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The key pillars of globalization can be termed economical, political and cultural globalization. Migration offers helped to formation of worldwide cities. Global cities continues to be considered as pillars of political centers, business centers, operate centers, financing centers. The italian capital has been considered as the planets first global city. Global cities will be centers of innovation and the worlds the majority of popular metropolitan areas are London and New york city. Washington, Melbourne, Paris have been also bringing in many migrants.

Dubai from Middle East region has become attracting many migrants.

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The content will be within the issues of global migration, the challenges experienced by cities due to global migration and historic, modern-day form of immigration. Global Migration Global immigration has been normally seen as a means of globalization. Global Migration could be termed the movement of a person singularly or as a group, be it natural or processed from one region to another country (Sheppard, 2002). Immigration can be long lasting or temporary. Global immigration can also involve crossing various borders to achieve the specified destination.

International immigration will also entail migration of refugees, displaced persons, people who has been forced to leave their country due to war or normal disaster and so on. There has been cases when inner migration is becoming international immigration when the countrie has split up. For example when ever Soviet Union broke up in small countries, there has been migration between small countries which were termedinternational immigration. The most common form of global migration has been the monetary migration. It is reported that one person out of thirty-five persons has become an international migrant in the 20 or so first 100 years (Sassen, 2001).

The estimated number of foreign migrants back in 2002 was 175 mil (Sassen, 2001). Migrants has been representing several 2 . on the lookout for % in the year 2000 (Sassen, 2001). The percentage has been going up. It has been approximated that in the event that international migrants stay in a place. they will become the worlds sixth largest region. Historic and Contemporary migration flows There have been a historic perception to the process of the positive effect and a contemporary form of the positive effect. For example in America, the earlier types of global migration in the thirties has been largely from Euro areas.

That had improved in recent years with the global immigration coming generally from Asian and Mexican region. Ancient forces has been responsible for the contemporary stream of migration in sort of economic migration and politics migration. The first traditional migration could be traced back in the captivity era the moment large number of slaves were moved to different regions of the world (Mcewan, & Holly 2005). The invention of delivers has quicker the process. That was then period of colonization in which there was forced labor and migration to different areas of colonial ruled countries.

There have been large changes in the pattern of landholding, job demand and patterns, market patterns and location of global cities that has resulted in the modern-day form of migration. This modern-day form could be traced to the historical form of immigration. There has been advancement capitalism from your sixteenth hundred years and that has been the first form of economic immigration. There has been people who had traveled through ships in search of task. The varied nature of recent migration is the central factor. There have been varied culture people who have been migrating to cities.

There has been improved communication channels and travel choices that has helped varied ethnicities to migrate to other areas of the world. These day it is a prevalent sight to see a Indian Punjabi Sikh wearing a turban and driving a car in the united states. The same can be stated with American heading a Information Technology business in India. Undocumented migration has been raising recently. Feminization of immigration as labor migration have been increasing modern day. More females has been migrating as primary bread success for the family. The important thing demand has recently been for the nursing professional.

There is migration of females as loved ones or because spouses. Modern day capitalist the positive effect has been creating condition intended for labor transfer. The challenges that global migration positions for urban centers The primary concern that the cities face would be the absorption in the large population that will be migrating to the city. There has to be adequate building to accommodate the influx of recent comers and there has to be total development in areas just like transport, education, health, foodstuff, water and mainly waste disposal (Castles, 2003; 12, 24).

The main concern that the metropolis has to get over will be that their tone of voice has to be read globally. Cities will be shedding their unique collectability due to globalization. There has been an invasion of cultural principles with selected areas crossing over to fresh culture. By way of example Easter traditions like Dubai has been embracing Western traditions lately with sales of colas increasing. Cities are becoming more developing there simply by attracting global talent. Which includes led to a situation in which the people flocking to cities in search of good job.

That has led to globalization of low income also since majority of persons live in urban centers with measely income. the indegent has been facing increased pressure of less sanitation. That has led to extreme health problems in the cities. The streams and other water supply have been getting polluted daily. The migrant persons will be facing problems to get access to health system as a result of problems in language. Dispersing of contagious disease has become on the rise because of migration and there has been signals against distributing of risky viral fevers.

Severe severe respiratory affliction or SARS and H1N1 has been the the latest examples for spread of disease. There is strains about urban system due to exploding market of migrant workers to metropolitan areas. There has been pressure on cities to improve their very own public solutions so people will be given an option of environment friendly travelling option. There needs to be increased community taxation to get the financial resources just for this and cities like New York has been experiencing much needed economic independence for this. There has to be attempts to accommodate the busting traffic problems in global urban centers.

Population thickness and urban centric people has led to more problems in city. Which includes also resulted in the improved land prices, and casing situation that is deteriorating everyday. The quality of air and normal water has been showing signs of damage in global cities. The rise of co2 emission has been leading to improved problems just like ozone depletion. There will be more energy usage in the metropolitan areas leading to destruction of normal resources. There has been only limited migration options in some countries for females and so they have resorted to unlawful methods of immigration.

That experienced increased the role of migrant smugglers and traffickers and there is more situations of women migrant abusing. Social disintegration and unrest have been increasing among the nationals in global cities and there is instances of racial attacks up against the minorities. There has been increased pressure among cultural groups, races and classes. The new incidence of racial disorders has been the Australians attack upon Indians in Australia. There has been elevated threat of organized crime due to global migration. It turned out happening due to illegal migrants and they are having links with terror outfits resulting in more problems.

Criminal global migrants continues to be taking advantage of the visit australian visa system to certain countries and performing crimes in cities and going back to their point of origin. Which includes made the life span of urban centers less safeguarded. Drug trafficking has been as well increasing. Cash laundering has been on the rise along with betting and other unlawful activities like prostitution (Bertell, & Hollifeld 2000). Money laundering has been altering global economics. Important athletics events like Olympics has become attracting migrant workers for short times and that will includes sexual intercourse workers leading to increase in structured crime.

There has been increased disparity in the profits and wealth generation within a city which includes led to improved tension in the cities. Migrant workers having a problem in speaking the language of the town will be having problem in acquiring a good job plus the pressure of living in metropolis will be ultimately causing more organized crimes. Conclusion Globalization will probably be leading to even more international immigration. There has been improvements as migration with earlier form of immigration being forced. The contemporary type of migration has led to increased pressure on metropolitan areas.

There has been weather problems, health problems smuggling issues, drug issues, clean normal water issues and clean air concerns, that has been connected with international global migration. The other connected problems that continues to be identified is the human trafficking and terror links. There has been increase in feminist international migration and that had been happening because of increased employment opportunities. Money laundering has been effecting the economics of countries. Set of References Bertell, Caroline & Hollifeld. (2000) Migration Theory.

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