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Film production company I chose is definitely Steel Magnolias; the character is definitely Shelby. The movie begins in Shelby’s wedding to Jackson Latcherie.

Shelby is the just daughter of M’Lynn and Drum Eatenton; and provides two young brothers, Tommy and Jonathan. M’Lynn is very protective of Shelby since she is a diabetic and has had sensitive health as childhood. Shelby appears inside the movie at the begining of adulthood; the movie does not addresses Shelby’s development from levels one thru five.

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She is introduced to the viewers in Erikson’s sixth stage of psycho-social creation, Intimacy vs . Isolation. This kind of stage of development focuses on forming romantic loving relationships leading to long- term determination with somebody other than a relative (McLeod, 2008). Shelby’s primary concern, after marriage, can be starting a family group of her own; this progresses Shelby to Erikson’s seventh stage, Generativity vs . Stagnation. In the seventh stage, we create our jobs, settle down within a relationship, start our own family members and produce a sense penalized a part of a larger picture (McLeod, 2008).

Shelby had an proven nursing career and wanted starting her own family. Due to health related concerns associated with diabetes and the pressure on her body from giving birth, Shelby had been advised against conceiving children. Although Shelby was aware about the risks of conceiving children, she was determined to get started on her own family.

Shelby created and gave birth to a son, Jackson Jr. She showed confident signs of quality of level six and progression via stage seven of creation as proved by her happy marriage, the birthday of her kid and her established nursing jobs career. Yet , Shelby was unable to solve stage seven and improvement to level eight, Honesty vs . Hopelessness, due to her untimely loss of life in small adulthood. Three challenges to the positive progress of Shelby’s psycho-social advancement were; 1st, her wellness. Shelby was diabetic; which usually created her first obstacle.

Shelby’s willpower to accomplish Closeness vs . Solitude placed her health at risk because of issues related to diabetes. Second, Shelby’s mother was very managing in her life but not supportive of Shelby’s decision of having children. She honestly voiced her opinion and reluctance about Shelby having children. Shelby’s mother mentioned that she loved proving her wrong; possibly if her mother had been supporting they would have been able to go over other options of having children. Another challenge was Shelby was adament that she was the birth of her own child.

She would not consider how self-destructive her decision was. She declined to explore other options for having children. The decision of giving birth to her own child resulted in her kidneys screwing up and eventually her death (Ross, 1989). I believe that Shelby should have experienced more engagement in taking care of her treatment from the child years.

It appears during childhood her mother protected her from the knowledge, management and dangers of the disease. As a result, Shelby didn’t develop a feeling of extreme caution in concerns of her own well being. If the lady had been even more involved for a youthful age, your woman could have designed better habits and made more healthy choices when integrating her understanding of the hazards associated with diabetes; and the spiraling effect they have on the body, if perhaps not handled properly.

I do think with that which has a different way of thinking about the disease, she would have been more ready to explore other available choices for having kids.