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Various other annotations suggested the mistakes in the producing (in Papers 1 and 3 only). The commentaries make general references towards the amount and seriousness of the error.

The commonest errors are those of punctuation, especially sentence in your essay separation, and awkward or perhaps ungrammatical phrase. Otherwise one of the most frequent problems are those of tense. Punctuational varies, nevertheless may generally be quite good. The scripts will be arranged in ascending buy of general merit, plus the progression in quality is often clearly demonstrated.

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It may be useful to read the least good script first, and then one more from your middle of the range and then the best. This will plainly demonstrate the number of efficiency at Grades E, C and A (Paper 2), G, At the and C (Paper 1) and the complete range (Paper 3). a couple of The sub-questions in Question one particular, test a range of browsing skills. For instance , in this treatment, questions (a), (d), (f) and (h) require comprehension of explicit textual details. Concerns (b) and (i) test the candidates’ understanding of language contained in the passage, whereas answers to concerns (e), (g) and (j) require not merely understanding of language but also an admiration of the acted suggestions inside the writer’s range of words.

Finally, Question 1 (c) assessments the candidates’ ability to discover relevant points and utilize them to write a summary of a section with the passage. It is vital that candidates look at the passage plus the questions cautiously before publishing their answers. Examiners left a comment on the fact that lots of candidates evidently failed to understand that Peru’s National Chicken and the Magicstick of the Ordinary were one and the same thing which ended in the loss of a single mark for Question one particular (a).

Likewise, some candidates failed to reply adequately towards the writing process as they explained imaginary experience on the boat voyage home, instead of focusing on the question’s real requirement to write about their thoughts and feelings during the cycle ride throughout the Andes. Prospects should be aware that close awareness of the wording of the concerns is important if they wish to attain the highest marks. Examiners left a comment favourably around the standard of candidates’ drafted expression, stating that the best scripts contained a wide range of appropriately used vocabulary, were well structured and mainly accurate in the usage of spelling and punctuation.

Yet , the less successful replies were marked by doubtful spelling of basic vocabulary and other this sort of errors while the use of interruption rather than full stops to split up sentences, and uncertain and frequently incorrect usage of the tolle. Erratic paragraphing was also a feature of responses that fell in the lower tag bands pertaining to the writing task. Overall, most candidates focused their responses for the events of the journey, but it really was essential to develop these types of by including appropriate elaboration of the recommendations to feelings and thoughts (and especially to an exploration of what had been learnt from your experience) to obtain marks in the highest artists. See Indicate Scheme upon pp 7-10 for further assistance.

3 Browse the following passageway carefully, after which answer all the questions. Ariana Svenson works for Apus Peru Adventure Travel around Specialists, a firm that offers you opportunities to check out little-known places. Here the girl writes about a cycling voyage across the Andes Mountains in South America, through varied surroundings. OK.

My spouse and i admit it, all of us go looking for adventure. There were always wanted to check out the Manu region nonetheless it had appeared hopelessly pricey so there were the idea of riding a bike there, discovering Peru’s Countrywide Bird, the Cock with the Rock, after which going residence. It was off-season and although it was entirely the wrong time of the year to be traversing mountain passes, we trigger, armed with an excessive amount of wet weather gear, and brimming with passion. 5 Two minutes after we had reached the best of a pile pass it absolutely was hailing and that we were soaked.

Our ancestry would have recently been truly exciting in very good conditions when it’s freezing it is hellish. Our hands, nevertheless gloved, were the initially part to shed feeling not good when you need to be able to truly feel your hands to utilize the braking on hairpin corners! Your lips move numb first, and 12 then your nostril starts jogging and your knees begin to freeze out up in the cold. It was pure discomfort.

An Andean village, that appeared to be warmly welcoming from above, was coolly abandoned and shut as we handed by shut down doors. About three hours afterwards, bedraggled and miserable, we all arrived at Colquepata. There they will told all of us it was simply another forty minutes all downhill to Paucartambo: it took us over two hours! For least the 15 trip was all downhill and at the best there have been smooth streets, good gradients and large speeds.

We all passed through fairly farmland, categories of eucalyptus woods and herds of cows and sheep on their method home all in all. Paucartambo appeared around the corner, an enthralling place, with cobblestone roadways, narrow walkways and whitewashed houses. Persons in dresses and covered in vibrant blankets added an old twenty world attraction and we sensed that we experienced stepped again centuries. We continued to the village of Pilcopata wherever we squeezed some required repairs completed the motorcycles.

We made a decision to travel even more by community bus but had to wait around because all the 35 vehicles out of the place were full, and there was no more for two days. four 0500 Initially Language British Standards Booklet In those long hours of waiting we developed the art of conversation with complete unknown people. In our time-oriented society, it’s not something which we usually do. Everybody is far too active or features lots of friends. However , in hot weather of the jungle people aren’t in a hurry and are also happy to go over things with strangers.

I got into a discussion with a well used woman who had lived almost all her forty life in the region. She exclaimed, Do know how much vacationers pay to go to Manu? She added, without bitterness, Not a cent reaches the town.

They come with all the meals they need even bread and drinking water! And all that they leave can be rubbish! It minted me then simply just how significant it is to purchase locally, and stay environmentally conscious in all of the our actions. I i am glad that when we travelling we get at little shops and eat in local eating places.

You can’t please everybody, but you can forty-five make a difference. you (a) Via paragraph one particular, give two reasons why the writer planned to visit the Manu region. [2] (h) For what reason did they should wait for a coach in Pilcopata (paragraph 8)? [1] [2] (ii) time-oriented society (line 38); [2] (iii) environmentally conscious (line 44). 5 0500 Initially Language English language Standards Report 2 Picture you happen to be one of Ariana Svenson’s companions on her voyage. You are actually on a motorboat on the way home and are producing your opinions of the excursion in your diary.

Write your journal access in which you identify what you think were the great and awful points of your journey. You should base your ideas on whatever you have go through in the passing, but do not copy by it. You must write among 1 and 1 sides, allowing for how big your handwriting. Up to five marks are around for the content of your answer, and up to five marks intended for the quality of your writing. [Total: 20] 6th 1 [2] A genuinely exciting/uplifting experience (1) when the weather is decent (1) [2] (c) Re-read paragraphs 3 and 5 (Our descentend of the day) and then write a summary of what the writer found distressing and what she discovered enjoyable regarding the down hill journey.

Write a paragraph of about 5070 terms. Give 1 mark for each and every of these details up to a more 7. [7] Give a couple of marks for the clear description and one particular mark for some sense of understanding. [2] Because he was welcoming/kind/hospitable in allowing them to camp there Let a persuasive explanation the writer had been sarcastic six [1] 0500 First Vocabulary English Criteria Booklet [2] (g) Re-read paragraph six Following a set tyreutterly dreamlike! (lines 2733). Choose three words or key phrases which the writer uses to describe her enjoyment of this part of the journey. Make clear how each of these words and phrases helps you to imagine this kind of pleasure.

Offer 1 draw for each of any a few of the over and you mark to get an adequate explanation of it. [6] (h) For what reason did they must wait for a tour bus in Pilocopata? (paragraph 8) All of the ones on that working day were full/there wasn’t another one for two days [1] Without bitterness [1] [2] [2] [2] Give up to 2 marks pertaining to an explanation in own phrases of each of the three key phrases. [Total: 30] 8 0500 First Vocabulary English Specifications Booklet a couple of Imagine you are certainly one of Ariana Svenson’s companions on her journey. You are now on a boat along the way home and they are writing your impressions in the adventure inside your journal. Publish your log entry in which you describe the things you think were the good and bad parts of your voyage.

Uses and develops a lot of ideas, both equally factual and inferential, from the passage and shows the writer’s feelings and thoughts. Demonstrates and develops recommendations about what the writer may have discovered from the journey. Refers to a lot of details in the passage, demonstrating awareness of the writer’s feelings and thoughts, and makes a lot of mention of the actual writer might have learnt.

Offers a few judgements about what were the favorable and negative points of the journey. Repeats some information from the tale about the journey alone and may consult the writer’s thoughts and feelings. Concentrates on the question and the passage, but uses material just and somewhat. There is several relevance for the question using a tendency to retell the initial rather than to comment.

Makes simple referrals to details of the quest. May retell the story or give periodic relevant details. There may be examples of misunderstanding or perhaps lack of clarity in looking to use the passing. Very little/no relevance. Basic misunderstanding of task and passage. being unfaithful 0500 Initially Language British Standards Report Sentences happen to be fluent and there is a fairly a comprehensive portfolio of vocabulary.

Overall structure great and sentences generally comply with in sequence. Most full ceases are appropriate and problems are infrequent and minor. An appropriate sign-up is established. Phrases are correct, though easy. Vocabulary can be adequate and correctly employed.

There are some sentence in your essay separation errors and quite frequent other errors, although minor. There are some hints of the appropriate signup. Sentence structures and vocabulary are simple, nevertheless meaning will certainly not be in doubt.

The order is definitely reasonable. Mistake may be regular, but it will not blur meaning. There may be a great inconsistent attempt at an appropriate signup. The answer is very simply written in addition to occasional instances of blurred that means. The structure can usually end up being followed.

A few error is definitely serious, impacting meaning. The answer then is difficult to figure out. The magnitude of grammatical error critically impedes that means. The answer cannot be understood.

Put the represents for Reading and Writing to give an overall total mark away of twenty for Issue 2 . [Total: 20] 10 2 markings: Unpleasant: freezing; numb lips. No details made about the exciting aspects of the journey. (d) Because the place was not produced it is the paucartambo with place with surfaced arround the cones zero marks: The proper two-word expression is not really identified. 11 1 indicate: The answer concerning environmentally conscious’ shows a limited understanding of the phrase inside the statement no throuqhing waste after using’ and was awarded 1 mark.

Total for Queen 1: your five out of your possible 31 2 I do believe there is no an excellent communication as you as a passanger should be supplied with, the are numerous types that are many accident happening mainly because may be their particular is possibility of weather condition we should use The requirements of the query have not recently been clearly realized and the applicant has failed to write about the journey defined in the passageway but , rather, has dedicated to the response on an dreamed account in the boat trip home. There may be, therefore , a restricted relevance towards the question with only a glancing reference to the trip itself.

However , the prospect, despite clear linguistic constraints, has crafted at some duration and there is some attempt to develop the situation on which he/she seems that the process is based, together with the result that the response was handed a low Strap 4 indicate of 3 intended for Reading. Created Expression features a similar normal and even though it is possible to follow the gist of precisely what is being stated, the problems and uncertainness of redensart cause meaning to be blurred in much of the response, and this aspect of the job was as well awarded a Band four mark of 3. Total Tag: 11 (Grade Unclassified) 12 3 markings: No items have been produced about what was unpleasant inside the journey. Pleasant: smooth roads; pleasant farmlands; the cattle and lamb.

