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Advantages Julia is planning to lease a foodstuff booth outside the Tech Arena at Home Basketball games to finance her last year education with all the game titles go sold out. The rent for the booth per game is $ a thousand. Julia will sell slices of Cheese Pizza, Hot Dogs and Bbq Sandwiches that are acclaimed as the most well-liked so these are the three goods she has chosen to sell at the home video games football arena.

The lease for oven is money 600 to get six residence games, which makes it $ 100 per game. To keep issues simple, Julia decided to retain the services of an outside french fries delivery company, it seems to be cost effective as well as for other things she plans to prepare them the night before. Space taken by Pizzas is 14 x 14, hot pups are 16 in/sq. and the BBQ meal is twenty-five sq. The fee price of Pizza $6. 00, or $. 75 ea piece with eight slices/pizza the dogs $0.

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45 each, and sandwiches$. 90 each, respectively. Someone buy price of Pizza Piece is $1. 50, hot dogs $1. 60 plus the BB-Q hoagie is $2. 25. Julia’s initial expense is $1500 which might pay for the first game day; she’d pay the near future home video games out of proceeds attained from the online games. From Scholar Feedbacks this lady has learnt that she can sell as many slices of Lasagna as Popular dogs and BBQ sandwich’s combined. She gets she can sell twice as many hot canines as the girl can the BBQ GRILL sandwich’s. Julia believes that she will make at least $1000 net profit after expenses are paid per game. Aim Function Objective here is to optimize the profit. Income is calculated for each varying by subtracting cost through the selling price. French fries.

Cost $6 / almost 8 = money 0. 75 (Cost every slice) Z . =$0. 75 x1 +$. 45Г—2 + $. 80 x3. Revenue per: money. 75/slice lasagna, $1. 15/hot dog money 1 . 35/BBQ Sandwich Revenue Price: $2.

25 money 1 . sixty $ 1 . 50 Sale Price: 3x/Sandwich; 2x/ Hot dog and 1x/pizza slice. Decision Variables Restrictions: D. Over all with the expenditures of meals supplies, the oven leasing, the booth and the pay for help, she will nevertheless be far forward in her net income and it will become well worth the help in the end. Absolutely there will be uncertainty, which is with all endeavors, nevertheless those need to be accounted for as best you can.