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This is certainly particularly in our societies in which one medical system along cannot adequately meet the wellness needs in the entire human population. In the present period most of the people stay in a medically plural society. So their very own health searching for behavior is a crucial side of human being.

Through gathering data, to find out the indigenous medical knowledge of Khasis and to check out the offered health care choices, understanding their perception regarding alternatives in health care system, explore the seeking patterns of Khasi people. Into the care, idea and procedures differ in respect different nationalities. Cultural opinion and techniques strongly impact people’s well being. Health problem frequently viewed as social phenomena.

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The term healing’ means a variety of complicated and overlapping treatment systems. Various medical anthropologists created typologies that recognize the phenomenon of medical pluralism in intricate societies. Relying on their geographic and ethnic settings Kleinman suggested that, in taking a look at any intricate society, one can possibly identify there over lapping and inter connected sectors of healthcare, the popular sector the folk sector and the professional sector (Helman, 2000). In our country Khasi is an excluded community.

They are also popular ethnic community in this geographic area. They have a different social believes and practices. They are really different in their life style with the Bengali.

They have a indigenous medical knowledge. The healer with their community is recognized as Bonagi’. The physician practices their expertise insider of their community. Nevertheless a day’s people of the Khasi community likewise take service of allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic and so on of various health problems. Statement with the problem: In both created and producing countries, the typical of wellness services community expected had not been being supplied.

The services does not cover the whole inhabitants. The health support favored the particular privileged few and metropolitan dwellers. The ethnic communities have been detached from the mainstream of the health and health care industries including the public health care as well. In Bangladesh there are 23 ethnic communities are existing and khasis are one of them is totally past the analysts and the coverage makers.

The ethnic community is residing in Sylhet section since several centuries, although Anthropological analyze yet is actually not conducted the health and healthcare. The effects of environment change and global warming, several peculiar and unknown intricate diseases are arisen. It is therefore very important to recognize how khasi persons treat their various diseases. Aims of the study: The wide-ranging objectives of my research will be to investigate the readily available health care accessibility to Khasi persons and it indicates to find out the indigenous medical knowledge of Khasis.

Specific objectives: The specific aims of my own research to know: a) Explore the health looking for behavior from the local people. b) Understanding all their perceptions regarding alternatives in health care program c) Appreciate their notion about new epidemic disorders which is revealed in this hundred years. Review of Literary works: For better understanding of the conceptual issues of the research, review of books is needed. Handful of health related catalogs have examined for this research after which defined in listed below: Anita hardon (1992) has written Applied health research manual: Anthropology of into the health care’. The Authors first supposition is that body is more than just a physical patient but have a cultural head which impact people’s health.

As the formulation of them, disease is definitely the definition of a health problem with a medical expert, illness refers to the experience of the situation by patient and sickness is the social role attached to a health problem by the world at large. The typical framework of Anthropological approach: Structural Functionalism could watch illness is a dysfunction in the body and health care contributes to the maintenance of society all together by repairing the sick and tired individual. In the ecological model health is among the result of successful adaptation to environment and disease the results of the inability to adopt.

The Marxist political economy style viewed health insurance and quality of health care are largely based on social competition between sets of people (classes) and the bumpy distribution of scarce assets. A symbolic point of view the described way should be seen as complementary although critical Anthropology which has integrated the politico-economic and symbolic views and tries to hook up macro and micro level insights in social techniques. Illness is definitely presented as the embodiment of Society’s most basic complications and conflicts. The popular sector comprises the lay, nonprofessional domain wherever illness is first recognized and treated.

Self-care is an illustration. The people sector includes local healers such as herbalists, bone-setters, psychic healers’ diviners and traditional birth family and friends. The professional sector may be the domain of medical experts who have a privileged placement in the sense that they will be legally guarded and control memberships, knowledge and top quality of medical practice by means of formally identified professionalization.

Writers further remove other classification of wellness system, public/formal medicine is offered by the condition and is either inexpensive or free, Private/informal medicine tends to be the website of non-government organization or perhaps private internet marketers. A health system is an important part of the wider culture and society through which it is identified, they explicitly argued intended for the mutual understanding of traditional and modern day medicine and respect for every single other. Thomas M. Manley and Carolynt Sargent (1990) has drafted, Medical Anthropology: A palm book of theory and method Thomas J. Csordas and Arther Kleinman usually emphasize the symbolic and non emblematic aspects of curing.

The idea of restorative process can be analogous to the idea of ritual process and categorization of it, the 1st formulation the treatmental celebration has been referred to as the process which is understand while the sequence of activities, Phases or stages undergone by the members, on the other hand, method within beneficial events is usually constituted by simply elements of spoken interaction and interpersonal romantic relationship between specialist and customer. The second theory of experiential process with a focus the sequence of mental says, the introduction of understanding, interpretation of spiritual experience, and endogenous representational or Somatic process, Third sense-that of progression or perhaps course of a health problem episode, identified by a pattern of decision leading to prognosis and treatment.