N. B. The point regarding the down hill gradient is definitely not granted as you cannot find any reference to the speed that was achieved. With out bitterness. 1 mark: The right phrase can be correctly discovered. 13 you mark: The attempt to make clear the initial phrase is definitely incorrect; the response to the second has a glimmer of awareness but is too unfocused to be rewarded; the statement that they should be careful on their actions’ deserves you mark because an explanation of conscious’ (of the environment).

Total pertaining to Q 1: 10 away of a conceivable 30 a couple of When we needed to cycle, I used to be so bothered because We been by no means cycle for a long period. but I had to, there were no way. Whilst we trevel by bicycling I saw a lot of new issues and made me really content. We had a lots of challenges too, climate problems and money. I do think that people are learning many things of points when they experienced mistake or perhaps problems. And also one granny gave me fresh respectation when we travel.

14 (a) The writer decided to go to Manu region because they were looking towards adventure and having the idea to routine. (c) What may possess seemed upsetting for the writer was that the Manu region was terribly frosty, to the level of very cold temperatures. Every part of the body system had been chilly. Also enough time it took the writer to realize Colquepata, how miserable your woman felt. The enjoyable part to the writer was that the individuals in the Andean Village were welcoming and warm from the top, even though it had been forgotten.

Even though the journey had been all downhill, the sight of viewing farmland and animals was enjoyable. some marks: Upsetting: terribly chilly; the time taken to reach Colquepata. Enjoyable: the farmland; the animals. (d) It had been the climate from the area and atmosphere that made this seem like returning into hundreds of years. Just looking at the view. Bringing the ful surrounding of butterflies, practically giving the spring feeling where you generating by and the breeze of winds can be blowing around you. This is what brings about the haze of butterflies.

5 marks: Three relevant phrases will be quoted. Inspite of some restrictions of language and phrase, the prospect has made a genuine attempt to make clear the effects of these types of phrases plus the comments upon sheer happiness’ and the experience of riding through butterflies have sufficient glimmers of understanding for a further 2 markings to be granted. (h) That were there to wait intended for the tour bus in Pilcopata because the different buses out of the region were full. one particular mark: A correct reason for their particular having to wait around is stated. 15 The two-word key phrases that tell about the woman and her thoughts towards littering were the expenses to visit Manu region and just how people don’t care. The payment and not a cent is given to the city.

2 I never imagined my good, journey to get this exciting. Later, when entering San Pedro to see the cock Mountain show, we all met plan the soccer pitch person whom offered us to camp on the message, I really thought that all was generous of him. However viewing the Dick Rock shown again wasn’t that exciting, it offered a rather uninteresting site. Consequently, the weather would not give us the excitement of truly having a good time.

During the lengthy journey once again, we trapped a flat tyre, yet that didn’t end us by having a good time 16 17 added without aggression. 1 mark: Although there are actually three words quoted, the proper phrase is definitely clearly determined. 18 you mark: This is certainly a very limited response, nevertheless overall you will discover sufficient glimmers of comprehension of parts of the first and third key phrases for you mark in total to be granted.

Total intended for Q 1: 17 out of a likely 30 2 I have learnt alot from this journey firsh of all let me not ride on a bike straight down that road again since, we had mitts on and our hands had been still iced, our lip area went numbing, nose learn to run, that go cold and frosty, and when we went into the jungle it had been like we trip in to somebodys house door and in their residence Total Indicate: 28 (Grade E) nineteen 1 draw: Only one appropriate reason (looking for adventure) is identified. (b) truly exhilarating fundamentally means that it was extravagent. It had been something new and intensely interesting. Something different.

0 signifies: The attempted explanation suggests that the phrase has not been recognized. (c) the writer thought that all the temp really damaged them, all their moods, and it was incredibly frustrating the need to cycle through the cold weather becase everything turn into so much more challenging. Mentally and physically these people were challanged. But also in the end it was al worth every penny becas they will passed gorgeous scenery and in addition they really enjoyed seeing character. Seeing the farmers using their sheeps and seeing and smelling the eucalyptus. several marks: Annoying: the winter weather. Enjoyable: amazing scenery; the sheep (animals).

The transactions everything become so much more difficult’ and mentally and bodily they were challanged’, although exhibiting some standard understanding of the experience cannot be granted marks because they do not contain specific sources to information from the passageway. (d) the main reason the writer said that they felt like they’d stepped again centuries was becase it had been very cosey, the white whashed homes with the filter streets. those were dressed up with incredibly calou shades just added to the whole moving in time. a couple of marks: The appearance with the village on its own and the apparel of the residents are evidently identified. (e) I think the fact that writer described the man because nice is definitely becase he let them camp on his soccer field so that they can see the Dick of the Rock doing the mating party. 1 tag: An acceptable reason is given. (f) the reason why the writer thought that Cocks party was dissapointing was becase it was not the right time of year for them to partner and the weather condition was horrible so there are just a few cocks doing the dance. they’ve expected much more.

2 signifies: Both causes (the bad weather and there being only a few birds) are obviously stated. (g) *More beatifull = the this shows that the place was even more beatifull than before *the rich moist air of the jungle stuffed our lung area which have been deprived in the andes = this indicates that they had been struggeling with all the oxygen inside the Andes which now they may have had a wonderful a cleen and new feeling becase the air is very pure. *Great flocks of massive, brighs, buttercup-yellow butterflies = this is truely magnificant becase when Cyas experience which you can’t consider how beatifull it really is. 5 marks: three or more relevant terms are quoted with two acceptable explanations.

That pertaining to the rich moist surroundings etc . ‘ is to some degree literal yet reveals an obvious understanding, while the review that you can’t imagine how gorgeous it is’ referring to the experience of riding through butterflies, shows a good appreciation of the effects the article writer is attempting to convey. 20 Do you know how much tourists pay to go to Manu? 2 I think that I genuinely deserved this all that difficult experience working, after which to come to Peru where I possess seen the majority of triumphant items, such as the landscaps there completly green, the sound of the crickets in the back-ground which I needed to get used to for a time. it just gave me an excellent a sense of purity and it gave me some time to accomplish alot of considering by myself.

This was a very good knowledge, it is just one of those once in a lifetime prospect. I do not regret whatever even though we have faced hard and sudden situations. one example is when we were cycling and it was really cold up there in the andes, but still we have monoged not to quit and quit and we include continued.

21 years old Total Draw: 31 (Low grade D) 22 (a) The copy writer wanted to go to the Manu location because that they wanted to observe Peru’s Nationwide bird and wanted to view the Cock of the Rock. one particular mark: The only reason recognized is that of seeing the Cock of the Rock and roll the candidate features apparently certainly not realised which the Cock with the Rock and Peru’s Nationwide Bird are exactly the same thing. (b) Truly exhilarating in very good conditions’ implies that if the climate was better they would have experienced a better time. 7 marks: Unpleasant: too cold (freezing); lost feelings in fingers; lips numb; nostril ran. Exciting: smooth streets; reach excessive speeds; very farmland and eucalyptus forest (scenery); cattle and sheep.

The answer basically makes almost 8 relevant factors but there is also a maximum of 7 marks. (d) Had stepped back centuries’ means that they didn’t chop down like these people were in their time zone because of their house and how the people their attired. 4 marks: Three relevant phrases are quoted. The explanations happen to be generalised, yet those pertaining to the second and third quotations show satisfactory awareness of the writer’s range of words to justify an extra mark staying awarded. (h) They have to wait for a bus because the buses going out of the region were full. you mark: The reason is correctly recognized.

23 The two phrase that show that the old girl did not think angry towards tourists who have left litter box are It struck myself then just how important it is to buy in your area and be evironnentally conscious in all of the our actions’ and I am pleased that when all of us travel we all buy in small outlets and take in in community restaurants. 2 signifies: The try to explain time-oriented society’ shows a shine of understanding just about worth 1 draw and thinking about the environment’ is known as a secure reason of conscious’. Total intended for Q 1: 20 out of a likely 30 a couple of The different place we all went to was Paucartambo, It had been so diffrent there, all the people used beautiful dresses and had blanket draped over them. The blankets had been so colourful and dazzling.

I had a wonderful time presently there because it seemed I went back in time. Genera I had among the best trips at any time because We meet so many new people and did so innovative thing. Though I did come with an awsome time there were some things I wanted to improve like the weather condition because I used to be so cool I couldn’t feel whatever and thats really awful because it was hard to operate a vehicle my bike and also this rained a lot. Which I genuinely didn’t just like but various other then that we had a great time and I would do it again I have to go now because I’m in a motorboat on my way house and the drinking water is very bummpy.

Total Indicate: 33 (Grade D) twenty four 2 represents: Both reasons (only some birds and the bad weather) are clearly identified. (g) 1 2 3 5 marks: 3 relevant keyword phrases are plainly identified although only the brief review as to the way the choice of vocabulary (smile’ and laugh’) inside the second term is sufficient for a even more mark to get explanation to be awarded. 25 Without bitterness. 2 Finally when we traveled to see the magicstick of the Ordinary birds undertaking their mating dance, we were quite dissapointed. Only couple of birds were doing mating dance’ as a result of bad weather. And then we went to the downhills to go back and we could start to see the most beautiful new world that we’ve ever noticed before.

The jungle was warm, quite simply, it was best because that moment was actually the first time that people were underneath good condition during the journey. There are butterflies about us with fresh air. I had been dreaming of as soon as. We were thus glad. and enjoyed the journey.

Through the journey, there were to talk to a large number of strangers, and in addition they were kind enough to talk about with us regardless of much time it took from them. I recall that one aged woman declared tourists frequently leave waste on the roadways. Although the girl wasn’t upset, I felt sorry on her. and though personally that I would must be more careful about an environment that people visit. 26 Total Tag: 35 (Grade D) 27 (a) Why the article writer wanted to go to the Manu location were as they was looking for an adventure and he wanted to see Peru’s National Bird, the cock of the rock.

2 signifies: Both causes (looking for adventure and also to see the Dick of the Rock) are plainly identified. (b) I think truly exhilarating in good conditions meant in good climate you can see authentic beauty over and above imagination. two marks: Both reasons for their particular disappointment (the bad weather plus the small number of birds dancing) will be included. Although the expression in the second stage is ungrammatical, it is important to notice that when determining Reading jobs, linguistic problems are not penalised as long as the candidate’s purpose can be understood. 28 ii iii The old woman would not feel upset towards the tourists who still left litter because she was happy to talk about things with strangers.

