Kiss connectivity the future of data technology

Published: 17.02.2020 | Words: 529 | Views: 183
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Computer programs

Almost every component of mobile and computing devices provides seen many major enhancements over the past years. Mechanical connectors have not. As the equipment decrease in size and data rates enhance, product patterns continue to have problems with inherent restrictions posed by mechanical connectors:

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  • The Stability due to frailty of mechanised connectors
  • EMI/RFI emitted from the metal within a connector in addition to a cable, specifically at higher data rates
  • Unsightly openings resulting from the advantages of a container.

Wireless sales and marketing communications have taken away many of the connection design problems, but has added new types like expense, antenna design complexity, key power intake and client frustration with slow, shared wireless networks, managing accounts and pairing issues.


Keyssa reinvented the connector to fulfill the changing needs of both buyers and the suppliers. Consumers bemoan the chaos of cords and adapters required to connect devices and yearn for sleek, elegant devices that may withstand water, dirt and everyday usage. Manufacturers are searching for ways to decrease the size of products yet give the performance consumers expect. Kiss Connectors are completely new approach to connectors, depending on solid-state technology and within the super-fast 60Ghz range. They sit under the surface of a unit skin, resistant to wear and tear, invisible and they get rid of the need for a cable. Merely “kiss” two devices simply by touching the devices, and data will probably be transferred at up to 6Gbps.

Hug Connector Features:

  • Superior Rates: Data can be transferred up to 6Gbps ” that’s a 1GB movie in as little as two seconds.
  • Protocol-agnostic: Supports common protocols just like USB a few. 0, DisplayPort HBR2, and SATA II with no coding overhead or software drivers required.
  • Power-friendly: Electricity consumption with Kiss Connectors is requests of value lower than cellular solutions and it co-exists with wifi power standards.
  • Secure: Kiss Fittings are a point-to-point connection ” the data journeys securely from a single device to a different.
  • Straightforward: User knowledge is local to real-life experience of just a kiss ” place two devices inside the nearest proximity close to each other. They will hook up and detachment automatically.

Kiss connection white newspaper vs . ” cable ” communications

Impressive Design Possibilities

The conventional mechanical connection needed to maneuver the data from device to a new takes up significant space inside mobile and computing devices. They also need to be located at the exterior edge of any device, in order to make a port or contact surface. What pieces Kiss Connection apart may be the design innovation it allows by enabling product designers to introduce a Keyssa connector with their product, about any surface, and not just over the outer ends. By eliminating unattractive holes in otherwise gorgeous products, Hug Connectivity ushers in a new age in product innovation.


Nearly every part and component of mobile and computing devices has noticed major innovation over the past years, except for the metal connector. Many of present connector types are too huge for modern.