History Teaches Us Only One Thing Essay

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Published: 12.01.2020 | Words: 576 | Views: 703
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“History teaches us only one issue: knowing regarding the past simply cannot help people to create important decisions today. ” History may be the past regarded as a whole, the series of occasions which are associated with someone. It is the past which will had occurred like the world wars, about the freedom fighters, the evidence which may have remained the moment these happenings took place. Learning about earlier times can merely help people to get information and also to be aware of what took place before and this does not help in acquiring important decisions today while this just helps people to be aware of the items which took place.

The decisions taken in those days and the decisions taken in this kind of modern society happen to be totally different. It is known that “Past is no predictor of future”, the decisions taken during that time will not support for the decisions taken in the current incidents because that depends upon the folks as to what circumstances they are facing and they can just get conscious if at all this has taken place in past times and not a brief history. The people whom took decisions at that particular point of your energy are completely different than what a person requires at this point of time.

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Firstly, background does not contain the circumstances a person would like to take decisions today particularly with the circumstances which a person faces currently and the stage taken in which past which can be already record. The modern world or perhaps society will not depend upon background for decisions. For example , a person taking decisions in business deals cannot be dependent upon the because a person needs to observe all the effects and the future prospects of his or her organization and not on the history, an individual can get aware about the things which took place in the past and can take care that the faults done in yesteryear should not duplicate the wrong decisions taken in yesteryear. It does not count solely upon the history.

The decisions used by the person will be different from person to person if the person can be choosing a profession or decisions are made for business, or it is family members decisions. The decisions taken today will be different and the significant decisions taken in history will not make any sense in depending on these decisions as it does not help the people in taking right decisions since the circumstances those faced and the circumstances encountered in the modern world will be two different things. History is the past and one should certainly not look again for the future decisions taking place nowadays in this situations.

You need to be aware and should be careful to get the decisions, one should look into the consequences of taking the risk for the decisions a person is acquiring whether it is children matter, or it is in a organization, or choosing a career for any student. Therefore, history does not help a person to adopt decisions in the modern society, earlier should be continued to be as a earlier and should not be considered pertaining to future prospective customers. The decisions taken in history and the decisions taken at this time of time will be two different things and a single cannot compare these two different things for the key decisions manufactured today.