0 marks: The phrase without bitterness’ will not be identified. (j) This informs me that the carefull and cautious with the 3 markings: 1 indicate was granted for each area of the question. In the first part, trudged’ has become explained nevertheless there has been not any attempt to describe muddy quagmire’; the second component has a shine of understanding in the reference to in todays worlds’ plus the third component has a clear explanation of conscious’ (carefull and cautious’). Overall, the response much more deserving of 3 marks.. Total for Q 1: twenty-four out of your possible 30 2 I actually felt my whole body was disheveled and impossible to go.

Ariana in that case shouted that there was a downhill portion which I had not yet seen, due to myself lagging in back of. I had never found so much beaucty. We found animals and farmland which will almosted hypotised me, we felt so locked upon.

29 My personal Bike flattened and i may nut carry on any further, the chain experienced unexpectedly arrive off. A number of the others had a flat tyre, so we all decided to take the tablets to a shop who would deal with them for us. Again on the road and i felt a great deal better. This kind of so far was a terrific adventure.

Suspense started to grow like air choosing to a balloon waiting for this to go beat! I attained a man whom lived in this town. He told me testimonies which i wasn’t sure whether to believe. This kind of man experienced long turmeric hair and a scar tissue which monitored its do it yourself down 1 side of his deal with and got shed in a long volcanic facial beard.

As i got home into understructure i thought to myself which i had by no means had so great in my life. The most exciting knowledge which i would advise everyone to try. This was an event that would never vanish. Total Mark: thirty seven (Low class C) 40 (a) These were looking for excitement and desired to see Peru’s National Fowl, the Cock of the rock.

2 signifies: Both reasons (looking to get adventure and see the Magicstick of the Rock) are evidently identified. (b) It means the descent would have been really exciting and fun in the event the weather was good. two marks: The answer explains both equally exhilarating’ (really exciting’) and in great conditions’ (if the weather was good’). (c) The weather was cold and freezing elements of there body. It was hard to use areas of your body when they are needed but so cool. The community looked warm and inviting, but was cool and deserted.

They reached Colquepata miserable. They traveled to the next village downhill and on good soft roads. They will passed lovely farmland categories of trees and herds of cattle. 6 marks: Distressing: freezing; hard to use areas of body the moment so cold; village was cold and unwelcoming; Pleasurable: good, smooth roads; beautiful farmland (scenery); herds of cattle. (d) The writer felt like that because the people were dressed in aged fashion outfits which appeared as if they were by centuries ago. 1 draw: The point about the bad weather condition is comprehended (the comment in these people conditions’ can make it clear) but the fact that only a few birds appeared is not really sufficiently explained. (g) Fabulous and warm jungle.

This kind of shows that the girl with enjoying biking if these are generally the kind of issues she is finding. Without bitterness 1 tag: The two-word phrase is definitely quoted without more exactly what is essential! 31 5 marks: The responses for all three regions of the question happen to be somewhat perfunctory although there is data that all the phrases had been understood. 2 marks were awarded intended for (i) and 1 indicate each to get the other two tries the candidate was handed the benefit of the doubt and it was thought that that society’ known that of the writer of the passage rather than that of the villagers.

Total for Q 1: 24 out of the possible 30 2 Everybody at the start with the adventure was raring to look! I think all of us knew the conditions that were going to be facing us but we didn’t care, i was ready for nearly anything including myself, but sensed abit stressed as we head out. We had definitely not started as well as the rain, or perhaps should I declare hail was already drumming down on us. We felt therefore cold even as we cycled with the hail as well as the cold breeze chill hitting us. Just about every simple task became harder.

Pulling the brakes was even tough. It was one of them moments when I wish I had not come on the journey. We kept driving for another 3 hours just before we found a small town called Colquepata.

We were drenched and everyone was on a low like me, but we all carried on to another village. The roads were lovely and smooth in addition to the rain acquired stopped. There were some great farmlands that reminded me of once i was tiny, warm and extremely pleasant emotions started to load me. Whenever we got to the village it just felt greater than the last place, more tradition and friendly people.

I was starting to just like the journey a lot more and believed it could receive even better, I actually hoped. We arrived after to see the Cock of the ordinary doing its mating boogie, this was what I wanted to discover and it didn’t dissatisfy until the climate turned negative again. I had been starting to obtain abit anoyed at the weather and really needed it to settle nice, but I don’t think I had been going to get my desire. A few maintenance to the bicycles and we had been off again, and the further we continued, the jungle become more and more beautiful. By then I was on a actual high and thought this trip acquired really come into its own.

We got a tour bus to take us further nevertheless we had to await an era for one, these were all complete but I was so pleased with the trip it didn’t bother myself. I got speaking with a few residents and I believed very highly of them because of there Tradition and strugges living there, they received me considering and I may well have leart a great deal from your whole experiance, that you have to move a great distance to find and experiance fantastic things! This really is a typical Strap 2 response for both equally Reading and Written Appearance.

The applicant has a clear understanding of certain requirements of the activity and even though the content is targeted mainly for the details of the initial passage, the account, on the other hand, reworks most of this material and includes several original details. The writer clearly describes thoughts and feelings influenced by the drive and makes a deliberate make an effort to refer to what was learnt in the experience.

The mark awarded for Examining was 8. However , presently there needs to be a better development of this kind of aspect plus more additional details to reach Strap 1 . The written phrase is generally progressive and competent, but the buildings are a little short of range and variety in addition to some unforced errors of spelling and punctuation, which in turn keep it to a top Strap 2 indicate of almost eight. Total Tag: 40 (Grade C) 32 (a) The writer planned to visit the Manu region because she wanted an adventure, and she wanted to discover Peru’s National Bird, the Cock in the Rock. (c) Ariana Svenson found both extenessive tackiness, gluiness, gumminess and affection on her quest. She was unpleasantly suprised by cold, wet wheather conditions, and disliked the unintroduced are.

Unfortunately Ariana lost thoughts in her hands and sore lip area first, as if not being in enough agony, her nose happened to run as if the girl was experiencing an uncurable disease, and her knees went totally stiff. Completely exhausted, your woman full of appreciation, arrived at Colqueta. She was decieved mainly because it turned out the downhill journey took two hours, simply no fourty mins, as she had been educated. Ariana finally was happy that the all downhill journey was on pleasant flat tracks, and that she did not need to master even more hills.

Your woman discovered and admired the pretty farmland while she passed, and adored tropical eucalyptus trees and felt content material as heards of sheep and cows joined her on her course. 7 markings: Unpleasant: cold; lost feelings in hands; lips sore (numb); nose ran; voyage took much longer than expected. Enjoyable: flat, pleasant roads; farmland and eucalyptus woods (scenery); lamb and cows.

The answer in fact makes 8 relevant factors but there exists a maximum of six marks. (d) Using the terms had walked back centuries the copy writer means that the seemingly small town she come to seemed and so antique, unmodern and classic (trough classic skirts and vibrant blanckets). 1 mark: The answer does not obviously identify possibly point (the cobbled pavements etc . from the village plus the traditional clothes of the people); however , there is enough basic understanding communicated for 1 mark to get awarded. (e) The writer described the owner of the football pitch being a nice guy because the bienveillant man let Ariana and her group camp on his football message, to see the Magicstick of the Rock birds carry out their mating dance. thirty-three 6 markings: Three relevant statements will be quoted, every single with an explanation that reveals the effects the author intends have been understood.

The explanation of luxuriant with grasses’ is conveyed by the term rich’ which shows a great appreciation from the writer’s choice of vocabulary. (h) They had to hold back for a coach in Pilcopata because all of those other buses away of that location were complete, and there would have been no more for some days. you mark: Both acceptable reasons are recognized but there is a maximum of 1 mark for the question. (i) The two term phrase that tells me the fact that old woman did not experience angry towards the tourists who have left litter is not a cent actually reaches our area. They was included with all the food they need even loaf of bread and normal water! and all they leave is definitely rubbish!

0 indicate: The answer does not identify the best two-word expression. (j) (i) By the key phrase trudged through the muddy quagmire the copy writer means that the group and herself slunshed through the muddy earth that was soaked in normal water. Trudged means that they tried to pass through with difficulty. (ii) By the expression time-oriented society the article writer means that the people the group encountered were all even now living in all their traditional, unmodern lifestyle.

This kind of whole society seemed so stuck-in-time and were concious but completely happy living in these kinds of, to the modern day world, backwards conditions. (iii) By the phrase environmentally concious the article writer means that they themselves business lead a belief role of tourists, who have came to this magnificent social villiage and seemingly just leave cover. The villiagers are concious to this and find this distressing, as they themselves are so mindful to their fabulous surroundings, their environment, and not would like it harmed. 3 marks: There is a good explanation of both muddy quagmire’ (earth that was soaked in water’) and trudged’ (pass through with difficulty’) which in turn gains two marks.

Nevertheless , the explanation of time-oriented society’ is incorrect and the make an attempt to explain environmentally conscious’ is pretty vague, rating 1 tag for the last sentence in your essay. Total for Q one particular: 25 away of a likely 30 2 Now this is it. My incrediable journey My spouse and i untertook in exiting Peru has come to an end. The experiences I had developed, and anything I learned has affected me, and i also truly consider I have be a better person, being even more knowledgable regarding my area, has really exposed my eyes.

From the beginning of our voyage I knew I was engulfing into an experience, which I enthusiasticly approached. My lovely group members and I started each of our excursion by simply embarking after hills that seemed to become even higher. It was not soon right up until I started to doubt merely made the right choice 34 Underneath the warm heat, I felt so happy and experienced so free of charge as I did not before. Hardly ever animals joined us about our quest, like the buttercup yellow butterflies that acquired us within a dream-like condition. From this wonderful experience We learnt an entire new respect for characteristics, I have made a decision to support decreasing in numbers species to any extent further.

I witnessed an unbelievable characteristics experience, the Cock of the Rock bird’s mating dance. I treasure that I possess met friendly villiage habitants of Peru, people that acquired got me thinking of my entire life and the universe from a whole different perspective. Through this kind of experience I learnt within an unbelievable amount. I grew more eco concious, knowledgeable extreme team-work and your survival skills, and definately grew more conscious to me, and my environment.

Not only was I literally challenged, but mentally too, benifiting from your plethora of variety of experience. I believe I possess become a better person. I had developed not expected this trip affecting me in these kinds of deepness. And yes, I seriously have become a new and increased self.

Total mark: forty-four (Grade C) 35 Issue 1 asked a response to Passage A in the form of a letter. Individuals were likely to appreciate ideas and specifics from the text message and to change and develop them in a new genre. When assessing the candidates’ examining, the Examiners looked intended for: relevant references for the text development of the references to fit the context of the job adaptation of picked material to complement the character/voice of the personality.

