Fast Food Nation Essay

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Current decades, the shift of eating techniques has changed noticeably due to the overpowering popularity of junk food. Mirriam Webster’s Dictionary identifies fast food “relating to, or specializing in meals that can be prepared and served quickly” and is also also supported with “little consideration directed at quality or significance. ” The openness of these foods allows buyers to go regarding other issues, thus becoming a desirable alternative when time is below question.

While there are many rewards to junk food, awareness of ingestion of this kind of foods is definitely alerting health care professionals as unhealthy practices will be directly related to obesity and diseases like diabetes. Recently there are information of people filing lawsuits against fast food companies claiming the diseases produced to be the response to the consumption of their particular foods. The corporations are incredibly encompassing that to say their very own influence carry no responsibility is fallacious, but finally, it is the person that is to blame for her or his poor decisions.

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A lot more research is indicating that North America’s obesity problems can’t become blamed totally on excessive fast food. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, approximately one-third of american citizens are obese. There are several culprits to this alarming increase just like lack of exercise, failure to research nutrition data, and technique of comfort.

Author of the book, “Fast Food Nation”, Eric Schlosser states the expenditure on fast food yearly by Us citizens, has increased from six billion dollars to 128 billion dollars in the period of approximately three decades. Schlosser correlates the increase of consumption to improve of Americans turning out to be obese. As stated earlier, take out availability is only one aspect from the poor health pandemic. There are too little valid grounds to show the increase of obesity and diseases just like diabetes. The employees of the cigarette industry aren’t slipping smokes into the pouches of civilians forcibly.

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