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Practicum Critique

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Nursing Checklist Evaluation Tool – by Flowers Amoranto

Do They Incorporate?

Pros and Cons: Not any – certainly not explicitly.

Feasibility of the project: No – not clearly

Viability of Implementation in Another Environment: Zero


Pros and cons: No explicit pros and cons present

Feasibility with the project: Zero explicit feasibility items described

Viability of implementation in another environment: Certainly not explicity protected but the totality of the info reflects an assessment tool and a covering thereof that is rather solid.

Three Questions: 1) Will you revisit and change the application as needed if it becomes apparent that something is absent, not needed or possibly worded/displayed wrongly? 2) Do you think any sole assessment device can be correctly exhaustive without having to be too verbose, wordy or long. 3) Are you concerned that a number of the symptoms to evaluate off are up to the subjectivity or objectivity of the sufferer that is getting seen and whether the patient is subconscious and thus not able to answer health questions?

Three Discussion Details: 1) When it comes to “increasing income, ” there is perhaps a little an values problem in terms of any sort of medical facility that focuses the least bit of effort on profits more so than quality of care, customer satisfaction, visiting with all the families. 2) Discuss thinking about the government going for a harder line when it comes to profit-based care homes and other medical facilities and whether which may make a sometimes messy situation a whole lot worse. 3) Go over the proper balance between staffing requirementws levels and a lack of efficiency when it comes to long term care homes and the like.

Review Two – Fall Prevention – simply by Heather California king

Did They will Include?

Positives and negatives: No explicit section although mentioned in passing throughout the report

Feasibility of the project: Yes… it truly is covered what interventions happen to be workable and which ones aren’t.

Viability of Implementation in Another Environment: Certainly… falls in distinct environments will be covered.

Assignment Files: Yes


Positives and negatives: There is the admission that there is a give and take when it comes to fall avoidance. However , there will be a detach in that there is certainly multiple brings up of “reducing” falls yet no reference to ending these people entirely, by least by author herself. This would be as there is no uncomplicated way to quit all is catagorized short of using a person in each room (not feasible) or low dye strapping people into their beds (not feasible or legal/ethical)

Feasibility of the task: Very possible… presuming that it must be admitted and understood that some falls are not avoidable irrespective of the interventions employed or perhaps not utilized.

Viability of implementation within environment: Land risks and interventions to lower the same will be obviously going to be present in a large number of medical environments. However , it truly is clear that long-term care and any kind of care for aged or dementia-ridden patients, just to use two example, will be a bigger issue than any kind of lucid mature that has his/her wits about them and/or stays on in the bed as advised by the medical staff.

3 Questions: 1) Do bed alarms cause more complications than that they solve? 2) What is an acceptable fall level per 75 patient (the answer may not be zero… because that is not possible). 3) What interventions are usually more effective than others with regards to preventing comes?

Three Debate Points: 1) Discuss the concept there are a few falls that cannot be eliminated given that nursing staff cannot be in most rooms all the time and people cannot be restrained or limited to their particular beds (even if they are not of appear mind because of dementia or perhaps similar disorders) 2) Discuss the affluence that would the actual best for patients overall just like keeping dementia and frail patients closer to the medical station as opposed to patients which can be of reduced risk. 3) Discuss whether or not the broader nursing community should certainly move to a “greenhouse” idea where areas and such will be in a ring or rectangular orientation rather than along a number of long hallways.

Critique Three – Customization Admission Procedure – by simply Theresa Altman

Did They Include?

Advantages and disadvantages: Yes

Feasibility of the task: Yes

Stability of Rendering in Another Environment: yes

Project Files: Certainly


Positives and negatives: The table that shows the methods/sources used for the literature review and how they all are good or bad with regards to the situation is a great compare and contrast. It appears a some weakness to some to use only exterior/secondary sources although those are usually the best types of data t they are additionally done in a scientific method. This article bills the fact that the is true and contrasts this with the concept that there are pros and cons to each form of scholarly source.

Feasibility from the project: