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Their program failed mainly because Matt almost got identified by Kelly in the girl’s changing room. Nevertheless , Kelly and her close friends Valerie started to pay attention to Ellen because his brave maneuver of helping out in the 100-m butterfly (or his overall look in the girl’s changing place? ). Ms. Luntz (their swimming couch) put Matt, a poor man who can’t even control a single clapboard, in the butterflies medley relay without even requesting Matt.

Sean and Coop came up with an idea to pretend having a stomachache in order to avoid the embarrassment. Matt’s grandpa delivered a kitten to Mrs. Hoogenboom to get her focus which been found Mrs.

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Hoogenboom almost found out he is the one who tried to smother the kitty. Relate: T-S connection: It is good to say friends just like Sean and Coop in my life that can not merely have fun with although also discuss sadness with. T-T interconnection: Matt self volunteered for the 100-m butterflies stroke competition so Ms.

Luntz figured he wouldn’t mind doing another butterfly medley relay. However , Matt couldn’t possibly do one stroke and weren’t in a position of going swimming the soar. T-W interconnection: I saw a show called American Pie which usually described similar situation with this book, a few guys fall in love with the hottest young ladies in their school and are able to date all of them out. Indicate: There are always a lot of friends within your life who have always poker fun at you yet you never get angry with them. It is normal in the european culture intended for an old gentleman to impress a widow who has just dropped her hubby?

It is kind of unacceptable personally. This part of the book is a rising actions because they hadn’t obtained their objective yet. The narrator is 1st person which is Shiny himself. How exactly does Matt’s grandpa’s relationship with Mrs. Hoogenboom relate to the story?

Why would the author also mention this? Always be ready, so if the opportunity comes you will be the one grabs that. ( In the event Matt can do butterfly stoke well enough, he will be able to join not merely the medley relay but also the championships in order to impress the girl he enjoys. )