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Sextortion is the newest cybercrime applied against children—it a form of intimate exploration one uses guilt, power, or perhaps knowledge of particular secrets, to force somebody else into making love or performing sexual mementos. “Christopher Meat Gunn was indicted Thursday night by a national grand jury in Montgomery with two counts of production of kid pornography, 3 counts of interstate extortion, and 3 counts of using a service of interstate commerce in furtherance of unlawful activity” (Shyyock, 2012). If found guilty he can spend up to 100 years inside the federal penitentiary and $500, 000 in fines using a lifetime closely watched release. Christopher Patrick Gunn was employing facebook (social networking site) to extort young girls.

He would create artificial profiles about facebook in that case he would send facebook obtain to the young girls. Profiles that he employed consisted of “The Justin Bieber Ruse” (when employing Justin’s profile Gunn will promise the ladies concert tickets), “The New Kid Trick, ” “Daniel Rodgers, ” Dalton Walthers. “Tyler Mielke” and “Jason Lempke. ” Once the young girls would recognize his friend request we were holding able to use an internet-base online video talk service—like Skype ip telefoni. He would gain their trust so in that case he would go to ask personal questions (bra size, lovemaking status, etc) once this individual gathered adequate facts Gunn could request nude photos.

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In case the girls refused he insecure to reveal the intimate conversations for the principle or perhaps place it in Facebook to get the public to know. In order for the prosecution to successfully prosecute Christopher Tanker Gunn the investigation that began in April 2011 after issues were made from female students at Prattville Junior Secondary school that they had been receiving incorrect picture application request coming from a Facebook . com profile, police, crime picture investigators and criminalist need to provide strong evidence about the determined crime. As a result of the issue filed pertaining to child victimization police rendered immediate actions.

Since the claimed crime was committed with computers and the Internet the detectives could use a pc command—traceroute that is certainly provided with the majority of operating systems. Traceroute is a utility that can fine detail the IP path (Internet Protocol–an talk about that is one of a kind to a computer) packets that travel among two devices. It can also give network affiliations, and their geographic locations. Following executing this kind of command the detectives were able to get a bank account and treat leading to Gunn’s Montgomery house.

The next step was going to obtain a bring about to go to the home to get any data pertaining to the crime. So the planning with the crime scene investigation was initiated following your warrant was granted. Once at the criminal offense scene the detectives realized that physical evidence has to be obtained making use of the proper types of procedures and the correct techniques because how the criminal offense scene is definitely investigated can make or break the case.

The crime picture was instantly secured—” controlling the movement of these at the criminal offense scene also involves making certain no one variations, moves, or affects any kind of potential proof before the scene is thoroughly documented and processed. (Buckles, 2007) A report was began containing time, time of arrival, visibility, light and the climate. The personal computers were seized –documenting the computer activity, elements, and other gadgets. Detectives determined the status of the personal computers by looking intended for signs suggesting if they were on, away or in sleep position. With the status being decided it brought about the articles of the monitors to be annotated in the report along with photographs with the monitor monitors.

In the event that the computers were off, the report would state the status, photographs would be taking, sketches coming from all wires, wires, and other peripheral devices connected to the computer will be drawn. Product labels would be put on all power supplies, wire connections, cables, and other peripheral products that reveal where these were occupied using the pc photographs will be taken yet again. Most computer systems if the electric power is disconnected it will maintain vital info like who had been last sign in, what time, last program used and last regarded computer directions used.

The labeling of the computers would include taking the electrical power supplies in the wall wall socket and computers disconnecting all wires, wires, and peripheral devices protecting them. Strapping would be placed on the power buttons– the COMPACT DISC or DIGITAL VIDEO DISC drives would be retracted this info would be annotated in the report if they are bare, were not checked out, or covered disk. Then simply tape can be placed on the trays making sure they remain closed. Contained in the report would be the make, version, serial numbers, and any user-applied markings or perhaps identifiers.

