How family structures have changed since World War II Essay

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At the conclusion of World War II “…marriage, at least one time, became almost universal…”( 12/09/17). In 2006 14% of people had a kid and they weren’t married however they were “…officially registered since parents with their joint kids, this was known as historically new…” ( 12/09/17) Then six years upon in 2016, the indivisible family is nonetheless seen as typical, this type of family is what the mass media try to promote. “In 2016 there were 18.

9 million families in the UK” in this particular “12. several million hitched or civil partner few families in the UK. “( 12/09/17) Although “cohabiting couple people were the fastest developing family type over the last 20 years” ( 12/09/17) There are numerous reasons for so why the friends and family structure has changed since World War II, some of these factors are; people do not like to get married, folks are marrying later on and there are today more people living by itself. In 1961 ladies lived different to today’s society because they were anticipated to get married young and start a relatives. In today’s society within just families and society, there is certainly less pressure to get married.

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During World War II the number of a female getting paid out jobs outside their home “increased by 25% to 36%”( 18/09/17). This is because of the range of men that had been away struggling in the war, this opened a lot of opportunity for females. In London, although dealing with the bombing from the city, ladies had to step-up and “protect their families — children, the elderly…” ( 18/09/17). Ladies nowadays are definitely more focused on their jobs that they do not like to get married and have children.

In the society, like we have today women can provide for themselves and their families without depending on a man to be the breadwinners. Alternatively, in some beliefs around the world, you will find arranged relationships within the family, this is where the mother and father make a decision who the youngster is going to marry. There are some explanations why they do this “To protect recognized cultural or religious values and family ‘honour’ or long-standing family members commitments…” ( 19/09/17) “In the first nine weeks of 08, the UK’s Forced Relationship handled a lot more than 1, 300 cases…” ( 19/09/17) The contraceptive pill was instrumental in changing woman having babies fresh or if they are not wanted.

When the pill was “introduced on the NHS, the pill was prescribed largely to the more mature woman whom already got children and did not wish any more…” ( 18/09/17) Today “the pill is currently 99% effective in preventing pregnancy…” ( 18/09/17) In the present day, the contraceptive tablet is suitable for every woman in the event the woman has no medical main reasons why she simply cannot take this or if the woman smokes. “There has been a rise in single-person households coming from 18% of households four decades ago to 29% of all homes in 2006. ” (Social trend and patterns in the family. ) In the 1940’s the divorce rates improved right after World War II. It has been recommended that this is basically because “families were strained within the burden of coping with a man who may have been incapacitated during the war… women had a new found freedom in doing work and didn’t want to offer that up. ” (divorce. lovetoknow. com 18/09/17).

In the united kingdom in the year june 2006, there were “141, 750 divorces, compared with 153, 399 in 2004. ” (news. bbc. co. uk 18/09/17) Children Lawyer Emma Hatley explained, “Half with the divorces require children who also are within the age of of sixteen so their impact on everyone is obviously huge. ” (news. bbc. company. uk 18/09/17) The Matrimonial Causes Take action 1857 enabled men to petition in court for a divorce based on their wife’s adultery. In 1923 The Matrimonial Triggers Act “put men and women by using an equal footing for the first time, allowing either loved one to petition the courtroom for a divorce on the basis of their spouse’s adultery. ” ( 18/09/17) in 1960 the Archbishop of Canterbury “prepared a report requiring reform in the law to make sure that people may obtain a divorce if they could show the breakdown of their marriage. ” ( 18/09/17) One – parent families have become more and more popular in today’s society.

1 – parent household with dependent kids has risen from 3% in 1971 to 7% in 2005… 1 . 7 billion dollars lone father or mother families in Britain, creating about 25% of all family members. ” (Fisher et approach 2012 19/09/17) On the 29th of Drive 2014, the first same-sex marriage came about at midnight once gay relationship became legal in England and Wales. Considering that the law have been brought in that same-sex couple can marry there have been 15, 000 partnerships. ( 29/09/17)In 1945 same-sex marriage was seen as a incorrect thing and from a spiritual point of view, it truly is seen as you are going again the wishes of Goodness. In today’s society, a same-sex few is given similar rights as being a heterosexual couple, for example , people in the same-sex marriage are allowed to adopt a kid.