Language and motor Development in Early Childhood Essay

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Kids experience distinct rates of language and motor development. There are many elements, which help the deference that exist in the rates of equally developments. There are the interpersonal, environment and genetic factors that play a role in years as a child development. Children show numerous weaknesses in their physical and interpersonal development.

Due to the differences, kids there are various strategies that are used to boost childhood advancement. Different strategies are used based on a child because every child has exclusive needs. In the given circumstance where Sara exposes loneliness character, various strategies may be used to enhance her social involvement. One of the ways that Sara can be helped is by encouraging her to befriend more societal child.

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This will make Sara be affected by the friendly child to get social. This might take time but after sometimes but after sometimes Sara would begin following her friends actions. By this, her confidence is likewise build up slowly but surely.

The child who also she is prompted to be friends with should be younger than she is. This will help her as the guide and senior, which will help her enhance her self confidence. She will be in a position to feel the responsibility and she will learn a great deal because her mind is going to analyze a few situations. This will also support her boost her conversation skills. (Cassidy & Asher, 1992).

Sara should also become encouraged to participate in group activities. This will help her to, as she could require communication and socializing. She will be able to lean to express herself before the group users and share her abilities. Her participation will also make her feel happy with her accomplishments, which will act as one way of boosting her self confidence. This process may not be easy in the beginning because the girl may be cautious but if it is shown this is a safe activity, she’ll get captivated.

She needs to be guided to begin participating in little groups, that may not scare her since she cannot be ignored quickly. This will as well enhance her chances of leading the group because there will be fewer choices. When she’s comfortable in the small group, then a group can be increased in size gradually.

This will likely make her adapt to cultural life in the school and she will finally be able to socialize fully with other children. Sara can also be helped to stop her loneliness if it is given particular tasks. This will be applied at your home and in university. (Cassidy, & Asher, 1992). This will help her master some strategies and techniques, which your woman can apply when the girl with undertaking group activities.

The lady should be in order to undertake the actual tasks only so that your woman can understand that she could be trusted. That is m


p>eeded in this case is monitoring so that the lady does the correct thing. A teacher may also assist Sara by looking at exactly how the school curriculum may be useful to her in developing her social abilities. This is because there are children whom may benefit by being allowed to have in order to express their feelings of loneliness or sadness simply by use of treatment, music, attracting or utilization of other innovative activities.

The strategies will allow Sara to have more positive experiences, which will assist her build her assurance and assertiveness. These two attributes are necessary for a child in order to develop better social skills (Kontos & Wilcox-Herzog, 1997). References Cassidy, J., & Asher, H. R. (1992). Loneliness and peer relationships in young kids. Child Expansion, 63(2), 350-365.

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