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1 ) Compare and contrast all the organizational set ups from your examining. There are two organizational set ups mentioned in text; Hierarchical Organizational Framework and Organic Organizational Composition with two possibilities of their particular structures being one of regarding vertical or horizontal. The hierarchical organizational structure consists of a “set of formal process and formal relationships” (Daft, 2012).

The military can be an example of a kind of hierarchical company structure. It is a structure that may be clearly stated of “powers and power and using a developed bureaucratic control system” (Wk3, Lec. pg. two, 2012). This control program instills electrical power and specialist through guidelines, policies, applications and teaching manuals (Wk3, Lec. pg. 2, 2012). In comparison, a hierarchical organizational structure much like an organic organizational structure, they will both have upper numbers of management that are responsible for producing “major decisions” (Wk3, Lec.

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Sum., 2012). Organic organizational structures, although are similar compared to hierarchical company structures in the since of upper administration making key decisions, there are numerous differences in comparison to the hierarchical organizational set ups (Wk3, Lec. pg. 2, 2012). Most large organizations tend to be organic because of the complexity of technology that contain more focus on detailed function being given and to who also, and who will concentrate even more on “decision – making authority” (Zanzi, 1987). I believe I would choose the hierarchal organizational structure.

In my opinion the organic and natural organizational framework could be more than burdensome to just one or a people who could possibly be in control of several group of employees or departments. When the advancement the hierarchical organizational composition is applied, then you have many different means in which to handle many different functions and deliver the work to. With this structure I am able to develop a program easier and know it will be carried out punctually, accurately and discover the effects and receive reports in the structure beneath. It’s just like a baseball group; it takes all 9 players to cover the field cause you never know by which direction the ball will probably be hit to.

Covering virtually every aspect will assure that the ball is almost always controlled ant the play is manufactured. 3. Assess the organizational structures of Google and Wal-Mart. Google has an organizational structure that once looked hierarchical in nature and characteristics mainly because it first began, thus mimicking business company structure so that it can be able to log off the ground. The application of fast forward, concurrent and feedback controls were in position as well.

Nevertheless , Google has recently “minimized pecking order and maximized what can be done in the individual adding to level” (Mohamed, 2006). Yahoo tend to allow its staff the opportunity to contribute new impressive ideas to the business. Innovation through the ranks is the norm at this point at Yahoo. At Wal-Mart, they too possess built a solid market in the online business marketplace (virtual), (Mmr, 2011).

Using its move into the virtual market place, as with Yahoo, organic, but more horizontally organizational framework so too can be Wal-Mart’s online presents (Mmr, 2011). 4. Explain what sorts of control procedures might be present in each of the organizational structures. You will find three control processes; Supply forward, Concurrent and Give food to Back.

It is noted that “all three systems of controls are essentials to successful supervision and use resources for conference goals” (Wk3, Lec. Pg. 1 2012). If this is the truth, then we should consider that each control provides a place in which in turn it must keep an eye on. With Feed forward handles, this action begins before a fresh product or possibly a program or perhaps plan is usually implemented to get “feedback in advance” (Wk3, Lec. pg.

1, 2012), this to make plans towards the start of your new product, plan or aim. With concurrent controls, this is certainly to gain familiarity with how the new product, plan or perhaps goal is definitely coming along, working or perhaps functioning during its progress or after it’s implemented. Then with the feedback controls, we have the product, plan or target results and are also able to help to make adjustments, different types to or perhaps change our product, strategy or aim to operate the way it was originally made to do so (Wk3, Lec. pg. 1, 2012). 5. Explain what types of quality management processes might be found in each of the company structures.

First, I believe we have to understand what control is in in an attempt to find the high quality management procedure found in every single organizational composition. Monitoring actions within the business based on the “expectations founded in plans” (Daft, 2012) determine organizational controls. Handles establish how those things are handled and never dominance (Wk3, Lec. pg.

1, 2012).. Standards, methods and how these are scored determine quality. Once all these line up you hve precisely what is referred to as a “balance scorecard” (Daft, 2012).

In the hierarchical organizational composition, the type of quality management found there would be greatest optimized by making use of total quality management, as with the army. Total top quality management boosts the originations performance at every level. Considering that the hierarchal company structure is somewhat more vertical in characteristics, then it will have more of a need for advancements, because there are even more levels that require controls (Daft, 2012). Much like organic company structures, perhaps a quality supervision process type best for this kind of structure can be something like “ISO (000” (Daft, 2012). After i worked for Allied Chemical substance, years ago, Sibling traded and did business on an foreign scale.

The standard of quality wasn’t restricted to regarding just the United states of america. It had to comply with international standards as well and we were ISO 9000 certified. I had formed to take extra training classes in quality management because of the international requirements that were imposed on each of our products that have been sold in another country. Also, together with the organization I chose, Google, which is an organic company structure, Yahoo also works on an international scale. Therefore a good example would be the type of quality found in the ISO 9000 certification procedure which is discussed by the “International Organization to get Standards” (Daft, 2012).

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