Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe Paintings Essay

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Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings on the globe. Show anyone from a 60 yr old man into a 10 year outdated girl a photo of the art work and, most likely, they will be capable to name the painting plus the painter.

While some say that DaVinci’s painting is considered the most famous of created, a lot of Andy Warhol’s paintings are usually easily identifiable. Almost everyone offers seen the Campbell’s Soup Can series Warhol coated or his famous Three-way Elvis produce. This conventional paper will be centering on his Marilyn Monroe series, which I will probably be comparing and contrasting towards the Mona Lisa. There are plenty of obvious variations between the two paintings, such as the time period, color scheme, background and subject matter. My goal is to also point out some commonalities such as their very own use of series, recreations, celebrity, and popularity in culture.

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One of the major clashes between the two works may be the history behind the works of art. Andy Warhol was considered fascinated with the actress Marilyn Monroe’s intended suicide that kicks off in august of 62. Warhol turned out the Proverb, “Good men must perish, but loss of life cannot kill their names” to be authentic, making his Marilyn Monroe series one of his most well-known works. Warhol bought a promotion still of Marilyn’s 1953 movie Niagara, cropped this, enlarged the face area, and reproduced it on eight diverse canvases. Every single painting was given a different color scheme.

These types of paintings had been the initial solo display for Warhol. The most famous with the series, Citrus Marilyn, was bought and kept within a private collection until 2007. While the subject of Warhol’s painting is incredibly well known and easily recognized, the subject of Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa was most likely commoner, and there are a number of theories of who the woman could be. Several say the woman is DaVinci himself, in woman type.

Others declare it could be Lisa Gherardini; the wife of any wealthy entrepreneur in Florence, Italy named Francesco Delete Giocondo. DaVinci was commissioned to fresh paint the Hireling shepherd in 1503, and labored on it to get four years before it was finished. DaVinci kept his painting for quite a while before this individual sold this to the California king of France, King Francois, in 1516. (“Mona Lisa. ” Lairweb. com. N. p., and. d. Internet. ) Following the French Trend, the piece of art was moved to the Louvre, where this remains today. The history behind the art also explain several more differences.

There is certainly only one Hireling shepherd, while Warhol created a large number of Marilyn paintings. The time period if the two artists lived was decades separate. DaVinci was alive coming from 1452-1519, while Warhol was developed in 1928 and perished in 1987.

While Warhol was strictly an designer, DaVinci spent time like a mathematician, industrial engineer, writer, and geologist as well. The two men’s styles of piece of art were completely different as well. DaVinci painted in the style of contrasto, the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, and sfumato. Vago is created by painting a color that turns slowly and gradually from light to darker tones to give off a form of misty glow or smoky mystery.

Andy Warhol was a major part of the Pop art movement. Jennifer Rosenberg of About. com offered pop art as being, “a new design of art that began in britain in the mid-1950s and consisted of realistic renditions of well-known, and everyday items. ” (Rosenberg, Jennifer. “Andy Warhol. ” Regarding. com 20th Century History. About. com, n. g. Web. of sixteen Dec. 2012. ) Warhol used silk-screening to create Marilyn Monroe.

Warhol is quoted as expressing, “In August 62 I actually started doing silkscreens. I desired something better that gave more of an assembly line effect…you pick a image, blow it up, transfer it in glue onto man made fiber, and then roll ink around it hence the ink undergoes the silk but not throughout the glue… I had been thrilled with it. The moment Marilyn Monroe happened to die that month, I obtained the idea to create screens of her amazing face the first Marilyns. ” (“Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Prints. ” Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Designs. Color Eyesight and Skill, n. d. Web. sixteen Dec. 2012. ) DaVinci’s painting was progressive pertaining to the time.

The traditional paintings of his time were of your head and shoulders family portrait, in a very strict or presented position. The Mona Lisa can be painted all the way up down to her hands, and she seems to be in a very cozy, relaxed create. Her present is very thready, which provides a sense of “formal and dignified ideas”. (ROEMER, CK. “Looking at Superb Art Practice. ” Http: //www.studiocodex.com. And. p., 3 years ago.

