Is drug testing an unwarranted invasion of employee privacy Essay

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1 ) Is medicine testing an unwarranted breach of staff privacy? Trying to get a job signifies that you happen to be in adapt the rules and regulation of the corporation where you are making use of. Once you have been accepted, element of that is the medical examination such as drug testing.

If you are bodily and medically fit, then you are appointed. So , the question regarding unwarranted invasion of employee privacy is not really relevant through this situation. You need the job therefore you have to post yourself to certain requirements of the organization regarding medication testing. So , it means to express, that the company has the rights to know a result of the medication testing for them to be able to be eligible their staff for any promotion or approval to the business. 2 . Which can be more importantgetting drugs from the workplace or perhaps protecting the privacy with the employee?

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When the employee is definitely positive upon drugs, the advisable thing is to eliminate or perhaps terminate the employee rather than having the employee around the workplace. As the saying should go, once there is actually a rotten part of a certain place, in the long run it can make all the stuff in that place rotten. So , the best thing and the most important should be get the drugs out of the office rather than guarding the privacy of the worker. But judging the employee since drug centered it has to be supported by documents stating that the worker is great on medications.

3. What about other health-threatening activities, my spouse and i. e. smoking cigarettes outside of operating hours, vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk sex, etc . Together with the examples given, it is previously outside the working hours with the employee plus the company is without more control over those actions. An individual right of the person has to be deemed in this subject. It is his/her prerogative to perform those actions that will meet his/her needs as long as it will not affect his/her performance on his/her work.

But once, the work can be affected because of those health-threatening activities however should declare the individual’s attention should be called and also the company may give sanction relating to those offenses the employee may well commit. Automobile has the directly to choose between the best and the wrong depends on what is best for him/her. 4. Should certainly employers be permitted to use polygraph tests to screen out potentially high priced employees who also may engage in any of these actions? For the company’s advantage, the use of polygraph test to screen away potentially high priced employee who may take part in those actions can be allowed.

Using the polygraph tests will probably be of great price on the part of company and the staff. Though it may give a wonderful benefit on the part of the employer by simply screening the employees that they are going to hire and perhaps they are sure that anybody who passed the polygraph test will be people who could be trusted and will also be an asset for the company. Nevertheless the thing is, are the staff willing to post themselves for the polygraph testing? An individual right again says that an individual has the right to refuse virtually any test that should be done to them. So , when they decline, the employer can’t do anything about this but to agree with the employee.

But if it is a company’s policy then this employee has to make a choice if to continue or perhaps not to continue in making use of in the said company.