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Intended for pure production value alone Seven Samurai was a work of genius. Kurosawa introduced a number of filming techniques that might soon become mainstream service for action films the world over.

An example is the usage of slow motion filming to emphasize the death of a main figure. It was likewise the most expensive Japan film of its as well as is probably the most effective Japanese film period. The key theme is the separation between Warrior class and the peasants. The peasants humbly declare that they are incapable of fighting and are also forced to navigate to the city and recruit Samurai who are willing to fight for simply three meals a day as that is most they can manage to pay. The haughty Samurai reject this give since, because member of the gentleman soldier class they will deserve much better than three peasant meals each day as salary for their companies.

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With the help of a grizzled expert Samurai known as Kanbei that they managed to sponsor Six Samurai plus a straggler named Kikuchiyo. They receive a cold everyone should be open from the various other villagers whom fear all of them as much as that they feared the bandits. This kind of theme is still played away during the film. In the past injured, fleeing Samurai were slain and conned by the villagers when the Samurai sought sanctuary there.

The Seven Samurai are enraged at this brutality and almost turn on their particular employers. The farmers are involved that the Samurai would consider their fresh women and actually one of the Samurai does proceed an affair with a small town daughter. All of this is the response to the age old traditions that only specific worthy individuals could turn into Samurai a warrior.

The rest of the non-urban folk will be consigned to becoming peasants. The Samurai choose to break this custom by training the local cowboys to help them guard the community, albeit with limited accomplishment. The end in the movie exhibits the most prominent scene in the whole film. 4 of the Samurai are slain but the town is sucessfully defended. Rather than showing appreciation, the villagers ignore the making it through Samurai and busy themselves with seeding next year’s crop.

Kanbei lament that He has not won a battle is given new that means. Doubtless, the three surviving Samurai will will leave your site and go to another with the endless fights of the age known as The century of war giving the villagers in peace. Victory is supposed to be not to the slain bandits nor the ostracized enduring Samurai but to the common peasants. They won because their life are now able to go back to normal to planting the life span giving grain that maintains Japan even today.

True, they may be maltreated by way of a lords, helplessly slaughtered in the battles, and at times intentionally conscripted because they were inside the film. But the peasant’s life will continue, planting grain, water and tend the crop, then simply harvest just like he had for hundreds of years, just as he can continue to perform. One other theme may be the superiority of modern technology above the old.

Various subplots inside the movie happen to be about circumventing the firearms of the brigands. There are fourty bandits in support of seven Samurai but the Samurai are better skilled only the firearms give the bandits an advantage.. In fact all four of the Samurai killed perished due to gunfire and not in honorable one combat. Finally you have the wisdom of Kikuchiyo. Having been a artificial Samurai inadequate the high-birth of a right member of the warrior category.

Yet with the exception of Kanbei most likely he had the most important role in the movie. Dr. murphy is the one who sucessfully breaks the ice and convinces the Villagers to run away from their hiding places and meet the additional Samurai. Having been also the one who pointed out that the reason the fleeing Samurai are maltreated by the villagers is because they as well absorbed vicious treatment in the warrior course. It was mainly through his wisdom and understanding, he’s not truly a Samurai but a farmer’s boy, that the Samurai and the villagers are able to communicate in a harmonious relationship.

Truly, despite his not worth roots and oafish habit he is one of the most Samurai’ with the seven. This individual dies a noble and worthy loss of life avenging a fallen comrade and slaying the leader in the bandits. Options Kurosawa, Akira Seven Samurai (26 04 1954)