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“Childhood is not really from delivery to a certain age group and at a particular age. Your child is grown, and sets away childish things. Years as a child is the empire where no one dies” (Millay, 1950).

Children are every country’s most vital resource. This is true not just morally, but also monetarily. Investing in the health, education, and skills of kids offers the top economic earnings to a country (Sachs, 2013).

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According to Sanaulla (2008), children are the ones who decide how the world will be following some years. There can be difference in the world when there is one person who can do something good at the life of your child. The primary component which in turn decides how the person will likely be in the future and also the present is definitely the amount of education he or she has within these people. Children are harmless, gullible and hopeful. They need to experience the joy and like given by their particular parents.

But for many children, the reality of childhood differs from the others. As mentioned by The Hire of Child Privileges, “All children are born with fundamental liberties and all humans have some inherent rights”. However , there are unlucky children who have are living in a state of poverty. All the way through history, kids have been altreated and exploited.

According to the Un Children’s Pay for (UNICEF), these types of children are those who experience lack of the material, religious and mental resources needed to survive, develop and prosper, leaving them unable to get pleasure from their rights, achieve their very own potentials or perhaps participate as members of society. Actually, there are different factors that would affect their behaviors in the society. One of these elements is identified by this research entitled “Penge: The Indigent Children in Gravahan, Matina, Davao Metropolis. ”