When assessing aspect of writing, the Examiners looked intended for the ability to structure and sequence the response and to express ideas sure. selection of a range of peaked vocabulary intended for both areas of the question (up to 3 marks) conveyance of an knowledge of the symbolism of these selections, perhaps which includes reference to relevant literary conditions (up to 6 marks) any 15 relevant details (from the possible twenty-five in the mark scheme), recognisably expressed ability to write concisely, with focus on the question, and in personal words. See mark scheme on pp 41-46 for additional guidance. thirty-six Aunt Pegg had sight on supports. How she saw us we never knew: just a minute she wasn’t there, the next she was on top of all of us.

She was obviously a wizened, small woman of great muscular strength and strength, and her mouth was just like an upside-down new moon without the tip of a smile. She frequently spoke of her philosophy of life’ but we only knowledgeable the superficial features of that. She stored us entertained at all times, sweeping the lawn, tidying your house and finding out how to cook tasteless, crumbling cakes.

On the initial day your woman blew a whistle to order us downstairs to a breakfast of chewy, sugarless oat food. The sugary, salty food we loved were locked away, and eating the morning bowlful was a depressed marathon. Whenever we didn’t take in it all up, we were presented extra washing to do. Simply by day two we were very mournful kids. Nostalgia emerge as we kept in mind our more happy past.

We went regarding our daily jobs like very little zombies. We all became uncommunicative and even did not remember (to the Aunt’s extreme pleasure) to insult one another. Both of all of us longed of waking time when our dear father and mother would return and open the banned doors of our prison.

In day three we were brought to our educational programme. She set us impossible mental arithmetic amounts at incredible speed and always finished with And twenty-nine, add ’em as a whole and get rid of the number My spouse and i first said’. Then there is Reading Improvement’, which contains moral tales from the nineteenth century, and Practical Farmwork’, which mostly involved the identification and eradication of weeds. We were not allowed to re-enter the property until there were successfully whispered the name of the plant into Aunt Pegg’s very good ear. If we did not utilize official Latin name she’d snap at us.

You wicked child! That is definitely not Hairy Stinkweed. I’ll not have execration in my property! ‘ When we reached home we were offered a demanding lecture on philosophy’ and morals’ and sent to pickup bed with only a slice of bread, a few cheese and a member of the lettuce family leaf. We all hated member of the lettuce family. Apparently much of Aunt Pegg’s philosophy was connected with diet plan.

She will need to have thought that we were lazy, naughty children whom needed solid routine and discipline in order to avoid the rot from setting in. How we cried with joy when ever our cheerful parents returned, bearing shows and embracing us tight. 37 0500 First Language English Criteria Booklet one particular give your impacts of the children; offer an account of the progress with them up to now; tell your plans for the next week.

Write your page. Base that on the things you have go through in Passageway A. You should write among 1 and 2 attributes, allowing for how big your handwriting. Up to twelve to fifteen marks will be available for the content of your response, and up to five markings for the standard of your publishing. [Total: 20] 2 37 0500 Initially Language The english language Standards Report They encourage you to do risky items like climb at any height walls, and they rescue you when you can’t get straight down. Here now is a simple test out by which you are able to identify a useless dad.

On this kind of occasions, watch for a jittery blinking from the eye and listen for the telling words and phrases: I believe that’s enough. It might be risky. ‘ These types of uncles have even much less confidence than your parents and possess failed on the first hurdle. Useless uncles spend too much time sitting in chair doing the actual call holiday reading’, generally of books called Lives of the Wonderful Philosophers’ or perhaps How to resolve the World’s Economic Problems’.

If you ask them for a video game of basketball, they response, Later! I’m too busy at the moment. ‘ A real uncle shows simply no sign penalized able to go through at all. For example , he neglects all indicators that state No Ball Games’. When he sees a ball, you and he are away to the nearby open space.

The reason for this enthusiasm is the fact most great uncles want to play online games and they see you as an excellent opportunity for those to show off. Mainly because uncles are certainly not your parents, they may have lived separate and maybe interesting lives. You understand all your parents’ stories, by least these they are willing to tell you. Pointless uncles could have spent an unadventurous, sheltered life and anyway are unaware of anything that you will probably find interesting about them. An lively uncle think about his life among the gorillas or how this individual saved his companion’s lifestyle by traveling off a charging rhinoceros.

Maybe these kinds of stories are generally not strictly true, but that is not the point. Great uncles offer an imaginative, imaginative spirit and a talent for fictional, such as the escapades of a Mister Snodgrass whom lives in a great obscure nook of your house and who just emerges if you are asleep. No doubt a worthless uncle will attempt to amuse you the following: I when read about a chap named Proust who have went on a journey to Oh special, I’ve fully forgotten wherever. ‘ It truly is clear that such future uncles have no features that charm to children and they must be locked in a selection surrounded by volumes of prints written in Latin till they crumble amongst the messy pages.

39 0500 Initially Language English language Standards Booklet 3 [Total: 20] forty Note: every Examiners will be instructed that alternative accurate answers and unexpected strategies in candidates’ scripts should be given marks that fairly echo the relevant understanding and expertise demonstrated. 1 give your impressions of the kids; provide an account of your progress with them up to now; tell your plans for week. Compose your letter. Base this on whatever you have go through in Passing A. You must write between 1 and 2 edges, allowing for the dimensions of your handwriting.

For this issue, 15 marks are invested in assessment of Reading Goals R1R3 (see syllabus); 5 marks happen to be allocated to examination of Publishing Objectives W1W5 (see syllabus). General notes on feasible content 0500 First Dialect English Criteria Booklet There is certainly evidence of a qualified reading in the passage. The candidate truly does well to symbolize Aunt Pegg’s attitude plus some character, and also to integrate a few of the material with occasional success, and without echoing the passageway. There is a few development, but the ability to support may not be consistent.

There is a lot of supporting detail throughout. The passage have been read moderately well, nevertheless there may be some weakness in assimilating material. There may be evidence of a physical use of the passage. There may be focus on the work and sufficient reference, but opportunities to get development and interpretation are certainly not always considered. Some mention of the the text is manufactured without much inference or more than brief, informative development.

Answers may be slender, lack appearance or in places, lack focus on the text, but there is some proof of general understanding of the main parts of the verse. Answers are either very basic with small specific mention of the the text OR PERHAPS lift sections of the original. Content material is insubstantial and there is little realisation from the need to change material in the passage. There may be little or no significance to the problem or to the passage. forty two 0500 1st Language English language Standards Guide Language is primarily fluent and clarity of explanation.

We have a sufficient range of vocabulary to convey thoughts and feelings with a few precision. You will find occasional ideas of personality or ideal voice. The letter is primarily well organized.

Language is apparent and ideal, but comparatively plain, articulating little figure. Individual details are rarely prolonged, but details are satisfactory. There may be defects in strength presentation, such as very basic beginnings and ends.

There can be some clumsiness of phrase and vocabulary is too limited to express shades of meaning. Search for structural weak spot in demonstration of material. You will discover problems of expression and structure. Dialect is weak and undeveloped. There is small attempt to clarify ideas. a couple of The language with the letter provides character and sounds genuine, possibly since Aunt Pegg might publish or speak.

Comments are extremely clearly indicated and increased by a wide range of effective and interesting terminology. Structural demonstration is sound throughout. Sentence structures and language happen to be unclear and the work is difficult to stick to. 43 0500 First Language English Criteria Booklet Mournful sounds like something provides died, and that something’ is definitely the happier previous. So the kids grieve because of it.

Nostalgia is another way of taking a look at the same thing. Costly odd term to use since you would expect that to apply to a faraway earlier, but maybe a few days and nights in Great aunt Pegg’s organization are like a different sort of age. Provide plenty of prize for any applicant who reaches grips with this word in any depth. Similarly, incentive candidates whom discuss the little zombies with some success. Zombies will be animated bodies without souls (or even more popularly, undead corpses).

In voodoo they can not exist with out a master in this case, certainly Aunt Pegg. So that they mooch about doing their particular chores in check, without any reaction. A result of this can be their fresh habit of being uncommunicative, recommending that they had been too gloomy, or traumatised by the girl, even to talk to each other.

Individuals should also refer to the barred doors of your prison, banned because there was not a one to use, ironic since it was their particular house, perhaps like a penitentiary because they had a warder and had been under regular surveillance. forty-four 0500 First Language The english language Standards Guide Reference is made to a number of keywords, and some explanations are given and effects recognized in both parts of problem. Images will be recognised consequently and the applicant goes some way to warrant them. There exists some data that the prospect understands how language performs. A satisfactory attempt is made to recognize appropriate phrases and words.

Candidates mainly give meanings of terms and virtually any attempt to advise and explain effects is weak. One half of the problem may be better answered compared to the other. Individuals may discover linguistic devices but not clarify why they are used. Explanations are standard or in very standard terms (or may be practically ignored).

Prospects select a mixture of appropriate words and words and phrases that speak less very well. Explanations are only partially powerful and occasionally duplicate the language with the original, or comments are extremely general , nor refer to specific words. The choice of words can be partly relevant, sparse or perhaps sometimes not related to the textual content. While the issue has been realized, the applicant does a bit more than provide a few terms and generate very slight, generalised feedback.

The answer is incredibly thin. 3 Wide ranging exploration of language with some high quality responses that add meaning and associations to words in both parts of the question, and demonstrate the writer’s reasons behind using them. May group good examples to demonstrate introduction to meaning/inference/attitude. The candidate discusses imagery with a precision and imagination.

There may be evidence which the candidate recognizes how vocabulary works. The response does not fit the question. Improper words and phrases are chosen.

45 0500 First Language British Standards Report Both parts of the answer will be concise and well concentrated even if there exists an inappropriate introduction or ending. Own words are being used consistently (where appropriate). There are several areas of concision. There may be irregular loss of emphasis. Own words and phrases (where appropriate) are used for the majority of the answer.

The candidate could use some estimates in lieu of reason. Answers may be list-like, not well sequenced. The answer is typically focused, nevertheless there may be instances of comment, repetition or unnecessarily long justification, or the solution may clearly exceed the permitted size. There may be periodic lifting of phrases and sentences.

The response frequently loses focus and it is wordy, or is largely long. It could be answered inside the wrong type (e. g. a story or a commentary). There may be repeated lifting of phrases and sentences. Over-reliance on training; insufficient focus for Band 5. Grossly long. 46 I’m writing to say how un-manord your children are.

When I strolled through the door they were sqobbling, arguing and dishing away insults that in my opinion had been highly inapropriate. To be quite honest along I think it is apauling. They children possess learnt the right way to plant the best roses and nurture all of them at a high standard. They may be currently understanding how to cook the favourite dish of mine White Wine Chicken’. The effort placed in has increased mainly because, they mess it up, they consume it.