The final sense-social and ideological control worked out through treatment practice that may consider personal that is the feeling in which therapy and healing articulate with broader interpersonal issues and concerns. Francis x. Grolling S. J and Harold B. Hale (1976) provides written Medical Anthropology The first ingredients assumed that a majority of cultures have kind of competence or experts who treats illness and disease could possibly be identified as Shaman or witch doctor, As well as the society’s standard attitude is that if he can cure disease then he can causes disease, Again in case the Shaman has the power to get the heart, it is quite fair to consider that he would also have the power to ruin a person by talking the spirit aside.

From views of African native doctor, disease can be an external force which goes in a human body system in a certain way and interferes with the conventional bodily functions, which may be classified into two classes: role of spirits of dead ancestors, sickness in human body has an organic basis. In North African Yanoama group execute using Shamanism and defense against evil state of mind etc and also other Shamanistic simply by shaman with help of all their subjected helper spirit, hekula. The feature of Shamanism is the chanting by which Shaman calls hekula to his aid; Snuffing is used during this time period.

In Peru, Coca is locally used medical practice for using various conditions. But with Western european intervention; it became used widely as a medical element to produce various medications. Within institutionalized framework. Turner, in discussing Ndembu remedies sees the dual aspects i. elizabeth. natural and social areas of medicine. Certain Ndembu medicine cures happen to be private and involve only herbalists while other disease involve magical causes and therapy becomes a matter of advertising up the branches in sociable relationships simultaneously with freeing the patient of his pathological symptoms.

The social of nature of the cure can be reflected in the fact that the individual is included isolated for several levels of the social structure during the treatment. Theoretical Shape Work: Inside the research medical ecological theory has utilized, which is termed by McElory and Townsed (1985: 4). Herden, A ainsi que. All (1903: 17-18) declares also that human adaptation to environment. Cultural phenomena are seen first and foremost since human approaches to problems posed by natural environment.

By viewing lifestyle as a continuing adaptation to both mother nature and tradition, McElory and Townsed viewed that medical ecology looks at health as a measure of just how well human population adapt to it is environment. Sociable, biological and environment factors interact and influence well being. Fabreg claims that medical ecology is definitely holistic, that may be it works with the entire system of factors that affect well being (cited in McElory and Townsed: L. 6). The idea of medical ecological procedure in that wellness is a way of measuring environmental adaptation and wellness can be studied through environmental model. Among the list of Khasis, it has been applied to analyze the and medical.

McElory and Townsed declares (1 wager: 14) environmental surroundings can be divided into three part the physical upon abiotic environment the biotic environment plus the cultural environment no doubt these kinds of parts of versions are inter linked and also inter related. Ecological approach indicated the diseases resulting from several causes in the examined community. And it has demonstrated that into the diseases are part of a physical, biological and cultural subsystem that consistently affects one another.

Conceptual problems: Three industries model: Inside the research Kleinman model offers applied, This individual states that, in looking at any complex society anybody can identity three overlapping and inter-connected sector of healthcare: the popular sector, the folk sector as well as the professional sector. The popular sector: This is the lay down, nonprofessional, NON-Specialist domain of society, wherever ill-health will be recognized and defined and health care actions are limited. It includes all of the therapeutic choice that people make use of without any payment and without asking either folk healer or medical practitioners.

Amongst these alternatives are: do it yourself treatment or self medication advice or treatment given by a relative good friend neighbor or perhaps workmate, curing and mutual care actions in a cathedral, cult or perhaps self-help group or discussion with another lay individual that has particular experience of a particular disorder. With this sector the primary area of medical care is the family. Most unwell health can be recognized and then treated.

It is estimated that about 70-90 present. The favorite sector generally includes a et of beliefs about wellness is also preserved by the use of charm bracelets, amulets and religious medallion to which include unexpected condition and to entice good luck and goods overall health. Most medical in this sector place among people currently linked to the other person by jewelry of kinship, friendship community or membership rights of work or religious business.

The folks sector: Through this sector which is especially huge in non western societies, certain people specialize in varieties of healing which are either almost holy of seglar or a combination of the two. These types of healers are not part of the official medical program and take up an intermediate position between your popular and professional groups. There is a extensive variation inside the types of folk healer seen in any culture from purely secular and technical specialists like cuboid setters, midwifes, tooth extractors of herbalists, to psychic leathers by a he erogenous group with very much individual variance in style and outlook but sometimes they are organized in associations of healers, with rules of entry, rules of conduct and the showing of information..

The professional sector: This consists the prepared, legally approved healing careers, such as contemporary western technological, medicine, also called allopathic or perhaps biomedicine. It includes not only medical professionals of various types and specialties but as well the known Para- medical professions. In most countries, technological medicine is the basis of the professional sector. It is important to realize that traditional western scientific remedies provides just a small amount of medical care in most countries of the world.

In many countries especially in the western world the practitioners of scientific remedies from the only group of healers whose positions are upheld by law.