of the bloody booby traps. The U. S. army saw the danger from the situation and retreated from exploring the tunnels.

Instead, they will pumped tear gas in to the tunnels and set off explosives.[22] The Us citizens thought this is the top headquarters for the Viet Cong, they miss the headquarters of the NLF that was several kilometers north that place. The U. S. utilized tons of artillery and bombs for every Viet Cong fighter. The Viet Cong manual even said that the U. S. experienced much outstanding weapons and strength compared to them for the battlefield.

Nonetheless they could not run after them as they always released surprise attacks from their subterranean tunnels.[23] The use of incendiary weapons that included the white phosphorous and the napalm was used significantly by the U. S. pushes during this time. [24]This kind of move has placed these people in the center of condemnation. Napalm was described to be a petroleum fuel that as very effective in the break down of the enemies’ bunkers as well as the people included. White phosphorous was used to mark objectives and to set fire to flammable types. It has caused suffering that will tend to continue burning skin long after your initial contact.[25] Applied together with napalm would be painfully lethal.

The fatality rate from those who suffered with such weapons was large and there were deaths that arose coming from injuries where victims were too terribly burnt to receive hospital treatment.[26] CS Gas was proficiently employed in clearing the tunnel processes that sifted the opponent soldiers as well as the large numbers of civilians who sought refuge in the tunnels.[27] Some antiwar critics with the U. S. Forces inside the Vietnam said that America conducted a war of genocide in Vietnam due to civilian casualties. However this was denied because the U. S i9000. military strategy did not total having an official policy of genocide neither was this the goal of the govt and the military to eliminate any significant part of the Vietnamese civilians.

TUNNEL RATS It was during this time period that the U. S. Armed service realized that it was short-sighted to destroy the tunnels by the bulldozers as well as the bombings. There is a massive decrease of vital cleverness if the ideas and papers of the Viet Cong would be destroyed through their first strategy. As the tunnel rats descended in to the tunnels they will experience jogging into a presentation black and claustrophobic pathway in which they were playing a lethal game of hide and seek together with the enemy Viet Cong.

The sensitive prying of the ground, sides and roofs of the tunnels rapidly became a habit to the tube rat as he inched his way further into the tunnel complexes.[32] That they carefully observed out for wiring and shrub roots that was abnormal and could move for booby trap that could blow all of them up to pieces or slice their hands or legs into items. The entrances in the tunnels alone are usually extracted or safeguarded by concealed guards ready to fire upon entry. Sometimes, the unsuspecting tunnel rat can met the garrote or someone would cut his throat as he came up and pass by connecting trapdoors[33].

Aside from the VC booby barriers were a complete breed of pets or animals that resided in the dark bounds of the passageways.[34] There were bats that applied the grounds throughout the daylight hours. Dogs were also came across inside the passageways. The Bamboo Viper as well as the Krait had been the lethal snakes obtainable the VC tunnels. The Viet Cong would intentionally tether a snake inside the tunnels to serve as an organic booby trap for the tunnel rats. The stress the tunnel rats go through every time they went into the tunnel was unthinkable that pushed their very own mental state to its limits.

They would spider into the thin, pitch black tunnels looking for a heavily armed enemy for hours to fight with. The concept was to get the VC first before he jumped with them to get rid of them. Occasionally the strain for the men’s nervousness was a lot of to bear to the point wherein he had to become dragged in the tunnel yelling and sobbing.[35] When this kind of occurs, they are really not allowed to go into the tube ever again.

There was no lifeless tunnel rodents that were to become left in the tunnel. Dead or wounded they were prolonged with wire connections, rope or perhaps by a comrade only to be taken out of the VC territory.[36] There was comprehensive use of the tunnel by VC. The tunnel mice had to search and eliminates the VC. Tunnel rivalry then took place between the VC and the U. S. Tunnel Rats.

The military became used to tunnel well being that they reveled in the chance to pursue a VC throughout the narrow passageways. It was not really a work for somebody with a weak heart since the danger of death was ever present underground had been grenades could just appear through trapdoors and other kinds of booby snare awaited.[37] When a canal rat gone in for tube warfare, the infantry standard load was kept into a minimal. His total insufficient equipment to carry was a aspect for the tunnel rat’s survival.[38] The pistols the tunnel rats carried where.

38 Cruz and Wesson. Sometimes they would carry a 9mm A language like german Luger.[39] Almost all of the tunnel rodents agreed never to carry the Colt. 45. It had been too big of the weapon pertaining to the subterranean battle with a silencer. With out a silencer, it had been too deafening that the adversaries from far away could find out your location instantly while you are briefly deafened by shot.

In tunnel combat, the canal rats stick to the golden regulation that prohibits firing more than three pictures underground without reloading.[40] In the event that this does not happen, the VC could understand that the tunnel rat is out of ammunition and could attack when they refill. The tunnel mice carried a regular Army issue flashlight and member carried one. That they practiced how they would carry the flashlight to avoid themselves from being lit targets.

They also practiced tips on how to change batteries in message darkness simply by touch by itself and how it can be done quickly.[41] REALIZATION The tunnel rodents were remembered to be one of the bravest in the American-Vietnam conflict. They did a career that not many wanted to carry out. In fact , only a few dared to volunteer in this position. But they stepped up and made this a duty to their country.

It was no easy work considering the remarkably sophisticated tunnel strategies the Viet Cong implemented ahead of the U. S i9000. Army troops even found that they been around. They were out-and-in of a battle scene. They will controlled the tempo in the battle for their invisibility. Even though the tunnels were found out, threats even now turned on the American soldiers as it proved to be dangerous to explore the tunnels.

Fatal booby traps such as land mines, razor-sharp sticks and trapdoors overwhelmed the U. S. soldiers that may include underestimated the intelligence of the VC strategies. In the end most of the tunnels that had been deeper into the complexes had been remained exposed and unexplored by the U. S. Armed service. This was a war correctly won by the one who experienced the best tactics, the most questionable approaches that surprised the nations worldwide. BIBLIOGRAPHY