Web. ) This would be ideal if this kind of woman may be the wife of a wealthy guy, which is one of the speculations of the woman’s personality. Andy Warhol’s painting, however, seems practically regressive. Only Marilyn’s confront is proven.

She is portrayed with a serious expression, and is also very unnaturally posed. This kind of seems to job a sense of excitement or disorder, which stand for Marilyn’s lifestyle very accurately. The two subjects of the art work are very different in appearance as well.

The Mona Lisa has no make-up on. She’s dressed extremely plainly and seem to be using any charms. Marilyn Monroe has a wide range of make-up on and has her hair curly and designed. Marilyn has a haughty or frustrated expression on her behalf face, whilst Mona Lisa is usually smiling a bit and seems to be happy and content.

One more major difference between the two paintings is definitely the use of color. The Hireling shepherd is represented in incredibly earthy tones. The color color of the flesh seems closer to the viewer, while the muted browns, greens, golden skin tone, and doldrums seem to fade into the background. DaVinci employed light and dark colors to highlight selected parts of the painting, like the woman’s deal with and hands.

The color colour pallette is what would be expected if perhaps this was a real photograph. Andy Warhol’s Marilyn is the complete opposite of the Mona Lisa. non-e of the colors are natural, other than, maybe, the makeup, and may appear stunning to the attention at first glance. Almost all aspects of the painting are bright; sight, lips, eyesight shadow, and hair.

Warhol painted Marilyn in five different color combinations with 250 of each color variance. (Henry. “Henry On Appear Art. ” ‘Henry Upon Pop Art’ N. s., 08 Aug. 2011. World wide web. 16 December.

2012. ) While the real colors used in the artwork are very several, the way the painters used the colours brings out a similarity inside the two. Mona Lisa is outfitted very dark and her soft face is definitely framed simply by dark frizzy hair. The light colours used in the setting seem to accept the woman for the front from the painting. It was most definitely performed on purpose simply by DaVinci.

He wanted the viewer to focus on Mona Lisa. Similar can be said of Warhol. He uses a bright contrasting color for his background of Marilyn Monroe.

Although the backdrop color more often than not matches those of Marilyn’s attention shadow, the setting contrasts with all the rest of the piece of art, bringing the deal with towards the audience. The use of collection in both equally paintings is usually similar. No brush cerebral vascular accidents are visible in either painting, and appear a bit foggish. The Hireling shepherd is this method due to the approach, sfumato, reviewed earlier.

In Marilyn, it is hard to pick out a defined line in her curly hair, for example. The lines in DaVinci’s art are the same, flowing from one for the other. The Mona Lisa is usually blended so well that each section seems like an element of the next.

The background of the Hireling shepherd is a surroundings with a lake, bridge, woods, grass, and mountains. The lovely view seems to carry on forever, and there is no genuine focal point in the back. The backgrounds purpose from this painting in unknown, some say it is to contrast the peaceful appearance of the female with a vexation background.

Others think it might have been as simple as DaVinci practicing with landscapes. In contrast to Mona Lisa, the backgrounds of the Marilyn Monroe paintings certainly are a solid color. The background clashes dramatically with the colors in the actual face. The background pulls the viewer’s eye to Marilyn’s face, instead of something that could be going on in the background. Symmetry is another example of a way the 2 paintings are alike.

The design of the Mona Lisa is very shaped. The woman is definitely sitting direct and a straight line over the middle of the portrait would present equal parts. The woman’s body is a triangular form, with the surfaces of her legs and hand forming the base, and her mind becoming the point. Her confront is very circular, and the laugh she displays is a great arch of the circle. (Roemer, CK. “Looking at Superb Art Practice. ” Http: //www.studiocodex.com. D. p., 3 years ago.

Web. ) Warhol offers his Marilyn Monroe artwork a delicate heart form with the figure created by simply her hairline. The painter, like DaVinci, uses basic shapes as well, such as the half-moon of her eye shadow, or the moderate triangles of her eye brows, which also shows symmetry. DaVinci makes a feeling of interesting depth and space in his portrait.