I shall have no wastage. For their foul terminology and dissabediance last Tues they are spending the week in the car port cleaning and sorting almost everything in there dreadfully unorganised box’s with all the useless trash you have in there. I dont understand why you have a mass amount of gaming systems and DISC players inside. Instedd of wasting your dollars why don’t you instruct your children something useful for My spouse and i don’t aprove of their lazyness. 2 (a) The article writer uses a whole lot of words and phrases that describe Aunt Pegg.

She would leap on all of us like a kitty, and fierce, ferocious retribution might follow. Here the writer uses this short description to show how unothodox her actions are and by using fierce, ferocious retribution the writer implies how dreadfull her punishments are. The writer likewise uses comparasons to show specific aspects about this lady. her mouth was just like an upside-down new celestial satellite without a hint of a smile. Here the article writer compares Cousin Peggs laugh to a upside-down new moon, which naturally implies that the lady dosn’t smile to generally. This gives humor towards the text. (b) The writer uses phrases to show exactly what a university bad time these youngsters are having. we went about our daily duties like tiny zombies.

Here once again the writer adds laughter to the text message. He’s trying to show just how misserable these children are and compares those to an slow moving, simple and easy creature. The author also details the enhancements made on the children. We became uncommunicative and even did not remember to slander each other.

Here he shows how from having nothing on their minds but for insult the other person to abruptly forgetting to that they well and truely are zombies’. 47 (a) In this text message it shows you how a uncle is almost just like the older brother you never experienced, taunting and amusing A great uncle is someone who can show you a good time and forever cracking up wise comments to keep that amused laugh on your confront. Even if you have fallen from the tree he told you that you couldn’t climb up because your are such a girl.

A good uncle makes you need to show through your new basketball tricks, in that case he merely embarreses you be undertaking an even much cooler trick. This test compleatly shows what and how an excellent uncle must be like regardless if he truly does encourage one to play on the no ball games’ area. (b) The most disliked point about their aunt I thik was the fact they expeariance dissapline. Along with Great aunt Peggs jobs she made them do the also detested the fact that everything they now had to consume had absolutely no sugar in so obviously the kids disliked her for this.

And even if they attempted to slack off she would be there such as a flash sending them right to the mischievous corner! We dont there is anything to really like about her. Total Mark: 19 (Low class E) forty eight What you should do, just like what I’ve did is just feed them healthy appetizers. of course in the event they say no or make an attempt to not end you’ll only have to be stricked with all of them by tossing in some tasks.

Although I had fashioned I see all their fake smiles upon myself it was quite the fun I had fashioned. Once they possibly tried to try to escape now you see what I mean. Genuinely just a quick disiplin would do the trick.

I am very happy to say you’re children perform listen and thats every because of the attention you give all of them, however you need to in any cercumstances give them the appearance that way be more successful, now I’m not declaring their not dears as they are its simply too much take pleasure in you show them. okay my own plans for week very well I will only have to carry on with healthy food choices, chores however a small snack can also be paid. Maybe I would even put a camp out where the children can easily learn to survive out in the wilderness capturing their own food to eat if not I do have my personal homemade treat. by which i mean healthy. These kids really should understand that I love them but I’m just executing it for their personal good for the near future.

2 (a) the writer gave a rythem for the words leering, sneering and peering really interesting as it juggles the readers mind to make all of us be very entertained. Saying aunt pegg being a leering sneering peering person just shows just how horrible the girl can be as a Aunt. 49 Aunt pegg was explained to be a incredibly cruel just like image upon readers brain. (b) your children were detrutly in misery as they were suffering from a horrible Aunt.

The children even says its like being in prison with her. 3 he may actually give you the illustrates of your trip. A person who doesent mind consuming junk and shareing you with every exictng journey you enbark upon.

50 51 I built them do extra cleaning if they will don’t end their food because it might teach these people the importance in eating every one of the food and never wasting any kind of. Starting in a few days I i am planning to let them have more mental arithmetic sums and let these people identify a more substantial variety of several weeks to train them to do sums faster and give them knowledge of more weeds. I will boost the punishment in not concluding food to strengthen the importance of not throwing away food.

I will also let them have food with even fewer sugar in it as it should be used towards the food that they had this week and ready to take on healthier foods. And I am going to tell them more honnete tales so that they can teach them some manners and teach them to respond sensibly. I think that they require strong willpower and program to find them out with their laziness. Regards, Pegg.

In paragraph your five the copy writer uses several phrases to explain the children. For example , they were carrying out their daily chores just like little zombies, this is a metaphor that shows just how unemotional the children had become. While described in passage N, the things that makes a good granddad is that they get presents the majority of, if not, everytime they visit and it is usually presents that parents disappoves of. Good future uncles may take you with these people on their getaway and handle you to consuming unhealthy foods.

Very good uncles usually takes to do high-risk but entertaining activities which parents might not allow you to carry out. Good uncles will also wish to play game titles with you as they might want to display their skills or maybe they will just like playing with you. Additionally, they ignore authorities rules like No ball games only to play ball games with you. Good uncles are imaginative and wants telling fascinating stories of their life or like getting back together stories to see you. 53 1 Furthermore, I’ve seen your children have too much spare time and usually sit and do nothing’, thus I’ve managed to keep them occupied by assigning household chores which include sweeping the yard, tidying the house, and teach these people how to cook scrumptious truffles as a treat.

I likewise offered these people healthy meals as currently they are consuming excess junk foods. Additionally , I use taught those to be conventional with their foodstuff and musn’t have left-overs, otherwise they will have extra cleaning to accomplish. Apart from household chores, I’ve introduced to all of them an educational programme’ as an alternative they were supplied with mathematics treatment followed by Reading Improvement. Below my guidance, your kids guarantees be more successful and have better timemanagement.

Lastly, I must mention, your kids attempted to break away on a day we went searching in town. Fortunately, I was well-prepared and surely could negate all their evil want to escape. These were severely penalized afterwards obviously. By the way, I obtained to go, the kids are making tremedous noise downstairs. Although they have been a trial and remained naughty through.

Hopefully under my intensive routine they shall be as good as angels once you’re returned. a couple of The copy writer utilizes various literary devices and points to illustrate the appearance of Great aunt Pegg in paragraph 2 and a few and the emotions of the children during their time with Great aunt Pegg. First of all the writer uses assonance to create a sound and atmosphere of displease of the children impression of Aunt Pegg, displayed as leering, sneering, peering Aunt Pegg! The repetition of e appear gives a slightly discomfort develop to the passing, also the dictions used gives a bad connotation on the presentation of Aunt Pegg. Furthermore, the writer uses simile to describe how the lady treated the children, pounce upon us just like cats.

This kind of simile displays how the kids are being treated roughly and like animals. Down the line she was described as having eyes in sticks. This metaphor illustrates she is extremely prudent and well-aware with the kids’ actions and patterns. This implies that she possess the ability, a lot like God, the girl with all-knowing and was conscious about just about every movement and intention of the kids. This kind of in-turn shows her superiority over the youngsters and 54 The ajouter followed by qualificative with bad connotation.

This kind of emphasize just how despair the youngsters were. That they undertook daily task like little zombies which shows they were presented dull and boring tasks. They children lost affinity for their jobs as the descriptions of zombies in kids demonstrate lack of energy and fascination although kids are meant to be energetic and exciting. Finally, these people were described as being taken into custody and longed because of their parents to unlock the barred gates of our prison. This metaphor implies the children are captured and their simply hope to break free are all their parents.

This phrase gives a negative develop and feeling to the visitor as the youngsters are seemingly convicted, producing the reader sympathise for the kids. Question two The response is focused although relies on the identification of literary terms in part (a), and is obscure about connotations in some cases, including in the remarks on leering, sneering, peering’. However , there is a good range of choices and a few valid effects are offered at the end of portion (b), furthermore to periodic touches of overview throughout.

A good dad will carry on and care for both you and love you unconditionally. They are going to dedicate their very own time you regardless of how active they are. They may never get you frustrating and are always willing to acquire any playthings for you that your parents will not think of ordering. Uncles gives and take you to any kind of fast-food restaurant and make sure you are totally content.

They may even need you to carry out dangerous and exiciting activities and will always be there to save you when you are in danger. A good uncle will be enthusiastic to take one to football game without grunting how active they are. They will keep you kept entertained by showing anecdote of something they may have done specifically remarkable.

Good uncles will help you to do essentially anything with no rules or limit. They are really your pals and will usually be there for you. Kids often dislike their aunt because they are extremely strict and forces one to obey their very own rules.

Adequate course little, or any freedom and definitely will never allow you to do the actions you like. They may never enable you to eat fatty food and treat you with healthy, tasteless food. They are incredibly boring and tells you viewpoint of existence which you have no interest about.

Your Great aunt will have total control over you and life is boring and odd. Overall review: This is an acceptable script in the demonstration of reading and writing competence, but it does not go significantly enough in the use of the kind of material offered. There are indications of potential in each answer, but all demonstrate some kind of weakness. Total Mark: twenty eight (Grade C) 55 My spouse and i also thought they need to be educated, this is why I thought up of an educational programme. My personal first remark is that they absence mathematical expertise, which I discover unacceptible.

They likewise have to start browsing real ebooks, instead of browsing useless comics. They need catalogs which educate them lessons on existence. However , theory is not every that should be trained, you should be pleased to know they can now differentiate weeds simply by looking at these people or even just by simply smell, which was a very trial to them.

However , all of this discipline is usually not enough, that they still stay away from or escape from myself, but this will likely not happen once again, I am ready for any kind of situation. By the end of the week, they won’t even think about doing so. For the following week I have previously planned everything. They will be trained the philosophy of life, which I think they absence.

I will continue to keep teaching these people maths, with very rigid rules therefore they have motivation. Thier diet will be set and controled, this way they will stay healthy and steer clear of fatal conditions. I will impose my regulations with more extreme punishments to guarentee achievement. When you get home, your children will have changed. They are more well mannered and well intentioned.

They will be completely independent. Your house will be two times as nice and clean as as you left away. Aunt Pegg.

2 When it says wasting your time, I saw you! , it also reveals how your woman punishes these people even when they do not do anything, she is just looking to punish all of them wherever possible. Within the second paragraph, the children declare she has eyes on sticks, which as well shows that the sole reason the girl with here is to punish them. One second she wasn’t here was on top of us, this likewise shows the lady really attempts to wait for oppertunities, she is clever, she makes sure the abuse is validated. Tiny girl of great physical strength, possibly meaning she experienced her childhood just like she is educating, which clarifies the strength, or possibly related to physical punishment, the other way would the children find out her durability?

Upside-down fresh moon, this describes not merely her oral cavity but as well her frame of mind. It shows she is by no means happy and just dislikes the children overall. A new moon is also very thin, meaning keeps her mouth closed to emphasise just how unhappy and angry your woman looks. (b) Paragraph your five describes the children after having suffered through this extreme training. They are said to be very mournful children, which implies that they are very depressive and perhaps very tired too.

