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Hurricane Katrina, Meteorology, Complacency, Natural Reference

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Hurricane Katrina

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In late August of 2006, a giant hurricane ravaged the southeastern part of the United States. This hurricane, also referred to as Hurricane Katrina was an incredibly strong and violent tornado that got the lives of practically 1900 people and out of place hundreds of thousands even more in an experience not observed in modern America.

Here in America, we are accustomed to seeing these types of storms and natural unfortunate occurances affect other folks in remote places. Tsunamis, earthquakes and mudslides tend to be presented far away as playing a major and devastating impact on the lives of those people who were confronted by such disasters. Here in America, however , Storm Katrina uncovered the true meddle and resolve of a land that exposed our vulnerability and provided new credence and capacity to Mother Nature.

Storm Katrina was your most harmful storm to ever struck the United States and people who believed the brunts of this tornado have a brand new understanding of the ability and pressure that hurricanes cane deliver. Katrina itself was unpreventable, the forces of nature are just certainly not controllable. The political and social aftermath of this thunderstorm, however brought up a red light warning above the nature of this country’s protection regarding weather and organic disasters. Just 4 short years because the terrorist episodes on 9-11, when Katrina swept through, a new added layer of vulnerability was made amongst the American psyche, subjecting the infrastructure weaknesses as well as the lack of leadership that was present throughout the rescue and cleanup initiatives.

Characters using this disaster had been played on the news and discussed in the mass media assigning blame and value all along. President Bush, Mayor of recent Orleans Ray Nagin, mind of FEMA Michael Darkish and many others became the focus with the relenting politics pressure to solve a situation that made areas of New Orleans and Mississippi look like a war zone.

Much of the catastrophe that this storm caused occurred in New Orleans as important flood wall space and system barriers failed miserably in protecting against a rising marine tide which would eventually place the majority of New Orleans underwater within a surreal field of primal survival and epic relief efforts. The confusing and desperate field captured at the New Orleans Superdome shortly after the flood evacuation plainly showed just how unprepared and disastrous this kind of storm had become.

Long-Term Effects

The long-term effects and impacts of Hurricane Katrina are most noticeable when viewing them from a psychological and sociological standpoint. Weems et al. (2007) suggested that “in terms of sociable relatedness, the Katrina devastation seriously disrupted social connections and your ability to gain access to not only his or her extended community, but loved ones as well. Because many Katrina survivors were relocated, assisting relationships in the family, neighborhood, church, and school numbers of organization had been interrupted. ” This was a really traumatic and deep event that in a big way impacted the psyches of millions of people who have lost rely upon their Government, their