Erikson’s Stages of Development, Relating to the Great Santini Essay

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Erikson’s Levels of Development, Relating to the truly amazing Santini The fantastic Santini is approximately a father who is a fantastic pilot inside the military. This individual uses his military schooling to help him be a father; treating his children like recruits. This individual has a encouraging wife, and 4 children, including Ben, the oldest. He commands his children and so they must obey his every orders. Ben has a difficult experience dealing with his father fantastic need for approval.

The movie concentrates on his cluelessness to relatives life and being a father. Ben has a hard time being successful through the periods of Erikson’s theory of psychosocial advancement, because his father’s authoritarian parenting models keep him from moving on. Authoritarian mom and dad are “parents who have make irrelavent rules, anticipate unquestioned obedience from their children, punish atteinte, and value obedience to authority” (E. Wood, S i9000.

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Wood, & Boyd, 2011, p. 261). During Erikson’s first stage, trust versus mistrust, “infants learn to trust or doubtfulness depending on the degree and steadiness of treatment, love, and affection offered by parents or perhaps caregivers” (Wood et ‘s. 2011, g. 261). The moment playing a basketball game with his boy, he resorts to driving and shoving in order to get.

Ben’s dad tells him that no-one in the family members has ever before beaten him in anything, then, Ben makes the previous basket and beats his dad, his dad improvements up the rules and makes him play for another basket, now he begins to call his son a little girl and tells him he is practically nothing. Ben is not able to develop trust with his daddy, which will cause an unhealthy personality. Research workers have determined, “Erikson’s theoretical propositions have experienced wide impact on on understanding and further theorizing in areas of child advancement, adolescence, adulthood, and ageing. Much child-rearing, educational, and clinical practice has also been influenced, either explicitly or without fault, by his stage model of development” (Rosenthal, Gurney, & Moore, 1981).

Ben is more harsh and rough on the exterior, but soft and hypersensitive on the inside, mainly because his father has not displayed him like and compassion. His mom, who is adoring and supporting, helps balance out his persona. Autonomy versus shame and doubt is Erickson’s second stage, this stage is when “Children learn to express their can and freedom, to work out some control, and to make selections, if not, they experience shame and doubt” (Wood et ing., 2011, p. 261). Ben’s father contains such large standards that he must turn out autonomy because his dad has advised him there is no other choice.

This as well goes along with level three, motivation vs . guilt, when ” Children begin to initiate activities, to prepare and undertake tasks, and enjoy producing motor and also other abilities. If perhaps not allowed to initiate or if designed to feel foolish and deemed a hassle, they may create a sense of guilt” (Wood et approach., 2011, p. 261). Bill has a large amount of pressure on him to be the greatest and do the very best, he is afraid that he can not meet his father’s expectations.

When Ben got finally conquer his father in the garden basketball game, his dad wanted him to win by two baskets instead of one, having been putting him down and telling his son this individual wasn’t suitable. His mother had to part of to support her son and says to her husband, “Don’t you discuss like that! At this point, he overcome you and it had been beautiful”(Carlinio, 1979).

His mother helps him become initiative rather than his father whom makes him feel guilt ridden for not being good enough. Ben has main conflict in the stage of industry versus inferiority, this is ” Children develop test persistence and feel pride in accomplishing duties, making points, and carrying out things. In the event that not prompted or in the event that rebuffed simply by parents and teachers they could develop a impression of inferiority” (Wood ain al., 2011, p. 261). Ben has always been told as the best; he could be becoming a well-rounded boy on the outside because of his acceleration in sports and school.

This individual takes a feeling of pleasure in his job, but on the inside still concerns himself. This individual knows his father wishes more from charlie, Ben is aware of he will by no means be able to become as good as his father. In the stage, identification vs . position confusion he could be finally capable to start nurturing about his wants more than his dads. At his high school basketball game his father is screaming at him in the sidelines and he selects not to listen and does what he feels is best. This individual wins the game on his own and sees that he can undertake it without his father.

Film production company ends considering the time that Bill is in the scenario for young mature, ” Adolescents must make the transition coming from childhood to adulthood, establish an identity, develop a impression of do it yourself, and look at a future work-related identity. Otherwise, role confusion can result” (Wood ain al., 2011, p. 261). Ben has the capacity to love his father after having a night of his eighteenth birthday, when his father turns into extremely drunk, and let us down his guard, and makes a bread toasted to his son, “I’d like to recommend a bread toasted, to my personal son. He can eighteen today. He just ordered his first beverage.

Before he drinks it, I’d prefer to wish him a long your life, a better half as good as his mother, and a child as good as he’s been. To my son” (Carlinio 1979). This shows Ben that his father loves and respects him. He is able to demonstrate compassion to his father, making it easier pertaining to him to exhibit compassion in front of large audiences.

Because of Ben’s fathers authoritarian parenting models and high demands, Bill has a hard time maturing through Erickson’s phases, but Bill is finally able to build a sense of self. Watching The Great Santini, I noticed that Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development surface in Ben’s personality and self. Every single stage Ben experiences, and depending on how he is cared for, will impact the outcome in the person he will become. The key reason why people are not the same is because everybody experiences different things during every single stage, helping to make every one diverse.

Each person need to work through the conflicts in each level to become a healthful person, exactly like Ben really does in the film.