Law Enforcement Agencies Critical Issues Essay

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There are various ways law enforcement agencies deal with crime and solve them.

The constant usage of technology is among those major ways. Law enforcement agencies uses several technologies which might be needed depending on the situation and the outcome of computer. Some examples of technology that police work with Today will be GPS systems(global positioning systems), cellphones, monitoring equipment, connection systems, license plate readers, and cellular computer systems that have features such as WiFi, video, etc . The GPS system can be used to track down a specific location or to reach a destination. The GPS system is very common in law enforcement organizations.

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For example , if a car is usually stolen or maybe a criminal is definitely on the run and it has a GPS system in this, the officials can use this product to track the vehicle down. The GPS gives the current location of the car which in turn would help officers to find the victim and follow all of them. Officers utilize the GPS system to locate an additional patrol car.

Cellphones is yet another popular system law enforcement uses. Cellphones can be used in numerous techniques during any kind of situation. For example , if a teenage girl is kidnapped but is able to nonetheless use her cellphone to call nine one one particular, officers can easily try to find her call.

By doing a trace for the call, it can be able to produce a location or perhaps give a close range of the location to help find the girl. An additional popular technical device police force agencies use is surveillance products. Surveillance machines are used to watch and keep track of a specific or a place and their activities.

For example , when a drug seller is going out everyday to market drugs and officers require proof of that to convict him or her, they will use the monitoring equipment to adopt pictures, video clips, etc . They could use a exceptional kind of camera to get the pictures they need and take them to court to use for facts. By using the unit, it will help to enhance law enforcement firms by helping them to support bring bad guys down. It improves the efficiency and success of how law enforcement reacts to a predicament and how quickly. Over the years, police agencies have dealt with a whole lot of critique when it comes to officials using their guns.

In some cases, following being linked to a firing, officers happen to be thoroughly investigated to find out why and how the shooting happened. Because of this, officers now have a chance to use less-than-lethal weapons. One particular popular less-than-lethal weapon is the taser. A Taser is actually a battery-powered electro-muscular (EMD) that fires two metal prongs, which are attached to a cable that provides approximately 26 watts of electricity for more than 40, 000 v. The electrical power causes substantive muscular discomfort and typically results in the immobilization in the suspect (Walker, S, & Katz, C. M. 2011 pgs.

508). By law adjustment using a taser, there are lesser injuries happening than before. A different sort of less-than-lethal weapon is a shotgun. Although it is a shotgun, actual bullets will not come out of that. This type of shotgun shoots plastic bullets.

Even though the bullets will be rubber, they still have enough force to temporarily harm a victim. If a sufferer is performing out of control, this sort of gun can be used to drop her or him to the floor. One other well-liked less-than-lethal tool is pepper spray. This kind of weapon is so popular amongst significant and troublesome crowds. In order to control the crowd, a great officer might use the pepper spray and shoot for the crowd with it and spray this in someone’s eyes.

This will likely instantly cause a burning feeling and in the short term boundless towards the eyes. Typically, this will push the victim to take a seat and the expert will remain in charge. Each and everyday, law enforcement officers risk their very own lives to help protect neighborhoods and to keep the streets secure. There are many risks that cops face on a regular basis.

For example , anxiety is a major factor in a police officers existence. Being anxious about anything can take their toll around the officer. It can affect his performance at the job or it might affect his home life.

Anxiety is some thing you have to be aware too if you take it critically. Another sort of danger police officers face is the possibility of being shot. Officers pull over people pertaining to traffic regulations or other things simple.

A person may panic seeing a cop pull all of them over. They could think it’s for a thing major when it’s actually not so they may try to blast the officer so they can break free. Another hazard police officers deal with is the hot temperature changes.

This could sound simple, but the officer stands around and walk around his entire shift. He may accomplish this outside and if it’s popular outside, it can be very risky for a great officer in the event he didn’t keep himself dehydrated.