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Contrary to popular belief, the struggle pertaining to universal man rights is definitely not a modern one. Even though some claim that human being rights is a Western idea or ideology (1), Islam was among first corporations to counsel and apply such human being rights while universal equal rights and womens rights. Actually Islam promoted the universality of the human experience over 1300 years before the Un declared that to can be found. Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an excellent stage towards recognizing the importance of human legal rights on a throughout the world political and legal level (1), in reality it is not binding on virtually any government, and for that reason often times overlooked. Islam on the other hand, does not limit human privileges to personal and legal standards, while the UDHR does, Islam advocates individual rights within a complete life-style.

Human being rights are inextricable from Islam and Islam, in return, requires that human privileges be identified and respected by all Muslims.

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Realistically speaking, the concept of man rights was thought of, but not taken seriously, when humanity had entered into the 7th century. Before Islam entered the earth stage, oppression was common, women were regarded as property in many areas of the world, and the right to a good and public hearing was unheard of. In the event human legal rights are among the standards with which we can assess a world, a close studying of history can reveal the world was not very civil before the go up of Islam.

Although there had been many great civilizations prior to Islam proven itself, they may be held in high regard mainly because of their advantages in the field of disciplines and sciences, and consequently, the availability of tangible contributions to humanity. Sadly, however , the civilizations were engaged in the brutal repression of many human rights.

The Both roman Empire, The Aztec Empire, and the Chinese Dynasties, for instance , provided a relatively decent quality of living for their citizens, but did not address man rights at all that was deemed long term. If there are any advances in civil, economic, or perhaps human privileges, they were influenced by the particular leader or federal government then in place, and weren’t necessarily expanded by the successor, who could have had his own suggestions on how to govern his disposition. In other words, if a ruler happened to scholarhip any human being rights, another ruler can take it aside if it was deemed important or expedient. History is definitely rife with examples of the peaks and valleys that human privileges has endured, but generally end while using same fact: The challenging repression of human legal rights by most governments at one stage or another.

The of Islam, however , took a substantially different study course. Although the expansion of Islamic empire under the Caliphate was mainly politics and economic in mother nature, the communication of Islam spread withand beyondits region at a sensational pace.

History states the claim that Islam is known as a universal message to all people. The opening paragraph into a chapter entitled European Colonialism and the Emergence of Modern Muslim States in the Oxford Good Islam elucidates the universality of Islams message:

There are today more than fifty Muslim declares, extending from the Atlas Mountain range in the West towards the Malay Islands in the East, and via Sub-Saharan The african continent to the steppes of Central Asia. They will include one of the most populous countries in the world, just like Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, and some of the tiniest such as the Maldives and the Comoros. Some are good states with effective govt institutions, others, like Bosnia-Herzegovina, enjoy just a dodgy existence. Some, like Mali and Bangladesh, are poor, others, just like Libya, Brunei, Turkmenistan, and Saudi Arabia, will be endowed with great natural wealth, even now others, like Malaysiathe sides seventh most exporting nation in 1997owe their wealth to good industrialization. A few Muslim declares are ethnically uniform, others include substantial ethnic, linguistic, or spiritual minorities.

Nearly the entire spectrum of social, financial, ideological, institutional, and politics expressions are represented during these states (Esposito, 549)

Seeing that human legal rights are inherently universal, and Islam is definitely both universal in thought and practice, it can just be the unifying nature of Islams meaning that can present.