Formulations to package the computer systems would be in accordance with the organization procedures to avoid damage or alterations during transportation and storage a detailed log from the contents would accompany the package. Yet , if the detectives came upon a crime scene that revealed the suspected criminal offenses or areas of it (i. e. chat activity, instantaneous messaging windows, kid pornography) on the computer screen the detectives would have halted the info evidence capture. A call would have happened to demand assistance from more skillful personnel in retrieving risky data capture and preservation.

The pc would have recently been left coupled to the power supply due to the evidentiary value is in plain view. The detectives could have kept the scene secured awaiting competence. But the hunt for other evidence would continue.

Things such a accounts, software manuals, text or graphic supplies printed from the computer would aid in the analysis and should always be documented and retrieved with less managing in accordance with departmental guidelines. As well as the computers a cell phone was recovered because digital data it as well would have recently been documented, photographed, and received by professionals to preserve the integrity.

The strength supply along with adapters were tagged, logged and would have been collected relative to procedural rules pending forensic examination. “One of the last steps in the crime scene investigation procedure, prior to publishing and getting out the criminal offenses scene, should be to conduct a debriefing. ” (Buckles, 2007) During this debrief it would provide all parties involved a chance to verify conclusion and review if the thing that was planned actually took place. Also, it is a time to gather all essential reports and also other documentation accumulated during the investigation—so that the lead investigator can compile all documents right into a central case file.

Finally, to safeguard that evidence that was accumulated a “final survey and post-investigative walk-through of the criminal offense scene is needed before liberating and getting out of the landscape. ” (Buckles, 2007) As soon as the scene has become exited evidence would be used and unveiled to the computer forensic crew so that they might obtain own the computer, almost all networking mappings from the system, and exterior physical storage devices. They are going to use tools and software program suites to electronically determine what info could be reclaimed — little – stream copies, logs, photos, cookie information, WEB LINK redirection, and E-mail headers.

The forensic analyzer might generate a written report including: brand of examiner, list of router evidence, document of the data and other assisting items, equipment used, list of devices and setups employed in the evaluation, brief explanation of the examination steps, information on the findings—information about the files, internet-related evidences, info and photo analysis and conclusion with the investigation. Consequently the evidence that was collected by the Montgomery Police Office along with other researchers from the encircling states corroborated and identified that Gunn had likewise committed criminal activity against girls in their jurisdictions. The F was able to develop evidence that showed that Gunn was your person at the rear of all the legal conduct.

Actually the FBI has purpose to believe that Gunn may have targeted hundreds of other girls in several states country wide, with some as young because 9 and 10 years old” (Weissman, 2012). In conclusion the electronic facts that must be collected were the pcs, cell phones, images and videos of child porn material, along with any other relevant evidence just like passwords, software manuals, text message or visual materials imprinted from the computer that could be utilized to solidify a conviction. Statutory requirements for criminal offenses scene papers to be material as potential evidence in court should be obtained within a manner, which ensures accurate accuracy and validity. The constitutional privileges of the criminal also present challenges.

The prosecutors have to ensure that the experts who have reviewed the data will not breach client-attorney privileges and other privacy concerns related to the digital proof. The sequence of custody is very important in ensuring a successful prosecution. However the evidence is usually strong additional challenges need to be overcome like the presentation in the evidence learned. Prosecutors tend not to typically understand how to present electric evidence to a jury.

They must understand the basics of digital evidence so they really will not confound the jury with pc jargon, or perhaps bore these the expert’s testimony because it is delivered in an advanced technological manner. The prosecutors have to give the jury a basic base so that later on they will be familiar with more technical issues. The prosecution ought to use a mixture of oral testimony and demonstrative vidence so the jury as well as the judge is going to understand later in the trial when professional witnesses will be testifying.

The prosecution comes with an obligation to present his/her case; the demonstrative evidence must be used to subconsciously condition the jury to think your experienced is experienced and reliable. The understanding will allow the court to believe/not to believe the expert’s ultimate conclusions. In case the prosecutor and the computer data collected had been gathered in accordance with the department guidelines the prosecution will probably be successful.