Nostalgia set. This kind of emphasis just how bad soon is beginning, as if Just one day took very long to them. They previously forgot how thier lives used to become and how lucky they were. Even forgot to insult every single other, this kind of shows that the children have improved completly, they will even ceased doing what they did to you best. Additionally, it shows the way Aunt Pegg has all of them always carrying out tasks and leaving almost no time to think.

Unlock the barred doors of the prison, this kind of phrase is incredibly strong and compares thier life with aunt Pegg with penitentiary. Thier simply way out can be thier parents coming home. Thier only wish is for the week to finish. Mark: five 57 Additionally they tell you stories of thier childhood, reports which you can connect with or simply to amaze you. They should also show zero signs of adulthood, they are like you, but can easily supervise and control.

You simply meet them for a short time, and they the actual best to set a very remarkable moment. (b) The children seriously dislike Aunt Pegg. To them she actually is a pest, constantly looking to let them feel bad. She never huge smiles or reveals any indications of happiness.

The girl with pure nasty to these people. They generally dislike her because the girl expects these to be perfect, always operating. They have simply no free time or freedom. The girl makes thier lives incredibly tough and unenjoyable. But you may be wondering what they really dislike is the punishments, producing a slight oversight and you encounter severe consiquences.

During the 2 weeks, the only thing they will thought was when this will end. They also hate the way she educates them the right way to live thier lives. The youngsters see her as being ordinary evil instead of to teach these people things, this really is just utilized as a reason. Overall, they will dislike every factor of her. Backed by Aunt Pegg is a problem for them.

54.99 They have built a lot of progress more than this week?nternet site made the sweep the yard, clean the house, and I even tought them how to cook bread! Everyday We served these people a nice healthier breakfast made of cereal; of course, if they didn’t finish it, I would give them extra cleaning so they may become more self-disciplined. They seemed to be more quiet as they stopped insulting each other which seriously pleased myself. However , around the third time they chosen to run away although we were browsing town.

They dropped the shopping bags and begun to run away, nevertheless I was well prepared and I blew my whistle and some good people retained them. Following this incident, I actually took them back home and gave them a lessons about philosophy and probe so they will don’t continue doing this ever again. My spouse and i sent all of them off to bed after a healthy evening meal.

Throughout the week I applied my educational programme which will consisted of which makes them clever males. I set them a few mental math exercices. I also offered them literature to read to improve their dialect and they also learned the names of some weeds. For the next week I have prepared to continue using a similar programme like this one and perhaps have an even more relaxed week with ethnical excursions just like going to the tierpark. They will discover many animals for the first time and get to know even more about this globe.

I likewise planned to visit a museum, so they can check out all the renowned painters and discover the famous paintings. I will keep giving them a few math problems to resolve and at the end with the week, like a reward I would take them to try out football or maybe even go to a restaurant. I anticipate see you rapidly.

Sincerely, Cousin Pegg. The writer of this passage utilized a lot of descriptive and emotive terminology to try and explain the soreness and battling of the kids while these people were taken attention by Cousin Pegg. In paragraphs 2, 3 and 5, the writer produces an effect of prison and claustrophobia since the children was required to work barely and scarcely had any kind of free time for themselves. In paragraph 2, the author of this passageway describes the sensation of injustice of the kids as they ended uphad been punished intended for doing hardly anything. They would be just sitting undertaking nothing if the Aunt will pounce with them like a cat and might punish all of them, savage retribution would follow.

By using these kinds of similies and emotive phrases, the copy writer describes the unfair unjustice that the kids recieved. In paragraph several, the writer describes the Aunt and creates the result of dread by the kids to the Great aunt, and also their particular feeling of having no privacy. The author says that Aunt Pegg got eyes in sticks helping to make this make use of metaphor, make an effect of youngsters having not any privacy in any way, 59 In Paragraph 5, the author describes the sadness and despair of the kids in their wish of their father and mother coming back. The writer refers to the children since little zombies as they got no personal life mainly because they had to work the whole day.

He likewise suggests the imprisonment with the children simply by saying that they really want their mother or father to come back and unlock the barred entry doors of our prison. By using this emotive language, this individual creates the result of suffering of the children and their suffering in their wish of their father and mother to come back. In summary, the creates creates the consequences of lack of independence, fear, grief and unjustice that the kids felt although being with all their aunt.

He used emotive and descriptive language along with similies and metaphors to create the effect of being within a prison that the children acquired during their week. 3 Yet , a bad cousin, such as the the one that the children resented in Passage A, can be very monotonous and wouldn’t give you virtually any freedom. Your children also disliked the fact that they had to job a lot and do many mental and physical effort.

A bad aunt such as the one which the children got would never provide the children good, tasty foodstuff, and will always speak about boring subject matter for your children such as philosophy and probe of your life. They also didn’t like the reality their aunt would never go out with them and play games, and instead would make all of them read old books. They didn’t like the fact that the girl was often spying them and general, they resented their deficiency of freedom.

62 61 On the other hand I am glad to express that within the week Plus making tiny progress, I have now made sure they do not simply sit regarding and do nothing. I have presented them jobs to do, slight tasks just like baking cakes, cleaning up the home teaches them to not produce such in pretty bad shape in the first place. Also I have made sure that they started eating healthy food choices I have locked away all these horrible food filled with manufactured substances.

A very important factor Im delighted about is the fact that I have altered their terminology as prior to they did have tendency to use foul terminology which I usually do not tolerate. I had developed also provided them a educational plan which included; Maths, Reading Improvement and also Sensible farmwork, that i combined with several simple latin and I made sure they researched as with every single error We would increase the amount in the bowl for dinner, which means this gave these people some determination and so willpower which was required. But I must say I am discovering a progressive improvement therefore they are learning which is crucial.

Next week I use the intentions of giving them more educational lectures maybe include several languages since it is very important nowadays. I as well wish to try for a second time acquiring them in town because last time they attempted to run coming from me, nevertheless I believe I will trust all of them. I hope everything is going while planned at your business meetings and you need not bother about me and the children since everything can be under control. (a) From the points in section 2 and 3 we can see that Aunt Pegg is incredibly controlling and observant, the author describes her sudden movements by expressing she will pounce on us such as a cat displaying that she’d just up out of nowhere to tell them off.

As well we can see she actually is very serious in her showing off as it says savage retribution might follow which in turn shows how disciplining the girl with. The author likewise says that Aunt Pegg had eyes on sticks which means that practically nothing ever got past her. Her physical structure is also referred to and we know that she is small , wise lady but held a lot of muscular durability.

This gives a great00 and amusing image of the girl, a little older lady who is very tight and disciplining which we all know due to her facial appearance upside-down fresh moon a very serious and grumpy deal with. 62 Adequate meanings into a range of relevant choices receive throughout the response. These touch on results at the end.

An over-all understanding is definitely conveyed showing how language will be used in the passage, nevertheless there is a lot of repetition of ideas, plus the response does not have focus on and explanation of individual words and phrases. Good uncles always make an effort to make you laugh and will whatever it takes to get your focus, whenever they come to see you they come with presents and gifts.

Future uncles can also have you to a large number of places where you would probably not go with your parents, also because they are not around you all the time they do not find out about the no fast-food policy so they get you to take in all the things you usually aren’t allowed to take in and also pressure you in to doing intense things like hiking big hills and are always there to arrive and relief you as quickly as possible. Good future uncles are the kinds who disregard the signs and go against all of them such as locations where Ball games are restricted he will play football along, or tell you all sort of exciting tales which might not be true but are exciting to hear because they let their particular imagination and creativity manage wild just to get your interest.

Also whenever they leave they always laugh with big smiles and offer you big hugs and tell you to prepare for another untamed and crazy time. 63 your children are lazy, naughty and detrimental! they need to end up being disciplined. Once i was their age, I was skilled by my dad to clean up, do jobs, be well intentioned, do extra practices in some themes and to eat healthily. Kids theses days lack self-discipline! but following the week, your young ones should be tidier and healthier. I did not appreciate teaching all of them but I would like to continue and discipline these kinds of kids by simply teaching them how to become responsible.

And I will train them how to cook healthy food choices, so they will stop eating all the sugary gunk! I will likewise train all of them physically and so they won’t complain about doing chores ever again. These children are too lucky and protected, they can be too pleased with what they’ve got. So I am going to demonstrate to them how hard father and mother have to operate to take care of these kinds of little unwanted pests.

By the time you come home, you’ll not have to perform any more duties, because I’d have already skilled them to job and be independant. Don’t be concerned, I have stored an vision on your children. Best wishes, Cousin pegg.

To further reveal Cousin pegg’s accurate identity, the writer utilized simile thus illustrate Aunt pegg’s rate. pouncelike a cat’ implies that her actions are because quick as being a cat which is similar to leophard (another sort of cat). thus giving the reader an image of quickly reaction and sneering eye in the kitten. the word pounce’ highlights her actions, showing that she’s not delicate but rather difficult. the conotation of cat’ reminds someone of the attribute of cats and kittens, quick, sharpened and sharp. In addition , the term savage’ implies that Aunt pegg is crazy as it backlinks to the characteris of cats. showing that Aunt pegg is wild.

64 This idea can be revealed later on in the passage. the copy writer uses imagery to describe the kids as zombies, this claim that the children happen to be emotionless and similar to deceased. the use of this negative meaning shows that being with Aunt pegg is just like perishing and as miserable as a burial plot. Near the end of the section, the copy writer described the enviroment being a prison this kind of shows that they have no independence. It is also an irony since prison are for awful people but by comparing the place with prison implies that they are wrong and negative in the eyes of Cousin pegg. furthermore, it also claim that Aunt pegg was a prison guard. Issue 2 several (a) Great uncles provides you with more great than bad.

They come during free instances to bring kids presents that you want. They don’t come for a long time but when they certainly, they give you all his focus by getting kids to new areas to try new things. That they care for children but in a children’s method. Such as offering treats and letting them make an effort things.

Because he has assurance in the children, but when they do get stuck he will preserve them. Very good uncles will never read but play games with kids. This individual does not the actual rules and they are only fired up when it comes to having fun with kids. They should be ambitious and have the imagination to tell interesting stories.

Yet most importantly, that they won’t keep without expressing good bye using a smile, wink or hands gesture. (b) Aunt pegg was a negative and monotonous aunt. Your woman did absolutely nothing and talked about philosophy. The lady punished kids and is irritating to all of them. She would not smile which is always tight.

Aunt pegg makes children work while she orders people around and not whatever it takes herself. Your woman never provide kids snacks but just tasteless food because of healthy and balanced eating. Cousin pegg classes kids about strange topics.

