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Nursing Theories, Florencia Nightingale, Sufferer Care, Nursing Practice

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Nursing Theories: Florence Nightingales Environment Theory

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To a large extent, the Crimean War considerably contributed towards development of Florencia Nightingales Environment Theory. This kind of war was fought primarily on the Crimean Peninsula between your Russians and the British, The french language, and Ottoman Turkish, with support from January 1855 by the military of Sardinia-Piedmont (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2017). Basically, the battle came about as a result of dispute and squabbles among powerful nations around the world in the Middle East, with Russian federation being the main trigger of the conflict following it searched for to work out protection above the Orthodox topics of the ottoman sultan (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2017). The battle lasted more than a 3 yr period (between October 1853 and Feb 1856).

Florence Nightingale was granted permission by the then Secretary of War for taking a group of nursing staff on a volunteer mission to take care of and generally take care of British personnel injured throughout the war. In respect to Fee and Garofalo (2010), Nightingale and the staff she came with were fulfilled by awful sanitary conditions on their entrance at the Scutari war hospital. In the experts own words and phrases, ten instances more troops were declining of illnesses such as typhus, typhoid, cholera, and dysentery than coming from battle injuries (Fee and Garofalo, 2010). This was the experience that knowledgeable Nightingales new found perspective of nursing and led to the formulation from the Environment Theory. Nightingale and her crew immediately started to better the sanitary conditions of the military hospital which usually eventually generated a significant fall in the loss of life count. In that regard, therefore , Nightingale had a firsthand experience of the correlation existing between the death price of individuals at the service and the facilitys environmental state/conditions. It is important to note that inspite of the theory having been formulated more than a century ago, their relevance can not be overstated in modern medical practice.

Essentially, the significance of this particular theory on nursing jobs is based on its insistence or attentiveness to preventive care for masse. Doctoral plan graduates should always make the relevant connections between better overall health outcomes and so on factors because hygiene and nutrition. This, when utilized alongside different social services including, but not limited to, better health care and education will probably further improve clinical final results.

The basic idea of Nightingales Environment Theory is that health is definitely not likely to become regained, maximized, or preserved under poor