Excutive overview popularizing sakae foods

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Excutive Brief summary

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Popularizing Sakae Foods

Singapore is a modern society exactly where many types of cuisines are available, including Islamic-Halal, Indian, Chinese, Traditional western, vegetarian and low-calorie dishes. In order to catch the attention of and maintain customers, Sakae will have to develop unique brands and menus that are available nowhere fast else. In order to be competitive, it will likewise have to provide a wide variety of foods at inexpensive price points to appeal to various market groups. Every product includes a life routine of intro, growth, maturity and decline, which is why the menu will have to be changed every two months, in order that customers will never become tired of the same things. New foods will continuously be presented during every decline period.


Sakae uses the particular best quality sushi from highly-rated suppliers and has had relationships with the same ones throughout its 20-year history. Its competent and experienced cooks perform their particular tests to keep up quality, and in addition they serve test meals with evaluations and recommendations by customers. To hold its preparing methods top secret, the company in addition has acquired its own suppliers.


With franchising, a company are able to keep down their equity costs and debts risks by selling licenses to semi-independent operators, who invest in maintaining the same levels of quality and service when they sign their agreements. This lets a company to expand with minimal hazards and financial obligations, and Sakae now has outlets in Singapore, Vietnam, Asia, the Israel, Malaysia, China and Philippines.


To appeal to middle course consumers, Sakae has created its own website, and also offers special discounts, value dishes and lunch time specials. In a single daily particular, sashimi and Japanese cheesecake are offered for $2. 12 instead of the typical $3. 90 at certain times of the day. It also offers dressoir meals in its stores in Scape and Park Shopping center at low prices, and many p? linje med carte things like sashimi, maki, mini donburi, mini udon, gunkan, sushi and tempura. After 9: 30 EVENING, all take-out meals are half cost. All of it is branches get their own websites for Halal food, heishushi, novella, reason sushi, and sake teppanyanki, where consumers can find their favorite meals, talk to experienced many chefs and program meals, parties and other incidents. Sake likewise uses Facebook or myspace for new product sales, products and marketing promotions, and this is usually updated frequently. To maintain client loyalty, it includes a Sakae Card with discounts and special offers, in addition to a Sakae Junior Club to get younger customers. Sakae’s green frog logo is a familiar and popular sight, and is always employed in advertising and promotional advertisments.


Sakae’s revenue intended for the initially half of 2011 was $43. 1 million, down installment payments on your 8% from your first half of 2010. This decrease was caused by the fall in with regard to Japanese meals after the tsunami and indivisible accident in Japan, although it was counteract by improved revenues by Malaysia. Working income improved 81% to $1. four million as a result of lease with the Group’s hq, while working expenses elevated 8. 6% because of bigger rent and personnel costs. Profits were $1. three or more million, straight down 35. five per cent from the initially half of 2010.

The Group’s revenue in 2010 was $90. 7 million, an increase of two. 1% over the $88. eight million last season. Gross earnings