She also makes kids to work on thing they dislike and pay attention to her boring lectures. Cousin pegg does not know whatever, not even cooking food. Aunt pegg treats children like slaves.

Total Indicate: 34 (High grade B) 65 I actually do not discover why children with this age would want to treat the other person so badly. I have to admit, I had formed some difficulties on the 1st day blocking them by fighting with one another, or grabbing one another. I actually soon identified the solution for this problem,?nternet site always do. The key to preventing all of them from harming each other was to promote teamwork, and I surely could do this by keeping them busy and occupied at all times. Everybody knows how much cleaning there is to accomplish, so coming from day one I requested every hands on deck and I was very happily surprised to see them get on with the job, without a solitary complaint.

These were a tremendous help when it came to preparing food and cleaning. They started to be so concentrated and centered on the actual were performing, it was almost as though they had lost the ability to exchange their views. I as well believe that that they benefitted considerably from the educational programme We introduced although on one celebration they did plan a great escape, but again I was expecting this type of thing to happen and was able to handle it.

My spouse and i am pleased to say that as the week progressed, the children started to be less violent towards one another and became even more aware of their tasks and how to approach them. I was fortunate enough to see significant improvements by means of the cooking, the cleaning and their treatment of each other and in addition of me personally. It seems as if they realized that my personal expectations had been simply going to be beneficial to them plus they accepted this gracefully. However , I are slightly disappointed in you as father and mother as I feel that they are treated with too much respect and never enough discipline. If it wasn’t for my own watchful attention, who is aware of where that they could have vanished off to, on our trip to city.

This coming week I plan to catch up on all of the housework I was struggling to compete this last week. We have a house to wash, a garden to keep in tact and animals to feed. We also decide to pay you a visit, and see how the youngsters are getting on. a couple of 66 Your children are identified as being mournful in paragraph five. Mournful is a expression used to express strong feelings or comments of reduction.

Personally We associate Mourning with disquietingly, perturbingly sad images, such as the loss of a close or loved one. This use of good language once again shows the control and influence the commanding Great aunt Pegg is wearing the children. This kind of disturbing motif is continued inside the paragraph while the children will be described as being zombies, which usually mean that they have a lack of life, soul and targets that they can work towards. I associate zombies with creatures or perhaps objects having a lack of purpose. This is powerful, as it portrays to use the unhappiness with the children.

This kind of image can be further supported by the fact that the children are identified as uncommunicative, which means for someone to get physically unable to express their very own feelings or opinions. Once again, this shows the scale of the specialist that Great aunt Pegg provides over the kids. Question a couple of The response demonstrates a detailed focus on specific words. Some of the meanings and attempted effects are rather laboured and imprecise, as with the explanation of peering’.

Section (b) is far more convincingly expressed, however , and overall there may be sufficient evidence of an capacity to select relevantly and to clarify how terminology works to get a top Strap 2 mark. (a) There are numerous features, that happen to be described in passage N, which make an excellent uncle. A fantastic uncle can be one that really loves and cares about you, and is enthusiastic about your lifestyle plus your wellbeing. Their visits are only for a limited amount of time, they enjoy your small business during this time and able to have you to the favourite spots.

Good future uncles are types that demonstrate a lack of responsibility in you, allowing you to enjoy your wishes. it is also critical that parents demonstrate a disapproval in the way you are treated by good future uncles. Moreover, they encourage thrilling adventures and expeditions, tend to be also able to rescue you, if needs be. They just do not lead uninteresting and uninteresting lifestyles, tend to be active and show enthusiasm in you. Furthermore, good future uncles are always willing to showcase their particular abilities and skills to you, and are also in a position of showing stories that they can know is going to please you.

Good future uncles will make friendly gestures to you personally, and ensure that you look forward to all their next visit. 67 General comment: This is a more than competent software which has benefitted from planning by the candidate to give a coherent structure to each in the responses. More concision of expression might have allowed even more material to be used in enough time and space allowed. Total Mark: 32 (Grade A) 68 Throughout the week to come, I think I will educate the children a little more about existence and how they get everything they have for granted. My spouse and i also think that well will certainly participate in the creative publishing courses that they can be currently educating at the town hall to attempt to educate these people a little more.

Finally, I have set up for your children to visit some of my freinds houses to complete some jobs around the house because there is little more to do in your now clean house. The Welcome for the good I possess done Your sons or daughters. 69 Great aunt Pegg is usually descried because having muscular strength and being packed with energy and this shows just how strong and full of life the girl with. This is effective as it shows us that she is physically powerful as well as emotionally. This makes the audience feel suprised and they do not expect this kind of a short aged woman to be strong and full of life.

The youngsters are referred to as being mournful and this means self pitying. This is powerful as it reveals us how much they not meet their parent, and exactly how they dislike living with their aunt. Can make the audience think sad and sorry pertaining to the children. The children are also described as being uncommunicative meaning they may have lost the need to talk. This is effective as shows just how demoralized they are really and how their particular aunt provides sucked all the fun out of their day.

Things that make a good uncle are these people showing the youngsters love and attention because they have missed you. They should also take presents and gifts the parent deplore of. Very good Uncles need to take you where you want to travel and in accomplishing this buy the kids unhealthy food since treats. They have to also inspire the children to complete risky issues that their particular parents could disapprove of. Uncles ought to spend time exterior playing games and possess disregard to the signs that may contradict his nature.

Very good uncles must be inventive and inform the children tales of their existence, and when its about time for them to keep they should trend and smile. The things that the youngsters disliked about their aunt was, how the girl could break up and suprise all of them at any time. Additionally, they disliked how she produced them wait in their own home, in the corner of a living room with their hands on their brain. The children would not like that they were required to do jobs and having to be educated useless facts and stats. Futhermore, they will disliked the actual were nourish and how all their nice food were locked away pertaining to Aunt Peggs stay.

The kids hated the lectures they will received regarding philosophy and morals however , moreover they hated the very fact that they had been forced to take in lettuce. Overall comment: This candidate demonstrates high writing and reading skills, and appreciates the differences in the types of response suitable for each activity. Throughout the software there is a concentrate on language. Total Mark: 42 (High level A) 70 The style is convincing as well as the voice solid, as communicated by this kind of phrases because plotting minor acts of rebellion’, appalled at their insolence’, and the slick slope’. The vocabulary is usually mature and appropriate throughout, e. g. mutinous’, adept’, rectify’, and heritage’.

There is also a sound framework to the response and the material is sequenced and coherent. (a) The description of Aunt Pegg is made quite effective in several ways: Vile Great aunt Pegg! ‘ The brevity with this sentance along with the capitalised words and the affirmation mark certainly acheive a feeling of how passionately the copy writer feels about her through added emphasis. Leering, sneering, peering’ is also powerful as what all have the same sound, and make the sentance sound a touch poetic. The repetition of Aunt Pegg! ‘ which in turn follows as well adds emphasis to the complete passage until now.

Like a cat’ is very important as it is just a similie which will represent countless adjectives; elegant, clever, wonderful etc ., but also in this framework represents Cousin Pegg’s unexpected pounce, as well as the ability of any cat to advance silently (and almost turn into invisible) which we are 71 (b) The youngsters are explained through an additional similie: little zombies. This provides you with us an effect of the boredom of their days and nights, and the boredom. The phrase Nostalgia arranged in’, sets the whole situation into a more humorous context, as reminiscence is usually believed for a thing lost along time before and dearly missed. In cases like this it has been 2 days and the points missed will be luxuries such as sweets.

The writer blows the whole circumstance out of proportion, quite cleverly when he writes just as a child would have seen that. Question two The information of the effects is not only effective but subtle, and comes with comments about sound, series and punctuation as well as vocabulary. Some of the options are associated with explain the sustained imagery of the passageway. The response ends having a summary overview of the narrator having the notion of a child.

Though the response is not consistently good (the end of portion (a) would not explain the similes, and part (b) has only two choices) there is enough proof of a secure comprehension of how language works to get the top mark to be awarded. Aunt Pegg was a vicious person; the girl spied around the children, and berated these people savagely if he or she did a problem. She seemed to treat the house as her own, and kept the children busy through constant chores involving cooking food and washing. On the one occasion the moment she had taken the children into town, your woman forced those to carry the weighty bags and marched along behind them. If they tried to operate, she accused them to be thieves so that the public stopped them.

The lady lectured these people on honnete and reprimanded them when they did a misdeed. Your woman thought they were lazy and naughty although obviously didn’t take into consideration that almost all kids were like this. Mark: 12-15 (reading/content) + 5 (quality of writing) 72 73 74 Section 1: Directed Writing one particular You can be a Headteacher and possess received the publicity flyer printed contrary from the Green Team Obstacle management (GTC). You have decided that your college will nominate a student to get the challenge, and you have received three recommendations, carrying out a vote by the whole university.

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each from the finalists Make clear the reasons to your final choice Foundation your composing on the ideas found in the publicity hazard and the details about finalists on the opposite page. Let’s consider what these college students have said. I must let the GTC know today which finalist we have selected. You should create between 1 and a couple of sides, allowing for the size of the handwriting.

75 0500 1st Language English language Standards Report We are trying to find the most courageous, intelligent and adaptable sixteen to eighteen-year-old from your institution. He or she will need to be physically fit and ready to take part in the kinds of challenge facing the team as they live and work with each other for a dozen weeks. After a week’s planning on how to catch food, maintain fires ditch, cook food intake, manage first aid, plus standard construction and team-building, they’ll also study what is and isn’t safe in the rainforest. They need to manage to absorb all the information we give these people, solve concerns and handle the day-to-day conditions with their new environment.

Although the rainforest is warm, it is also warm, which means thunder or wind storms, heavy rainwater and very long days the moment, as a group, they may need to get as well as communicate well at order to prevent conflict, problems and even monotony! Choose well for your applicant to have the potential for being selected as one of the twenty lucky members of the Green Team. This is a unique chance for your the most suitable student to possess a life-changing encounter and to act as an delegate for your university.

You have accurately one week to see us which you have chosen. GTC management 76 0500 First Terminology English Standards Booklet Section 2: Composition Write about three hundred and fifty 450 words using one of the pursuing: 77 [25] Note: All Examiners happen to be instructed that alternative appropriate answers and unexpected methods in candidates’ scripts must be given marks that fairly indicate the relevant knowledge and abilities demonstrated.