The fact that the woman is definitely taller compared to the mountains without your knowledge suggests that she’s seated very close to the viewers, while the mountains are inside the distance. The detail in the pleats in her skirts, the individual components of hair, and transparent veil that includes her mind are tiny details which make the woman seem closer to the viewer. The walking pathways and channels of water leading up the painting associated with eye move upwards, and form a feeling of continuous forest. The visitors understand that the landscape continues for quite a while. (Roemer, CK. “Looking at Wonderful Art Practice. ” Http: //www.studiocodex.com.

N. p., 3 years ago. Web. ) In contrast to DaVinci, Warhol applied space by simply placing Marilyn’s face in the center of the piece of art. There is no true use of interesting depth in this piece of art, because of the basic, contrasting color background.

The lady almost definitely seems to be completely toned against the surface area. The eye can be immediately attracted to the face in Marilyn Monroe. As mentioned above, the contrasting backdrop color draws the face ahead, making the viewer notice her 1st.

The same can be said of Hireling shepherd, making center point a likeness of the two. The woman in Mona Lisa is the biggest section of the painting. Her pale confront offset by simply her darker hair and clothes draws the viewer’s eye to her.

The position of her hands is right below her deal with, which likewise serves as a line for the focal point. The usage of texture can be somewhat absent from Warhol’s painting, while the Mona Lisa is full of texture, one other difference inside the paintings. The folds in the woman’s costume make the piece of art seem more realistic, while the uneven and sharp ends of the mountains in the background distinction nicely while using smoothness of the woman’s face and hair. The woman’s skin has a dotted affect which makes it seem even more lifelike, instead of Warhol’s Marilyn that seems fake and unrealistic.

The usage of value takes on a huge function in the two paintings. DaVinci uses unexpected changes in worth; The paler skin with the woman confront and hands against her dark locks and gown. He uses the same type of changes to show the wrinkles for the fabric of her clothes. (ROEMER, CK. “Looking for Great Skill Practice. ” Http: //www.studiocodex.com.

N. p., 2007. Net. ) Andy Warhol uses value changes in the brightness of Marilyn’s frizzy hair against the deeper background. The black hues used below her frizzy hair are deeper than the color of her somewhat pale epidermis. Another similarity is the large amounts of recreations or artwork based on the same subject. Many artists has done their own edition of the Mona Lisa, making her their nationality, fat, and even making her another person entirely.

Many artists have also considered Marilyn Monroe and coated her their own way. Both equally paintings even now play a huge role in society today. You can buy mobile phone cases, notebook computer skins, and in many cases clothing having a picture of those paintings.

Replications . of equally paintings is seen hanging on wall surfaces of homes, eating places, and art galleries. Mona Lisa and Marilyn Monroe are both very easily recognized and correctly determined in today’s society. A final similarity between your two works of art is the value they both equally played in their style of art. Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa has been said to have “become the model for Renaissance paintings. ” (Lorenzzi, Rosella. “Mona Lisa. ” Hireling shepherd.

N. s., 16 Jan. 2008. Web. 16 December. 2012. ) Andy Warhol was affectionately known as the “Pope of Pop”, and his Marilyn Monroe series came to be one of the well-known and popular performs of pop art in the time.

A final difference between two, and many interesting, is that Warhol recreated DaVinci’s Mona Lisa in his very own style; placing 30 Mona Lisas in one silk screen. Warhol is definitely quoted while saying “30 is better than 1 ) ” (Rose, Millie. “Postmodernism. “: Andy Warhol. N. p., ’08 Nov.

2010. Web. 18 Dec. 2012. ) The Mona Lisa has been said to have been a major ideas to Warhol, and having been honored to have his own ” spin ” on this famous painting.

Clearly Warhol’s function did not impact DaVinci as a result of time frame. While the differences much outweigh the similarities, both equally paintings will be brilliant. Warhol was a major influence in the pop art world, fantastic paintings remain being used in lots of forms of advertising today. DaVinci is said to acquire been the best example of how portrait must be, and without any doubt, he features influenced most of the other popular painters today.

Both men, while all their styles couldn’t have been anymore different, have two of essentially the most well known names inside the art globe.