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The ethical problems that were identified in the case research of Partida Government in EPA’s Seattle Regional Business office were difficult. The to begin many to develop unethical situations was the administrator of EPA’s Seattle regional office in 1981, David Spencer.

His staff recalls his period for all the underhanded actions this individual took including using taxes payer’s cash to buy a membership for the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY in the Holding chamber of Commerce (O’Leary, 2014 p. 48). His activities continued actually after numerous attempts to advise him that his actions were against federal guidelines and caused severe conflict of interest queries. He as well allegedly got several personal trips to Alaska to manage affairs relevant to his prior job upon public expenditure.

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In addition , he requested since personal drivers to take him to and from and requested adjustments to the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY office building without having prior approval from the Standard Services Supervision thus violating federal law (O’Leary, 2014 p. 48-54). There was as well unethical conduct displayed simply by Ernesta Barnes ‘successor, Robie Russell. In March of 1987, Russell made his unethical tendencies known if the local press announced that an experienced engineer had quit his job due to being upset that he was being transmitted involuntarily to another job. At that point, Russell started out making decisions that got once been a group hard work behind closed doors.

Employees who were once doing analysis, were cut out of the decision making procedure. He was also believed to have removed essential comments in reports ahead of they were unveiled to the public. He was also known to back out of his support to get the development of olive oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and then recall that support later in a testimony to the U. S Property of Reps who were with the proposal.

He stated that “The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY does not go against sb/sth? disobey the environmentally acceptable advancement the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge”.