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each and every of the finalists Explain the reasons for your final choice 78 0500 First Language English Criteria Booklet The majority of candidates can opt for BETTY to win they (deliberately ambiguous) has some humbleness (thanks people’), he/she is a general all rounder’ who keeps in shape by playing the type of sport others embark on plus they must be extremely fit (subtext rather than the overtly boasting Didier) as he/she goes mountain climbing and can swimming well life conserving etc . The part about them being an inventor might throw some prospects but many is going to pick up on this being a useful/ingenious trait once having to make it through and make do with only the most basic supplies in the jungle. There’s a play to get the green’ vote and/or another good contender stage when they talks about getting the eldest and the one out of charge of all of the recycling.

They is also a great amenable and unthreatening person the sort who generally does well and gets on together with the most difficult’ types of folks they is area of the Student Coaching Service and thus will be no confrontational and able to work out in the GTC camp. Determination is certainly heavily hinted for in the subtext. DIDIER tends to boast, and is self-centred but some may think he’s a laugh and may misread his body building’ as a durability and his successful of the competitions as being seriously strong and determined, therefore usefully linked to the text.

This individual has obviously been dating the girl arreters and some individuals might say he’s acquired this significantly because he’s big and handsome and popular with girls but will any of this facade help him excel in the virgin forest? His map reading could possibly be useful; better aspects are that he has discovered skills of fireplace lighting, going swimming and doing some fishing but he advises it’s some time back since this individual put any of these into practice. His biggest attraction is definitely his sense of humour and having the ability not to take himself also seriously so I won’t get lost, even if the other competitors desire me to’ is another example (though this may be an sarcastic and unhappy truism).

More serious strengths that candidates ought to put forward happen to be Didier’s managing and settling skills via his period with his football team. Likewise his building/pretty handy which has a hammer’ skill is straight linked to basic construction’ in the flyer others may well decide that helping his dad isn’t strong enough to be taken seriously. seventy nine 0500 Initial Language English language Standards Report The most effective answers will probably be those which completely discuss most (important) aspects of each applicant and put forwards their chosen’ student, featuring all their talents and backlinks them evidently with the textual content in the flyer.

Weaker answers will be fewer balanced in terms of coverage with the three finalists and may slavishly link abilities stated in the written text to those of any finalist e. g. they need very good swimmers and Kim is definitely a good swimmer’, or produce basic responses such as these. 85 0500 1st Language The english language Standards Report This question is proclaimed out of 15 to get Writing and 10 to get Reading. Use the following table to give a mark away of 12-15 for Writing. Band 1 1315 Good, consistent perception of target audience; argumentative/conversational design; very in shape for purpose. Fluent various sentences/wide array of vocabulary.

Solid sense of structure and sequence. No error. Group 2 1012 Sense of audience generally secure; quite stylish and fluent; perception of total structure; disputes occasionally beautifully shaped.

Writing is largely accurate, sentences mostly fluent/complex sentences/range of vocabulary/occasional error/mostly well sequenced. Band a few 89 Recognisable sense of audience; generally written in accurate, in the event that fairly simple language; several arguments on finalists based upon material are apparent; typically quite well organized. Errors minimal; language easy but successful.

Vocabulary suit for task/balanced conversation. Group 4 57 Band your five 34 Efficient expression; details selected and occasionally listed; has a beginning, nevertheless main section of the conversation is not always well sequenced. Several serious errors in grammar and utilization of vocabulary. Errors slightly distressing. Band 6 12 Vocabulary and style unclear; some blurring and not enough order.

Inspite of some significant errors, can mainly be followed. Straightforward sentences. Group 7 zero Serious errors and problems with language and grammar are too intrusive to get a mark in Music group 6. Utilize following stand to give a mark out of 10 for Studying. Band 1 910 The majority of aspects of the finalists are plainly presented and developed the links between these and the text over are strong and realistically made. Suggestions grow from the strengths and weaknesses and therefore are developed to suggest a sound explanation for the strongest pupil.

Effective studying between the lines. Band 2 78 Many of the aspects of the orthodontists are discussed and there is proof of linking these to the text above. Strengths and weaknesses are very well linked to the textual content and ideas are developed. Great overall use of material. Band 3 56 Acceptable insurance coverage of abilities and failings but not a large number of implicit points are developed/mentioned.

Comments happen to be linked to the textual content but are more stated than developed. Band 4 34 Some coverage of finalists’ points can be noted, but the answer is made up chiefly of a retelling/outlining with occasional/slight connecting. Band 5 12 The response as a whole is occasionally, though slightly, related to the text. The aim of the linking is somewhat clear yet use of material is erratic.

Band 6th 0 Response does not correspond with question and too much indiscriminating copying directly from the material to gain a mark in Band 5. 81 0500 First Language British Standards Guide The maximum overall mark to get the structure is twenty-five. Write the total clearly at the conclusion as follows (e. g. ) C7 & S10 = 17 (C standing intended for Content’, S standing pertaining to Style’). It is important that marking is definitely not bunched’: do not be reticent about awarding marks inside the top and bottom groups.

82 [25] 0500 1st Language English Standards Guide Music group 1 1113 Band 2 910 Band three or more 78 83 0500 First Terminology English Criteria Booklet Group 4 5-6 Band 5 3-4 0 84 0500 Initial Language English language Standards Guide 1112 Band 2 910 Band three or more 78 Strap 4 56 34 12 0 Group 7 Music group 6 Band 5 Articles are difficult to stick to because of not enough language proficiency and error. 85 Deputy Headteacher = DH I do think Marissa is very good girl. She is good at 1500 metres running and other sports. My spouse and i thinck the girl gets enough energy for this challenge.

Your woman said she’s good at terms. Her examinations results are very good as well. So I think soving a lot of complications and give team a lot great plans. DH: Oh yeah! She is very great. so do you imagine she could be leader from the team?

H: I don’t think so , because your woman said she don’t like bugs and snakes. She said the girl can cope with them, but I think if the dangerous approaching, she may well can’t do anything about. Wow! He can do a great deal of points.

He can read the map. He have a lot of good skills on football. He likewise pretty around the hammer and he in addition have a good body. Definally certainly not. Because he can be not very friendly.

He simply say don’t choose ole. I think this individual non always be very great to the nombers in his staff and his soccer skill and hammer skill can’t realy help us in the challenge. Yes. I believe he will be considered a good head in the concern. He is friendly.

I think he will enjoy on this challenge that help other people. This individual good at soccer and bicycling i and so his physique will be very suit. In the free time, he said he discovered how to keeping people. DH: I know right now, so do you think what things can this individual still increase. H: Obviously.

No one excellent, so I think he need Marissa, Didier and also other people too. I think now, it will be fantastic. Firstly, I would like to tell you so why feel it is right; Since you know with this years, a whole lot of relatives rich now, so inside the school, a whole lot of college students will show just how rich they may be; show what phone that they got and have absolutely what outfits they use. So in the event today some one shows items is better than various other children.

That children will go back home, notify parents and ask them purchase more stylish things I do think it is quite silly. I know a few reader will not likely agree with me personally and ask so why I say them stupid, although I will explain to you why believe like that. If children often care what is the latest technology and which in turn clothes is far more fashionable, they will not concentrate on all their studies, theirs results will certainly goes down.

When they grow up, when they employ their own cash, they will don’t have any money pertaining to eating and living. They are going to use them to but some news clothes and newest technology and when they find good clothes online at home, they will miss a whole lot of good things and wonderful things and the body is not going to good any more. In that time, a lot of parents will tell you it is peer pressure; I do think it is quite proper, peer pressure makes a whole lot teenagers nevertheless the lastest technology and fashionable clothes, but My spouse and i still believe that it is not peer pressure’s falt. I think parents and educators should point out to teenagers as well.

If that they aviod these people buy fresh clothes, they may have no funds to buy them, and other issue will not happen. Over all, I do believe peer pressure is not good, We can try to make college students don’t feel that, but it is usually not enough, I do think all the parent or guardian should not provide them with a lot of money possibly, if we achieve that, our children will certainly growth far better. Total Draw: 12 (High grade G) 87 I must let the GTC know today which Headteacher: But you forgot, she explained she don’t like bugs and snakes. Being in the environment you will notice snakes and bugs. She’s out, your woman had only 7 great characterists seeing that she explained she does not like snakes.: I agree that was the most characterists I got out of someone.

I totally agree with you. Headteacher Didier will be our finalist and would be aloud to be inside the Green Group Challenge. Headteacher: You don’t have when slight thought that we selected the wrong person right? Mainly because I do not really. The writing is simple and will list rather than attempting to check out ideas by means of an argument.

In addition there are careless spelling errors and a few grammatical disadvantages. Mark: four (reading) + 6 (writing) 88 1 lamp was on, my own lights to my lover was clear. So it was darker then simply normal.

As my family is at the family room watching tv. I believed to personally, how unfair it that I had my personal work, because it was summer break. My personal sister arrive at go everywhere she want, but not me personally just to the places that they assign myself or make me go. As I my hand do the work my own brain maintained going of topic.

I had been thinking about just how much my dad demonstrates that my sis is his favorite, what sorts of movies will be at the Ravemotion. The more I think about the films the quicker I worked. In one hour I was completed with all of my work. My spouse and i told my parents but they planned to watch the sport.

It was about 1: 00 p. m. when the game finally was over. That they let me leave but they had been like big leeches that won’t move away from. Everytime I turned around overturn their these were, right behind myself.

I understand they are concern but they didn’t need to be hot on my personal trale. Because it was the perfect time to go I had been very irritated at all of them for following us everywhere at the nearby mall. During the entire day, I believed trapped, caught in my father and mother concerned cover or within their big eye. When we came up home, We gave them a piece of my thoughts.

For 30 minutes straight My spouse and i talked to them. Talking about all of my own feelings and describing just about every little event that helped me felt trapped. They actually listened instead of spoken.

In the end we settled on a agrement; they are going to stop making me personally feel stuck if I act in the house and once we go out to spots Section two Candidates had been expected to create a descriptive consideration of feeling trapped, even though the emphasis was on surroundings and feelings. We have a promising summary of this consideration with the candidate providing a few interesting physical and emotional details. Even though much of the writing is flawed, and the focus converts to a rather confusing narrative, there are still a lot of attempts to supply detail, but also in simple and clear ways.

The concept of parents certainly not leaving the writer only (or hot on my trale’) linked to the feeling of being trapped’ is a good one particular, but the vocabulary is not really mature or accurate enough to be persuasive. There are many errors of appearance throughout and basic your’ for you’re’ and their’ for there’ spelling blunders. Although the standard meaning is fairly clear, mistakes in tight and syntax become more obvious towards the end of the part. The tennis match’ style of this debate is fairly exact except for the truth that fente are used rather than full halts.

There are zero complex sentences, but there is an occasional sense of words. Mark: four (reading) & 8 (writing) 2 (b) Is Graffiti an art or maybe a crime? A large number of people can easily argue this question, nonetheless it can be both equally. Graffiti could be a crime since the things and buildings that folks graffiti on become rui