Functional Areas of Business Paper Essay

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Published: 25.11.2019 | Words: 476 | Views: 361
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The role that one should enjoy as a supervisor in the practical areas of hrm is ensuring within my own organization i focus on the recruitment of the best workers they want in our firm success.

I would like to make sure that every person can work secure and safe environment. Human resource management it offers you three reasons why it is necessary. “First, it’s rather a significant method to obtain competitive advantages as different studies include concluded. Second, HRM is an important part of company strategies. Finally, the way businesses treat all their people have been found to significantly influence organizational performance” (Robbins & Coulter, 2012, p. 312-313). A manager in the practical area of human resource management is my own responsibility to guarantee the organizational aims are satisfied.

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Strategic Organizing is another functional area which i am considering. As a administrator my purpose is to achieve and simplify the results of an firm. As a administrator I must ensure that we interact in achieving the same desired goals.

Strategic organizing “are strategies that apply to the entire firm and establish the organization’s overall goals” (Robbins & Coulter, 2012, p. 207). Which I realize that strategic planning is a procedure where I will have to produce choices and decisions to help develop the necessary approaches to achieving the organizational goals. Human resource management is very important to an organization. To help me with my statement I read a peer analyzed article that had a few interested things about human resource management and why it is important.

According to the content “the modern day role of human resources management is definitely recognized in the following selection: newly identified aims which will this technological discipline, and practice as well, appoint since direction of relevance, redesigned processes in which it implements its activities and of course, new demands inside the ” palette” of managerial competencies of its experts” (Ðurovi?, 2012, p. 87). As a director it is my personal duty to guarantee the best for and organization. To fulfill these aims it cannot be done alone we have to work together so we could reach these goals. Tactical planning is vital as well to a manager.

We read one more peer-reviewed document that I could relate and use for my very own benefits. In the following paragraphs, “So very good strategic planning is not really about guessing the future, it is about shaping the future and developing the intellectual agility and alertness to recognize the near future as it goes by in order to act in response in a snello and suitable fashion” ( Blatstein, 2012, p. 33). I know as being a manager that both human resource management and strategic planning are both helpful within the organization.

I cannot see why any manager may not use these functional areas too all their organization benefits.