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Finally, the transtheoretical model suggests five periods of change: precontemplation, consideration, preparation for action, action, and maintenance. These types of five levels illustrate health behavior. The transtheoretical model can be viewed more as an outcome of health advertising rather than a theory underlying overall health promotion strategies. However , the theoretical version can inform best practices in health campaign by rns who function directly with clients. The idea helps healthcare workers assess the effectiveness of health promotion programs.

Whilst each of these four theories should ultimately end up being integrated and synthesized into a model pertaining to health promo, I will focus on the Health Idea Model as well as the Motivational Meeting with Model to show direct, specific ways healthcare professionals can bring about health advertising in their procedures.

Integration of Theory with Nursing Practice

The Health Opinion Model reveals why people make the health-related choices they certainly. For example , young adults are far more unlikely to perceive the long term threats coming from behaviors just like smoking, undertaking drugs, ingesting, engaging in unprotected sex, and eating unhealthy foods. Similarly, somebody who believes that diabetes would not run in their family and for that reason fails to take in properly may be making choices that effects personal health and well-being. My spouse and i perceive the Health Belief Unit as a means of understanding client behavior and client choices rather than like a suggestion intended for direct input. In keeping also with the Motivational Selecting model, I would incorporate the Health Belief Unit into my practice by simply listening to and understanding consumer beliefs. Out of this compassionate point of view, it is likely that consumers may in least arrive to adopt their options and have responsibility for almost any possible health-related consequences.

Limitations to Wellness Promotion

Limitations to overall health promotion contain financial, sales and marketing communications, and legislative issues. Financial barriers to health promotion are being among the most significant. A large number of health promo organizations absence the requisite funding to obtain intended community or personal health objectives. Health care institutions and treatment centers likewise shortage unlimited funding by which they can produce journals, implement totally free programs for clients, or perhaps hire well being promotion experts. These boundaries are especially relevant in terms of interpersonal and monetary class concerns. Clients who have are poor have fewer access to well being promotion supplies, making well being an important political issue.

The media has to be recruited to get health promotion. If no media stores are available or perhaps if obtainable outlets happen to be uninterested in endorsing health, after that barriers to communication prevent health promotion. A lack of qualified health promo specialists could also pose a communication obstacle. Finally, legislative and legalities can stop health promotion. Legislation ought to ideally always be promoting health, but usually the interests of business overcome the best interests of public health.

Evaluating and Assessing

Evaluating and evaluating the effectiveness of any chosen theory or health promotion strategy requires both research and careful remark. As a registered nurse, I can notice changes in my personal clients. Working together with the Transtheoretical Model, We even have a way of watching stages of change in persons as well as whole communities. Analysts can collect statistical info that can be used to inform public plan and guide legislation.


When the economic, legal, and practical barriers to well being promotion are removed, obtaining public health goals becomes less difficult. Health promotion is a great ethical very important. While increased funding and legislation is useful, health advertising can begin right now: with a sound commitment to and preserving healthy lifestyles and healthier communities. Rns are at the forefront of health promo, because we all interact straight with clients as well as with health care administrators and health educators.


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